1st weekly blog

So, as if you been follow my twitter and Facebook page you will know I have decided to do my blogs weekly so I have more to write about. As you will also know I have also been suffering from light handedness which I finally got to see a doctor today who has told me to take this medication he has given me and if not any better make appointment with him again in 10 days. I am just hoping the medication works as I hate feeling like this saying that I have had 2 dose of it already and it takes edge away for about half an hour than its back but does say in leaflet it can take a couple of days to kick in.

Well apart from feeling like poo I managed to crochet a Shaun the sheep teddy and here is the final result

Shaun the sheep
Shaun the sheep

I really enjoyed making I know his head is not white but I ran out of white wool so used my blue and white wool. I get all my patterns from craftsy.com it has loads of amazing patterns. I made Shaun the sheep for my partner David and he has told me he loves it. I hoping to make more of these soon but first I will be making an android guy which should be fun to make.

This week also when we were going to town to get some stuff I noticed a poster about a african grey parrot that had escaped and David said there was no chance us seeing it has it flew past us. So, I got the number of the poster for David so he could ring the owner. After a few calls we managed to get through to him. He came and met us and we showed him where we saw her go. After a little while them trying to catch her in the area we saw her. We saw her fly across the main road I started to walk towards where I saw her dive but I actually headed in the wrong way. Some kids shouted are you looking for a bird and we said we helping a guy find it and they pointed that it was sat on someone’s roof. We showed the guy where he was then watched from the side to see if they could get her back. They used pizza to coax her down of the roof which worked and he even managed to through his jacket over her and got her back in her cage. We went and spoke to them after and they thanked us for ringing when we spotted her. We txt them the next day to see if she was alright and got reply back saying she was okay but being very quiet. I am so glad they got her back if reminded me when our Sheldon disappeared we searched for over a week for him and we finally got him back but I am leaving his story out my blogs as I am going to write a book about him. Which I am going to sit and do very soon so keep a look out for it.

Other than going to doctors today and tidying up I have not done anything else. So until next week take care.

Hello Everyone

First of all I would like to apologise that I have not done a blog in a little while. I have not been feeling to great. I have been going really light-headed and have a headache to go with it. I know I should go to the doctors with it but I hate people fussing. My lovely boyfriend (David) recently brought me a Furby Boom

I went for the pink with white spots as I thought this one was the best.

which I love but I have to put it up till christmas as it my christmas present. I got to say I love the furby boom it interacts with your mobile phone so you know what it needs and wants. Once you have met its needs you may even get an egg from you furby which hatch on your phone so you then have furblings. which your furby will help you look after. On the app there is games you can play I like to play the football game. You have a choice to be either be the furby or the furbling I normal be furbling as you only got to save the ball by directing the furbling towards the ball. If you the furby you pull its tail for it to kick the ball and try to score a goal. There is more you can do but until I get back out at christmas time not sure what else I could write on it.

My brother Marc has recently published a new book 🙂

Marc’s new book

This one is called BloggyBook Complete 2013 Edition which you can find on lulu.com and amazon.co.uk. I am so proud of him. Even with all his problems he still manages to write a book and blogs. If you would like to check his blogs out click here. I am hoping one day to follow in his foot steps and write my own book. I have a book in mind to write just don’t know how to start it and what age range to write it for. It will come to me one day. I am trying to read other books to get inspired by. Well I hope I have a better blog soon and I do apologise about the lack of blogs I will try do another one soon just want this light head feeling to go away.

Any way till my next blog take care

McFly Royal Albert Hall

Thursday 19th September

So, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see McFly on their 10th anniversary gigs and got to say it was an amazing night. I went with my partner David. I spent all morning getting ready and was very excited. So, we left for London but we had to go Straford first to go to the Samsung store as david had a voucher to spend with them. After we went for our dinner at McDonalds nothing classy but I wanted to save as much money as I could do get some merchandise. After we went for a walk around the westfield center. We found a gadget store that was selling a talking Ted bear of course from the film ted.

