Sorry it’s been so long

As you all know I haven’t wrote a blog since I showed you all the squirrel which I made. Which seems like ages ago. Well since then I have had a new baby niece born. She was born at 31 weeks and 6 days old. She is still in hospital but is doing well and […]

Top 10 things

My top 10 things i have called this blog but what i am going to do is choose some subjects and then tell you my top 10 So here goes. My first subject is  My top 10 bands/solo artist1 Mcfly i have been following mcfly since their first single. I have meet them on a few occasions2 […]

Do not know what to call this

At the moment I am sat in a library waiting for my partner to finish his appointment. I have found a new app on my tab that i am trying out to write my blogs. So, far so, good. I tried a new drink today called jolly rancher soda got it in blue raspberry flavour. […]

Update blog

Hi readers, today I thought why not write a blog while I am sat in the library while my partner goes to his appointment. Which also means I miss crocheting club which I am never happy about. Well yesterday I went with some friends for lunch we had a fab time and then we went […]


so, sorry I have been quiet but I am trying to think of things to do on my blog as I want to rebrand it but I don’t know what to do with it but I will sort something. I have been doing a lot of crocheting at the moment and my club for that […]


We had Pip now for nearly a week and she has settled in very well. The first day we got her our other cockatiels decided to let her out to be with them. which she loved flying around in flock. she now in the big cage with them all very much enjoying not being on […]