Cherrybomb girls

As you, all know I am a big fan of Cherrybomb girls. If you have never heard them please go and check them out. They recently went on X Factor where they got through to boot camp. Which I am very proud of them they did soo well. I just wasn’t happy they never got shown singing. I was shouting so, […]

Cherrybomb girls same old ground lyrics

here is the video of cherrybomb girls same old ground with lyrics beleow You can dance your way around it Going round in circles Trying to figure out Why do we bother? (Yeah) I can’t even hear you Although you’re talking loud Don’t have the answers It’s the composition of you, Don’t suit the things I do anymore….(oh oh oh […]

Cherry Bomb Question and Answer Blog

Hi everyone so, I recently wrote a blog about Cherry Bomb if you missed check it out here. I sent them some question so, we can all get to know them a bit more. Some question came from people of twitter so, I thank them for their help. So, here are the questions and their answers 🙂 If you were […]

Cherry Bomb

So, I am guessing you all thinking by the tittle what or who is Cherry Bomb? Cherry Bomb are a girl band from stoke. They are Katie on vocals, Lauren on vocals and Lis on vocals and guitar. An edgy new girl band who describe themselves as ‘Just girls next door doing Quirky Pop With a Cherry On Top’ They […]