After our walk round it was time to go and get the tube to the Royal Albert hall. When we got there I went straight round the door to the merchandise store where i managed to a t shirt and the program. After we started to walk to find the nearest shop where we spotted Georgia Horsley (Danny Jones girlfriend) I got my photo with her.

Georgia Horsley

 She was so lovely and kind. She also interviewed me and my partner as we have been together the same amount of time McFly have. As we were so long we didn’t go shop instead we went in and went and found the door we had to go through to get into the hall. We had a little wait as the support acts had pulled out. So, I read the program while i waited.

As the doors were anouced they where opening I got really excited I was about to see my faveourite band live (it wasn’t my first I have seen them a few times). So, we went in and saw that we had really good seats.

Royal albert hall

I couldn’t wait for them to start but here are some photos I took before it started.

Royal alber hall 20130919_200435 20130919_200510 20130919_203511


McFly setlist for the night

  1. Saturday Night
  2. surfer babe
  3. obervislay
  4. Room on the third floor
  5. I’ll be okay
  6. I’ve got you
  7. Star Girl when they sang this they showed a video of Chris Moyles asking them to sing his favourite song that he used to play every Friday. When they were singing this I was singing Star bird instead if star girl as this what we sing to our cockatiel star.
  8. Little Joanna Which was the first time McFly have sang this song live and they did it superb
  9. Transylvania which dougie started of by playing the Royal Albert halls Organ which he played well.
  10. One for the radio
  11. Year 3000 they were joined on stage by 2/3 of Busted Matt willis and James Bourne
  12. Air Hostess sang with Busted
  13. Shine a light sang with Busted which I love. I always cry when hearing this song live. It has memories of my cockatiel Quavers who died in 2011 she used to sing along to this song. After this Busted went of stage. then they sang
  14. Love is easy which was their latest single that they have released.
  15. Danny then sang walk in the sun which was amazing I love this song its my all time favourite of theirs.
  16. Tom and danny then sang Not alone. After this danny went of and Tom stayed on and sang a song he had wrote espcilly for the night called
  17. McFly the musical which was amazing it had loads of funny parts i especially liked the bit about
  18. They went on to sing their first ever single 5 colours in her hair.
  19. Then they sang their new song love is on the radio which is a amazing song very catchy.
  20. They went on to sing all about you
  21. and then to finish they sang The heart never lies.

They were amazing one of their best gigs they have done and i wish i could go and live it again. All i can do is look back at the pictures and videos i took. I am now going to post some pictures that i have taken on the night. hope you enjoyed this blog.

Tuesday 17 September & Wednesday 18 September

Today is the day we are going home and I can not wait. I have missed my little flat that is nice and warm. I have also missed David and the birds. I started my day by first taking and packing away the tent. We did at first forget how to fold the tent back into its bag but we got there in the end. The worst part was trying to get everything back in the car.

So, car packed and we are on are way to drop nana of in Cambridge. Cambridge is where I grow up for most of childhood and the only thing I miss from there is my family. After we drop nana of we had a little longer drive until we were home.

We first droped marc of home where I got to give hannah and amber their prezzies what they loved. After mum and dad dropped ke of home. I was so glad to be home. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but to write up my blogs and to plan what I am wearing Thursday as I am of to the Royal Albert Hall so night peeps.

Wednesdays 18th september

Today I woke up with a very sore back. So, today I manged to catch up writing my blogs as on holiday they had not heard of a phone mast. I have kind of sorted my outfit out for tomorrow but it will probably change lol. Has anyone noticed that lol looks like a person with there arms in the air? ^^^^^lol^^^^^ he is drowning. Any way I know this is short but I didnt do much bigger blog tomorrow.

Monday 16 September

This morning I did not want to get out of bed. I was very cosy wrapped up in my sleeping bags. Mum made me a bacon, sausage and egg muffin which tasted better than McDonalds muffins. After breakfast we watched some telly and then went for a drive. We first went to tesco to the one in Fakenham. Remember this is the one yesterday we had to leave. The store still smelt like burnt rubber but they had taken the belt of. I managed to get a new book which I will tell you about in a different blog when I have read more of it.


