Lazy Friday

How is everyone? I have woke up today in a happy mood today. Could be that I didn’t have to be up early to give my Lola (cockatiel) her medication today as she finished it yesterday. I didn’t tell you cause I wasn’t blogging much but Lola had a little bit of a yeast infection which we are hoping has […]

Check out Friday

This week I would like you to check out everyone I have posted about I will put the blog links below. Hope you liked checking them out and If there is anyone you would like me to check out leave a message in the comments section

Check Out Friday

So, check out Friday is back and I Have decided bring this back so, I hope you enjoy it being back. The first I would like you check out and I maybe going on about these quite a lot as they are my favourite girl trio at the moment. I just can’t get enough of CherryBomb. They are so, down […]

Check It out Friday

This weeks 3 people of thing i think you should check out Carrie Hope Fletcher she may be Tom Fletcher’s from McFly’s sister but you gives the best advice ever. I make sure that i watch her videos everytime she post them. Mightyduck from his website “About me? You guys want to know about me? Ok here it goes lol. I’m MigtyDuck […]

Check out Friday

Welcome to another Check it out Friday. This week I have been thinking hard on which three people you should go and check out, but I think I have now got my 3 The first I would like you to check out is a girl band made up of six sister’s called Cimorelli. They have been together since 2007. They started of by […]

Check out friday

Today used to be follow Friday but instead I thought why do what everyone else is doing. So each week on Friday I am going to post 3 things or people I think you should go and look at. First person I would like you to go and check out his a lad called Mikey Bolts. He is a YouTuber. […]