Monkey World

While I was in Dorset, I visited Monkey world.

Monkey world is Set amongst the woodland of Dorset lays 65 acres of sanctuary for over 250 primates. Monkey World was set up by Jim Cronin in 1987 to provide abused Spanish beach chimps with a permanent, stable home. Today Monkey World works in conjunction with foreign governments from all over the world to stop the illegal smuggling of apes out of Africa and Asia. will at the park you can see over 250 primates of more than 20 different species.

They currently have 55 chimpanzees at Monkey World, in 4 different social groups. they have rescued chimpanzees from Spain, Greece, France, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Dubai, Mexico and Taiwan where they were being used and/or abused in laboratories, as exotic pets, as photographer’s props, or as circus animals. Their exact histories vary, but the majority of them share part of the same story. Born in Africa, chimpanzees are taken from their family groups as youngsters. Poaching expeditions for bush meat and the capture of young animals result in the slaughter of adults as they try and defend their babies and extended family. It is estimated that the removal of one infant will result in the death of up to ten other chimpanzees. The young animals are smuggled out of Africa and then sold illegally abroad.

New arrivals at monkey world are given a full medical check and such examinations often reveal serious injuries such as machete wounds and broken bones. Many of the chimps come to us addicted to drugs. Recovery and rehabilitation for the monkeys is a lengthy process with many of the animals suffering from malnutrition and anemia.

At Monkey World they rehabilitate the chimpanzees into large social groups. . At present, there are 4 groups of chimpanzees at the park; two groups of 20, one of 15 and a nursery group of 5. Each group is given at least 1 hectare of land.

Monkey World is also working in Asia with the Pingtung Rescue Centre for Endangered Wild Animals to try to stop the smuggling of gibbons and orang-utans from the wild. We are also conducting undercover surveys of the illegal pet trade in South East Asia.

On-site there is a hospital and operating theatre where most of the medical examination and operations on the apes and monkeys are performed. While we have a local vet and a specialist primate vet, the staff at Monkey World are recognised as experts in primate rehabilitation and health. We also bring in specialists as needed such as paediatricians, dentists, ear, nose and throat surgeons, ophthalmic specialists, and gynaecologists.

Monkey World has featured in many television programmes including:

  • ITV – Nature Watch;
  • BBC – Operation Chimpanzee;
  • BBC – State of the Ark which highlighted our rescue and rehabilitation work;
  • BBC – Animal Hospital;
  • CNN & Sky TV – Highlighting a rescue operation in Turkey of smuggled chimpanzees;
  • ITV – GMTV covering the illegal pet trade in Turkey.
  • BBC – QED Saving Trudy.
  • Granada and Discovery Channels – 9 series of ‘Monkey Business’ were produced, documenting Monkey World’s rescue and rehabilitation work.
  • Channel 5, Animal Planet and Pick – the ‘Monkey Life‘ series continues on from ‘Monkey Business’ and is in continual production at the park.

Here is a little video of pictures I took at monkey world.

I really enjoyed my day and I hope you enjoyed the pictures I am hoping to go back again as I loved and especially the baby orangutan called Bulu Mata he was just swinging around his enclosure.

until next time bye everyone

Day out in London

Me and my mum had a day out in London. We went to Madume Tussaud’s. We also went shopping down Oxford Street finally got me some Hufflepuff stuff which I love will post a picture in tomorrow blog. I have posted some pictures below of some photos I took today and at the end is a video link to a videoI took at Madame Tussaud’s Video link

Amazing Day Out

On the 10 April 2016, I took my mum to Warner brothers studios to go around the Harry Potter Studios. It was a magical day. It was my mums birthday present from last year. It is her birthday in a couple of days so, it also was good timing. When we booked the tickets they told us about picking my mum up a birthday badge so, she would be treated very well. Everywhere we went they wished my mum a happy birthday. Near the time to cue up we went to the lady cause my mum is disabled they took us through a different area which we got to go through early, in fact, we were on a tour before our tour.

Well in the photos you can see what happened next. Think the highlight of the day was for my mum was opening up the great hall doors which you can see in the photos below. Which I am now going to leave you to enjoy before I give you my overview of the day.

The day was amazing and I wish that I brought more than one butterbeer. Butterbeer was like fizzy shortbread tasting bottom half with butterscotch cream on top it was slightly weird but I wanted another one after I finished the first one. We got round in 3 hours and that was with taking photos and stopping to take part in other things. We really enjoyed our day and looking forward to going back very soon.


I would say that this is suitable for everyone who loves Harry Potter with it just been you liked the books or the films or both. It’s also a good place for young and old as there are places to sit or you can get a fold away chair at the start that you can walk around with so, you can sit when you need to. The only thing we found expensive was the food prices but we know next time to take food with us. so, if your Harry Potter fan you will really enjoy this day out.

Throwback Thursday: Bowling with Jennie

Let’s throw you back to July 2009. You may not seen this before but for my mate Jennies birthday I took her bowling for the day. It was a very funny day. When i look at these pictures I can see how much 8lbs of weight lost changes things but I still wanted to share these with you all as it was a good day out. Jennie if you are reading this we need to do this more oh, and I miss not having you near

Rhyl Christmas Lights 2015

So, On friday I went to the christmas lights switch on in Rhyl. I went to see a fabulous girl group call CherryBomb. If you can’t remember who they are you can check out the other blog I wrote about them here and the question and answer here but before I tell you about them I better start from the start.


Rhyl Christmas lights started at 3pm which I thought was a bit weird as schools hadn’t even finished yet. It started with the co host matty performing some songs as well as introduce the host from Heart darren. after that was a male duo who I can not think for the life of me their name but they were good.  Next was cherrybomb and you can see their performs below

I really enjoyed their performance and thought they were just amazing. Even when Katie mic went she still carried on even if you couldn’t hear her. I really can not wait to see them again at Hyde Park . Its going to be amazing. I have already got their original song girls girls girls in my head I really love it. Hurry up 17th December so, I can see them again.


After them was Tom bleasby who was amazing to.  I am just going to finish this with the photos from the day

Colchester Zoo

On Friday 30th October me, Hannah, my partner, Mum and Dad went for a day trip at Colchester zoo. It was amazing day. We only missed out a couple of animals. We paid for are tickets online so we got to pick them up and then skip the queues to get in. We always seem to enjoy going to the zoo.  At the bottom I will post pictures for you all to see and I hope you enjoy them. I especially enjoyed feeding the parakeets some nectar and getting up close with them. We also got to feed elephants which was good to. we really enjoyed our day. Please enjoy the photos below