We had Pip now for nearly a week and she has settled in very well. The first day we got her our other cockatiels decided to let her out to be with them. which she loved flying around in flock. she now in the big cage with them all very much enjoying not being on her own. She is a […]

Need to get back to writing

I want to try so hard to get back to writing a daily blog so, I thought I would start today. That all went up the wall when I first tried writing as something took my site down had to get my lovely brother to fix it for me. At the moment I have my niece Hannah staying with me, […]

Feeling rough

Hi little llama readers how are you all? As you can see from the title of this blog I am feeling very rough and everything hurts. I have actually managed to book myself a doctor’s appointment for today. It is a big shock especially with my doctors as they are always full and I did not book it until 10 am there normally […]

Look Back At My Life

Now that I am 29 years old (17 Feb. was my birthday) I have been thinking what have I done with my life? I do look back on my life and wish I had done better in school knuckled down and actually got good grades. I wish I ignored the bullies instead of retaliating all the time because looking back […]