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Celebrities Deaths 2016

This year we have seen so many celebrity deaths I hope they all rest in peace and they are never forgotten. Just in case you missed any here is a list


January 10

David Bowie, 69

Rock icon

January 14

Alan Rickman, 69


January 18

Glenn Frey, 67

Eagles rocker

January 23

Jimmy Bain, 68

Rainbow rock star

January 30

Frank Finlay, 89

Acting great

January 31

Terry Wogan, 77

TV & radio legend


February 3

Maurice White, 74

Earth Wind & Fire star

February 19

Harper Lee, 89

To Kill A Mockingbird author

February 28

Frank Kelly, 77

Father Ted star

February 28

George Kennedy, 91

Movie great


March 1

Tony Warren, 79

Coronation St creator

March 8

George Martin, 90

Beatles producer

March 11

Keith Emerson, 71

ELP rock legend

March 15

Sylvia Anderson, 88

Lady Penelope

March 16

Frank Sinatra Junior, 72

Sinatra’s singer son

March 17

Paul Daniels, 77

Comedy magician

March 29

Patty Duke, 69

Child star

March 31

Ronnie Corbett, 85

Comedy legend

March 31

Denise Robertson, 83

TV agony aunt


April 6

Merle Haggard, 79

Country legend

April 12

David Gest, 62

TV personality

April 20

Victoria Wood, 62

Comedy genius

April 20

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, 46

WWE wrestling legend

April 21

Lonnie Mack, 74

Blues guitar great

April 21

Prince, 57

Pop icon

April 21

Guy Hamilton, 93

Bond director

April 24

Billy Paul, 80

Chart star


May 17

Guy Clark, 74

Country legend

May 19

John Berry, 52

Beastie Boys star

May 19

Alan Young, 96

Mister Ed TV star

May 21

Nick Menza, 51

Megadeth drummer

May 24

Burt Kwouk, 85

Pink Panther star

May 31

Carla Lane, 87

Liver Birds writer


June 3

Muhammad Ali, 74

Boxing legend

June 14

Henry McCullough, 72

Wings guitarist

June 19

Anton Yelchin, 27

Star Trek’s Chekov

June 24

Bernie Worrall, 72

Funkadelic star

June 28

Scotty Moore, 84

Elvis’s guitarist


July 2

Caroline Aherne, 52

Comedy actress

July 16

Alan Vega, 78

Suicide punk pioneer


August 13

Kenny Baker, 81

Star Wars’ R2-D2

August 15

Dalian Atkinson, 48

Villa cup hero

August 29

Gene Wilder, 83

Comic genius


September 11

Alexis Arquette, 47

Transgender actress

September 17

Charmian Carr, 73

Sound of Music’s Liesl

September 25

Arnold Palmer, 87

Golfing legend


October 14

Jean Alexander, 90

Corrie’s Hilda Ogden

October 23

Pete Burns, 57

Dead or Alive chart star

October 24

Bobby Vee, 73

1960s teen idol


November 7

Leonard Cohen, 82

Iconic singer & writer

November 11

Robert Vaughn, 83

Veteran actor

November 13

Leon Russell, 74

US rock legend

November 24

Colonel Abrams, 67

80s chart star

November 25

Florence Henderson, 82

Brady Bunch star

November 26

Ron Glass, 71

US TV star


December 1

Andrew Sachs, 86

Fawlty Towers star

December 6

Peter Vaughan, 93

Game of Thrones star

December 7

Ian Cartwright, 52

Wolves midfielder

December 8

John Glenn, 95

First American to orbit Earth

December 8

Greg Lake, 69

ELP legend

December 10

AA Gill, 62

Writer & critic

December 10

Ian McCaskill, 78

TV weatherman

December 12

Walter Swinburn, 55

Derby winning jockey

December 18

Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99


December 24

Rick Parfitt, 68


December 25

George Michael, 53


December 26

Liz Smith, 95


December 27

Carrie Fisher, 60


Richard Adams, 96


December 28

Debbie Reynolds, 84

Hollywood actress and mother to Carrie Fisher

Hoping there is no more deaths this year. Also, R.I.P to all those who have died over 2016