After we went for a drive to Wells but when we got there we decided to go somewhere else as there was nothing there. We decided to go back to Hunstanton as we needed to get my nieces Amber, Hannah and Mia a gift as we all said we would get them something. We found a shop that was open but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to get them from there. Across the road was rock shop so I decided to get them something from there. I got Amber some white mice, Hannah and Mia I got them a stick of bubble gum rock and I spotted chilli flavoured rock so I got my sister Cassie I stick of it has she likes chili’s.


When we got back mum made stew and dumplings which was that nice I had two bowl full. Which is not like me I normal can not manage to eat my first not alone a second helping. After dinner we decided to turn in for the night as we had a busy day tomorrow as we are packing up to go home I know it’s a day early but it is too cold for any of us. So, Until tomorrow night peeps

Sunday 15 September

Today when I got up it was freezing. Mum did the same as she does every morning made us breakfast. Today I had an egg sandwich i was going for Sunday lunch at “The Green Man Inn” at half one. We didn’t do much before we went for our Sunday lunch but we watched a bit of telly.


Me, Mum, Dad and nana went over for our lunch while Marc stayed at the tent for his. For lunch I had roast beef which was very tasty but I didn’t managed to eat it all as I had put too much on my plate. After lunch we went to are nearest Tesco’s in Fakenham. Me and Marc left the others to do their shopping and we went and did ours.


Me and Marc went straight to the book aisle where I picked up another book which i can not think what it was called. Me and Marc went to find the kitchen roll as Marc needed some. As we were looking we heard a very loud bang. We were like what was that. I decided I would walk towards the way were we heard the bang which was towards the tills and got told could not go this way. I saw one of the conveyor belt on the till was smoking. All we could smell was burning rubber.


We went to find mum and dad when we had found them the fire alarm stated to go. We had to leave are shopping where it was and to leave the store. So, we went and got in the car and decided to go to the next Tesco’s which was in Hunstanton. Where I managed to get my book. On way back Mum decided we should take the scenic way back to the tent which added 20 minutes to our journey.


When we got back to the tent I had a lay down as I had a very bad headache but I could not get warm. So, I decided to get up and join the others in the living room area of the tent to watch some telly and to get warm as they had the heater on. After a little while of watching telly we all decided it was time to go bed. Night peeps


Saturday 14 September

It decided to rain all night but was not even cold though mum was complaining she was cold last night. Mum got up and did the breakfast she makes breakfast on all holidays I sometimes will make a dinner but not when we are in a tent I don’t trust myself cooking on open stove though saying that at least I couldn’t burn anything down. Today I decided to have a sausage and bacon sandwich.


After breakfast we got into the car and went to a place called Cromer. While we were there we looked around the shops. I wanted to get some cockles which is my favorite seafood but when we got to the only seafood shop they had no cockles. so, instead I decided to try clams which tasted just like cockles so I was happy and after I had finished them I wanted to walk back round and get some more.


we went for a cup of tea at a cafe. after our cup of tea we went round trying to find a nice place to get some dinner. we found a restaurant on the seafront. I had haddock and chips which I may add it costed £9 which is way more than I pay at home for fish and chips and this was also without a drink. After we had finished eating we headed back to the car.


we headed back to the tent with guess the directions mum was giving dad. So Marc used his phone to make sure mum was giving the right directions and for once she was right as, we have been going places before and she has taken us either the wrong way or a way that adds loads more time to your journey.


When we got back to the tent we had to re put up the cooking porch back up as it had fallen down. It was to do with the fact it was windy and we had used the wrong tent pegs we had used the normal tent pegs instead of the storm pegs. I am now watching telly and going to get an early night, wrap up in my sleeping bags as the temperature is going to drop tonight as we are meant to be getting strong winds. Night peeps

Friday 13 September

Today is the first full day on holiday. Last night I slept well until I rolled over and fell out of the air bed. So, I decided when we got back from Hunstanton would rearrange mine and Nana’s room. Today we started our day be having mum cook breakfast. She made me an egg, sausage and bacon muffin which was yummy. We sat in the tent watching a bit of telly before we jumped in the car to go on our journey to Hunstanton.

