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Recently I have been listening to some very random music. Songs that I haven’t heard in years. So, each week, I am going to post my top 20 songs I have listened to on my Spotify playlist, which you can find here

Some will have a reason why I have been listening to them; some will not.

  1. Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard and the shadows- This song I listen to a lot lately as it was played at my nan’s funeral been missing her a lot lately.
  2. The young ones by cliff Richard- this is for the same reasons as above
  3. December 1963 by Calabro- I love this song, and their voices amaze me.
  4. Say geronimo by prairie grass- this song gets me in a dancing mood and I hadn’t heard it in ages and been listening to it a lot to pick me up.
  5. 2002 by Anne-maria.
  6. Meant to be by Bebe Rexha.
  7. Symphony by Clean bandit. 
  8. Tell it to my heat by Dj Aroxx- the person singing this is a friend of mine and I love her version of the song.
  9. You’re such a by Hailee Steinfeld.
  10. Earth by Lil Dicky- this song tells you how much we should be looking after our planet. 
  11. 7 years by luke graham. 
  12. Get over it by McBusted- started listening to McFly and Busted stuff again since McFly have announced they have come back. so, you’re going to see them more and more
  13. Little Joanne by McFly.
  14. Fireflies by owl city- this is the first song I ever listened to owl city and one of the only songs I liked.
  15. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen- Queen, is another them bands that I didn’t like as I grew up listening to them as kids but have since started listening to them. I have even watched the film and very much enjoyed it.
  16. I want to break free by Queen- I always want to break free from some things in life.
  17. Somebody to Love by Queen.
  18. Under pressure by Queen – told you I had a thing for Queen at the moment. 
  19. High five by Sigard.
  20. A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton. 

So, as you can this week, I have been into a lot of different artists and different genres and this week I would say I have listened to a lot of queen wonder how much this will change by next week. Check back to find out.

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