Should you buy a google home?

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Recently I got my partner a Google home. Which should have been put up for Christmas but we decided to test it out. the one we have now is the third one we have been given as the first one came registered to someone else who hadn’t cleared their details off and the 2nd one which was a replacement for the 1st one was given already open but the 3rd one came just fine so, we kept that one.

The Google home didn’t take much to set up all you need is a mobile phone or computer not sure how you set it up on the computer as we did it all by our mobile phones. On the mobile you download an app called Google Home which has a step by step guide to setting the Google Home up you will also need a Google account. We also got a chrome cast which you also use Google Home to set up that as well. When using Google home you just have to say hay Google and it wakes to listen to you.

So, far we have used it to beam Netflix to the TV so, to get that to work we say hey Google play big bang theory on Netflix which it says playing big bang theory on Netflix and it straight away beams it to the chrome cast. The only issue we have had so far is trying to get it to play a certain playlist on Spotify. It plays it best if your playlist is named something that no one else would think off so, it doesn’t try loading theirs. If you ask it will tell you your local weather. It can also look at your calendar and add to it. We have also used it to set alarms to remind us to do things. You can get it to do a shopping list for you but we have not done this of yet.

The chrome cast is used to beam things like YouTube and things like that to the TV. Google home does have some issues recognising what you say but that is the same as Siri. I am hoping over time it starts to understand more. We have asked it a lot of questions and have got some funny answers so, go and give it a try.

I would rate this product 8/10 and would recommend it. If you would like any more information please leave a comment below

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