A catch up

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Hello little llamas I haven’t been writing for a little while as I need a little break but as you can see from previous blogs I have started vlogging which you can find on my YouTube channel. I am writing this at just gone 1am as I am too hot to sleep. We really do need a good thunderstorm but every time one is near it either misses us or stops just before which is such a pain. I had a new top made and here it is

What do you all think? And please do excuse the expression on my face I was eating at the same time. I haven’t been up to much. Got my niece Amber stopping until Tuesday. At the moment she is sound asleep star fishing in the bed while I am laying on the edge writing this. Once I have finished I will move her. Lucky she is one of the heavy sleepers so, I can just pick her up and move her. Crocheting club is still going well we recently did a crochet hat day for Basildon hospital NCUI unit we made just under 300 hats. We are hoping to do another day as they are always needing hats.

I am now sat here wondering what the child is dreaming about she has just kicked me twice. Any way I better go to sleep or I am going to be a grumpy person in the morning especially if the child decides to get up early. Night everyone

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