Tired and fed up

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We are now in December and it’s soo cold. All I am wanting to do at the moment is to get snuggled up under my cover and watch films but it’s such a busy time of the year. Christmas Day is only 2 weeks away and I bet not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping or even thought about it? I have finished but not the wrapping but that will not take that long at all. I think of the rush of getting things done this month is why i feel so tired and fed up as nothing seems to stop. I am hoping it snows like the weather man keeps promising but i do know if that would happen.

In a couple of weeks i am doing a q&a which i will be filming to go on YouTube but i will also post the video on to here so, you can all see it. Its going to be hard for me as its going to be my first ever video and got to actually do some editing. I do read through my blogs as well to make sure there are no mistakes but no one can get everything right first time. So, if you want your question to be answered please leave a comment below and you question maybe used. I will not be making it a daily thing but may do it when i go on days out and stuff so, you can come along with me. It will also help me when trying to remember what i did as i get so forgetful. Any way i better get some sleep got a busy day tomorrow chat to you all soon x

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