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It’s been awhile

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Hi everyone

I bet you all thinking where I have been? Well, as you can see from my posts on here, I have been focusing further on my YouTube channel. which isn’t where my mind is no more, especially since 2020 has gone from bad to can it get any worse?

So, as you all know, a unique virus COVID-19 reached the UK in March. Which lockdown the country oh and the world. Which made making YouTube videos harder, since i couldn’t go out and film stuff. So, I took a break from the world and have some time to do stuff I need to get done. Well, I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted to.

The government closed everything apart from essential shops. we could only go out for exercise once a day or to the shop. My sister’s wedding got postponed in march as it would have been on the first day of lockdown. We couldn’t even see family. It becomes a very lonely world. The only good thing was from march onwards we got decent weather I got to know my neighbours as they were home more.

Since then I have managed to go on what the government are calling staycations. so, instead of flying to other countries is to visit places you need not fly to. So, I have been to Scotland like I do every year and have just got back from Yorkshire. which while I was in Yorkshire they brought out the tier system and my local county council decided to ask the government to put us up a tier. So, we know back to not being able to see family, but schools are still open and pubs just can’t meet anyone indoors and they also have to shut at 10 pm, which means an early finish. You can though meet 6 people outdoors as long as social distancing can happen. Sometimes think the UK government makes it up as they go along.

It’s getting near to what would have been my wedding day and don’t know why, but I Am feeling down that it isn’t going ahead this year and starting to worry if it will go ahead next year. The rules we have in at the moment are in for 6 months, then they will be looked at again. Well, I Am going to leave this here as I don’t want to bore you all. Hopefully, my blogs coming soon.

Stay safe