Craft: Edward’s crochet doll emporium by Kerry Lord

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I started making a doll on 24/12/17 and finished making it on 2/1/18. I finally decided to make something for myself. To make his hair a used the scraped yellow yarn which I don’t know the brand and then stone for the skin which I got from Poundland. I used a 3.5 hook and used the book Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium by Kerry Lord. It was an easy pattern to follow I love how easy Kerry Lord has made the book easy to follow with you being able to pick a different hairstyle and clothes separate. I love how his hair came out in the end as he did start of as a girl. If I was to make this again i would probably make a girl and move the legs back slightly now for the clothes

I started making my dolls clothes on the 5/1/18 and finished them on the same day. I used the trousers are from c:15 in scrap yarn black. Tshirt i made in the most softest wool ever which was woman’s institute shade number 5930421016 I was meant to use 3.5mm but had to go up 4.5mm as it came up two small. I liked how the clothes came out the patterns is slightly different from the actual pattern but not by much. Next time I would make him some shoes but I don’t think I would change anything else.

I think the next thing I am going to make is a llama for the mascot for my page.