Nearly Christmas Time

It’s nearly that time of year. Christmas time seems to be most peoples most stressful time of year. Running around trying to find those who are close to you something they would like for Christmas but I think actually why should be running around getting people what they want or spending fortunes on people. I always see Christmas as time spending with the people you love and care about the most and everyone should be grateful for what they get even if it’s something they didn’t want. Everyone should be grateful what they get no matter how small or big and grateful that the person has wanted to get you something and if the person doesn’t get you something back don’t get in a mood because you got them something and they got you nothing as unless you know their finances they may not got any money to get you anything. so, everyone enjoys the holiday spend it with the ones you love and care about.

Thanks for reading


Over the years I have noticed how one day you are friends with someone who you see day in and day out but you soon drift apart for one reason or another. The ones that are your true friends are the ones that stick by you not matter what or how far away you move away. I have found out a lot who my true friends are and their the ones that have stuck by me and been there when I have needed them. When I have been down and needed someone just to listen they have been there. I have some friends that have been my friends for 10 years or more and would defiantly say that not all of them are my true friends but I do know out of all of them I do know which ones I can count on if I ever needed them and which ones wouldn’t. Instead of getting upset that you have fallen out with why not just make new ones that what I did and have been happier since. I would also remember that you should treat people how you would want to be treated and remember that even though you have spoken to someone in a while doesn’t mean you have fallen out they have live’s two and could just be busy.

Thanks for reading

Finchey and Mollie

I just wanted to post about Finchey and Mollie our two finches. Finchey was found in someone’s garden nearly dead we took him and fed him and gave him water. With the way he was acting we didn’t think he would make it to the morning but he did. We read online that they hate being on their own so, we went got him a friend Mollie. they weren’t even in the age 20s and they were busy. That was about 3 months ago. They are now sat in their nest box sitting on 4 or 5 chicks as we know the eggs have hatched we just can’t get in to see them probably but I am going to post some pictures below of the chicks and Mollie and Finchey. We still not decided what we are going to do with the chicks. I want to keep them but my partner thinks we should rehome as we already got enough as with the finches we also have 7 cockatiels.

Simple Heart

I have made a new crocheting pattern. I have made a simple Heart crocheting pattern which you can be found here. I have put it down too intermediate but if you know double crochet, triple crochet then you should have no problems. Please tell me what you think


I have also insert the instructions below but if you want a downloaded copy it’s on Craftsy which is on the link above.


Simple Heart

This pattern will show you how to make a simple heart in 11 easy steps. This is in us terms.

Any wool will work the terms you will need to know are

Double crochet dc

Half double crochet hdc

Triple crochet Tr

Slip stitch

. I used a 4.5mm hook but depending on the size you want you can go up or down hook sizes.

  1. start by chaining 4 join with a ss
  2. chain 2, 15 dc into ring, join to top of chain 2 with ss
  3. chain 2 counts as first dc, 1dc in same stitch as ss
  4. 4 Tr in next stitch
  5. 2 dc in next stitch
  6. 1 hdc in next 4 stitches
  7. 1 dc, 1ts, 1dc in next stitch
  8. 1 hdc in next 4 stitches
  9. 2 dc in next stitch
  10. 4 Tr in next stitch
  11. 1 dc in next stitch, chain 2 and slip stitch in same stitch. tie off remember to sow in your ends


    Copyright @2016 little llama. This is a free pattern. DO NOT COPY, REPRODUCE, OR PUBLISH IN ANY MANNER. Images are the sole property of little llama and are NOT to be used for resale, personal reasons, or any other means. All rights reserved. The sale of your finished product is permitted; however please provide credit for the pattern to Little Llama. No part of this document can be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise.

Crocheted blanket

Recently I have bought some wool from Aldi and was thinking of what to do with it. So, I decided to make myself a blanket out of it. I only got one pack which had four balls of wool in the pack which I thought was going to be enough using a 6mm hook but after finishing the four balls I noticed it wasn’t big enough so, I got four more and carry on. after I finished the four balls I decided to put a border on it to finish what I did and it looks like this


I am really happy how it looks and can not wait to get snuggled under it well if that is if I get to keep it with a number of people who want it. I hope you all like to chat soon.

