Its been A long time

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It has been a very long time since i actually sat down and wrote a blog. I have been concentrating on my youtube Chanel which you can see on the previous post as I make sure everything is shared on here as well as on there. since starting my journey on here and on youtube my life has changed.

for example, my health itself has changed. I have been in a lot of pain which no one could answer doctors did tests and ruled out things like arthritis but thinks its fibromyalgia. which does run in my family. Which I think has been brought on by a lot of stress. Last may I lost my nan who I looked up to and was very close and it did hit me hard. I am still not over it now and miss her very much and just wish she was here now.

on happy stuff, I am getting married October 2020 which is something to look forward to and I can not wait. we have already booked the venue I have just got to get my dress etc….

My partner this year had a mild heart attack which was very stressful but the heart attack he had was one that doesn’t damage the arteries it damages the muscle but he has recovered very well.

This year we have adopted another 3 birds first one we adopted is Sparky. he is a nanday parakeet and 22 years old. we took him in as his owner died and his owner before he died told his family that Sparky needs to go to a home that knows what they are doing. he is totally attached to my partner he still bites me but will happily come to me if my partner is not in. Sparky has had his own health scare since he went into neological shock during a thunderstorm and hasn’t fully recovered from it.

we have also taken in 2 lovebirds we have called them lovey-dovey (girl) and birdie (boy). Lovey-dovey is a feather plucker which we are hoping she stops doing now she isn’t around dogs and feeling scared all the time. birdie is the nicer bird out the 2 I can actually pick him up and not get bitten but he still doesn’t like humans. Hopefully, they will settle in more soon.

sparky having a cuddle

I will try my best to keep you all updated on things as the rest of this year goes on. my youtube does post automatic on here so please check it out. any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading

Little Llama Laura


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