When we got there we parked the car on the seafront car park. Which I got to say the view was nice better than the view of fields we had all morning from the tent. There was not much at Hunstanton just a few shops that we walked around. After we finished walking round the shops we went and had some lunch. Dad got us all sausage and chips except Marc who only had a cup of tea.

Once we had all eaten we went and sat on the seafront for a little while. Marc used my camera to take some pictures but said my camera was rubbish. after we had finished looking at the sea we decided to head back to the car as we needed to head to tesco as marc needed to get some bits and bobs.
While at Tesco I got a book called “Minding Frankie By Maeve Binchy” which I am looking forward to reading. First I got to finish reading “Unsaid things By McFly” I will write about this book after I have finished reading it. So, now back at the tent waiting for my dinner. We are having curry, hopefully it’s not spicy as I hate spicy food.

When dinner was ready I decided I didn’t want any as I wasn’t feeling great. After dinner we popped into the pub. We did not have to go far as we were staying behind it. it was called “The Green Man Inn” Its was a nice pub and was not very busy dad decided that we would have dinner in here on the sunday. After we finished at the pub we all decided it was time to turn in and go to bed so night peeps.

Thursday 12 September

So, I am sat in the car, on my way to pick my Nana up from Cambridge. We have already picked up my brother Marc. I am not liking the weather it is very cloudy with hint of blue sky. Just hope it doesn’t rain as I have a tent to put up so would like it to stay dry. Just asked my brother about first dentist appointments as I am finally going to see a dentist for the first time on the 23rd september and he has made it seem less scary than I thought it would be.

So, we just picked up nana, and now on are way to Fakenham. The weather in Cambridge was sunny with a bit of cloud. Before we got cartridge Marc’s friend steve video called him and was joining in our journey to Cambridge. We were laughing at mum on the way as I asked her what’s in the field and she said it was maize and me marc did the lines from grown ups where they going about maize just being corn.

We are now here and the camp we are staying at is actually reminds me of staying on someones garden the land is so small. It’s behind the pub which is very expensive for food its like 10.50 for fish and chips so we are not going to eat from there we are going to find somewhere else to eat. We have put the tent up and set up the bedrooms so everyone has somewhere to sleep. We have been to tescos to get some shopping in. Tonight we had salad for dinner I didn’t eat it all as I am not a big fan of salad. It has started to get cold that I have had to put my hoodie on to keep me warm.

While I remember I had amazing phone call from my lovely David who rang me just to tell me that he managed to upgrade his contract and has got me a new phone :-). I will leave what phone he has got me as a surprise till I get home. Well hopefully we got out somewhere tomorrow so hopefully have something better to write about bye-bye for now peeps

Wednesday 11 September

Well today I have once again waited in for these removal men and they have not turned up again. They started to really make me angry why say you will turn up then don’t turn up. It’s also been a day my other half spent the day on the phone as he is trying to upgrade his contract so I can have a phone but they saying the address is not matching with the bank but it does so there doing my head in two.


Anyway enough with that tomorrow I am off on holiday and as I write this blog I still have not packed think its going to be a late one for me as I seem to be doing other things then packing. At least I didn’t have to cook dinner David decided get takeaway while we were in town as we went to Iceland again as I got drinks for in the car on my journey tomorrow though it’s not far but we got to go via Cambridge to pick my nana up. I am looking forward to this holiday as I get to spend some time with my brother Marc which I don’t do often anymore as we live apart as he at my sis Cassie and I have my own flat.


At the moment while I am writing I am listening to my favourite song Should I Stay by The Cameleonz I do love this song I remember when I first heard it I was like this is amazing it is a very catchy tune and I can not wait till they release more songs. I especially love Ghost of a lullaby I have only heard this live once and loved it. When I saw them I recorded them singing and I put it on YouTube just search there the Cameleonz and you should find all their fab videos. I am hoping one day they make it big and sorry if I am repeating myself from one my other blogs but I love these guys they are my idols.


well anyway I better go off and pack and I am sorry if I don’t get to do I daily blog or if it’s a day late gotta wait till I can get internet as we have none in our tent lol so till my next blog all take care.