Cherrybomb girls

As you, all know I am a big fan of Cherrybomb girls. If you have never heard them please go and check them out. They recently went on X Factor where they got through to boot camp. Which I am very proud of them they did soo well. I just wasn’t happy they never got shown singing. I was shouting so, much at the TV when they didn’t show but hopefully, they can make it without that show. I know I will be supporting them through everything and can not wait for their own music to be released.

They have today put up a new cover which they are doing every Tuesday at 7pm UK time so, every Tuesday I will be posting there cover up so, you don’t miss out. So here is their recent one

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Tiring day

Today has been a tiring day. It started off with not getting much sleep. I feel asleep at about 2am then was back up at 8am. I got up and got ready to go to the gym. I decided before I left I would check my laptop and it said nothing had bee  done so left it at that and went to the gym. My gym class today was zumba at the moment until I get back of holiday it’s the only class I am doing well today’s was the last until I get back. I really enjoyed it. After the gym I went and waited outside my friends children’s nursery to wait and pick them up. After I picked them up I took them to the park for a few hours while we waited for them mum. They had so much fun just running around the park enjoying themselves. I popped into the gatehouse coffee shop to speak to the lovely staff as it’s were I am holding my Christmas party for crocheting club it is also where we hold are club 2 days a week as well as the library I love it in there staff our so friendly and the food and drink our amazing. If your ever in Wickford I would try them out there waffles are just to die for and the milkshakes well just to say I really enjoy them all. I manged to get that sorted then I had to deal with secret santa as one lady has dropped out. Lucky it was easy to do. Tomorrow I got crocheting club and then an afternoon of packing ready for Sunday as I am stopping at my mums (hopefully she freezes me some mac and cheese if not she’s in trouble).  Also need to sort my flat out I did some yesterday but with the weather being hot still it’s hard to get motivated but that’s all meant to change tomorrow. We are according to the weather forecast going to get rain and thunder which will end the hot weather. I want mind when it’s collection a little hate being too hot and hate being too cold. Well I am going to say night and I hope you all have a good sleep. Hopefully blog again tomorrow or Saturday 

Too hot

It’s 10pm I  have decided it’s time to go to bed as it’s alt cooler in my bedroom. Well that’s what I thought I am actually boiling hot. The weather here in the UK normally cools down in September but it hasn’t it feels like we our in the middle of summer. It’s meant to cool down by next week which I am hoping as, I am going away with me mum for couple of days for a little break. Hopefully I will have Internet as, now I have my tab back I can blog a little bit more. My computer has had to go back for repair with Toshiba the fault I sent it with was still there when I got it back. The fault with it that it will not charge past 80% I know it’s not a big fault but I not had my computer for a year yet so, I want it fixing. I have also had to put a complaint into them as not happy with how they have dealt with it as, at first they were saying they had lost my computer then suddenly it reapers but it took them a week to find it. They have been good on the phone but have been told one thing and then another next time we ring. Hopefully I will have a fixed laptop soon. I am also having trouble with my wrist which I have broken in the past. A lady fell over in zumba last week but grabbed my wrist as she fell now my wrist been hurting since. My crocheting has been done in small amounts ad can’t do it for long before my wrist it in pain. Talking of crocheting I now have an extra day of crocheting which is a Friday. We our already starring our secret santa as, we have to make the person their gift. Just working out what to do my person. My niece Mia started secondary school last week it feels so, strange not having to go pick her up after school. I am hoping that my phone has finished updating soon as I started that when I started this blog ewhich was half an hour ago. Well I am going to leave this hear hopefully I sleep so can get up early have a shower then go to crocheting club so, goodnight everyone I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow.

Mr Gitt

If your wondering who is Mr. Gitt is its a fictional character from books my brother and his friend Steve write. They are about a moaning old git that complains about everything. If you would like to get the books you can get them on amazon, iBooks and google store. They have recently been turned into a mini film stories which you can view below if you like them please give them a thumbs up and please share them.