My Top 20 music artists week 1

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I have been using and spotify to track my most listened to music and artists so here is my top 20 artist I had listened to from 13 September 2019 to 20 September 2019.

  1. Queen
  2. McFly
  3. It says Marc Korn but should say Marc Corn as they keep getting them mixed up
  4. XXXtentacion but thing this is more down to my niece when at mine using my spotify.
  5. Jordan Rabjohn
  6. McBusted
  7. Chuck Berry
  8. Cliff Richard and the Shadows
  9. Danny Jones
  10. Elvis Presley
  11. Mika inc.
  12. The Beach Boys
  13. The Beatles
  14. The Monkees
  15. The vamps
  16. 3 of a kind
  17. Alice Merton
  18. Bhad Bhabie (think this one is my niece 2)
  19. Bo Diddley
  20. Bradley Cooper

as you can see from the artists i have to listen to it is a mixture of new and old music. even though i think two of the artists was my lovely niece. if you would like to follow me on last. fm click here.