Sorry it’s been so long

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As you all know I haven’t wrote a blog since I showed you all the squirrel which I made. Which seems like ages ago. Well since then I have had a new baby niece born. She was born at 31 weeks and 6 days old. She is still in hospital but is doing well and should be out soon. I have made her a blanket which I am waiting for her to come out of the hospital to give it to her. I will post a picture of the blanket as soon as she has got it.

Other than going to crocheting club I haven’t actually done much. A new craze has started here in my local area called love on the rocks. It is where you paint a rock and go and hide it in your local area for other people to find and then they get to choose to either re-hide it someone else to find or take it home. It also asked that you share a picture on the love on the rocks facebook page so people can see what has happened to their rock and how far it has gone. I have done two rocks one I know has moved towns and one I have no idea after the first person found it what happened to it. If you would like to take part search love on the rocks uk on facebook.

I better be going to sleep as its very late as I am writing this even though it’s going to take me ages to sleep like it has been I probably still be awake at 3am which I am hoping not well any way. I will write you all a blog soon Night everyone

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