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Welcome to the first day

First day

Today we headed to Great Yarmouth. we are actually staying just out of Great Yarmouth in a place called Hembsy. We do come here a lot but its the first time staying at Hembsy Beach Holiday Park. so, far it’s been okay the chalet we staying in will do as a base. My mate is also staying on the same camp so will be able to do some stuff with her. we had our dinner at the chippy on the camp which was very nice I had scampi and chips. The children went and played in the indoor play area for a little while. After that we went to bed. so, didnt do much after that.

Second Day

Today I got up and made bacon sandwiches for breakfast and then we went shopping so, we had food in for the week. The Tescos we went to was not like any of the Tesco we had been before it was like they tried to stuff what they could in one store and was very packed. After we finished the shopping we got back and put the shopping away. I made everyone’s lunch of ham sandwiches, but I had two savaloys as i didnt want a sandwich. After that i took the kids with my friend to the park and the other indoor play area which they had fun. After my firend came back to my chalet and helped me make dinner which was very nice we had spaggetti bolanaise. This evening we went for a walk down to the fun fair but there wasnt much there so, decided to go to the pub for a drink and then back to the chalet where we have just been chilling for the evening. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but until then have a goodnight.