Busy Life

Busy Life

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I know, I know it has been a while but, i have been posting my youtube videos now which is what i have been busy doing. I find it easier to talk to people then to sit here and type. I have also gone for a new layout on my site and was wondering what you all think?

I have also changed the merch company to teesprings and i do hope you like the designs and check it out. i went for simple designs which are not in your face.

I havent told you all yet but we took in another cockatiel who has been very missed treated. we are still gaining his trust which we do hope to have soon.

On Fridays, I will be doing my check out Fridays again. If they are anyone you would like me to check out on youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok post in comments below and i will check them out.

i have been using i site call canva to do all my thumbnails and feature images on here. Its such an easy site to use and also has a mobile app for when you are on the go. if you like to check it out the website link is www.canva.com trust me when i say this it is very easy to use.

How am i myself i hear you ask? well if you hadnt been on my youtube then you want know i have recently been dignosied with acid reflux and a Hiatus hernia if you click the link you will get more information. i am also waiting on my xray results to see if i have broken my wrist but the doctors think the bone i have broken may not even show up on the xray. all i can say its still very sore from my fall 4 weeks ago i am hoping it is not broken but there is always a chance as i have broken it 3 times already.

i am now going to leave you all alone i am going to try and upload a blog at least once a week but when ever i post a video on youtube it will be posted here. so, until next time bye xx

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