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Need to get back to writing

I want to try so hard to get back to writing a daily blog so, I thought I would start today. That all went up the wall when I first tried writing as something took my site down had to get my lovely brother to fix it for me. At the moment I have my niece Hannah staying with me, which is nice and she is actually behaving and I have had no attitude from her.
Tomorrow we were meant to be going swimming, but the pool is shut so, we are going to be doing the housework instead. I hate doing housework, but it has to be done. The weather here has got a lot better we had nothing but the sunshine, which is making me a lot happier. Hate it when it’s dull and grey as there is not much to do when the weather is like that. Though my partner goes into hiding during the warmer months as he blackouts when it’s too hot. As, you all know I like to crochet and I have decided to do make a round temperature blanket which you do by picking a time of the day and either the highest or lowest temperature for that time and do a row for that temperature. So, I have picked midday and the highest temperature. I started this on my 29th birthday and it will end on my 30th. So, I will have something to remember my last year of my 20s.
I am going to go for now and I will write another blog tomorrow maybe have a Sunday selfie as I haven’t done one them in ages. Until then bye for now

Feeling rough

Hi little llama readers how are you all? As you can see from the title of this blog I am feeling very rough and everything hurts. I have actually managed to book myself a doctor’s appointment for today. It is a big shock especially with my doctors as they are always full and I did not book it until 10 am there normally all gone by 9 am. I think I have a sinus infection which I haven’t had in years hopefully the doctors can give me something for it. Yesterday my cockatiel Lola had to go to the vets as she has had some bleeding when she goes to the loo. The vets think this is either a slight yeast infection or because of this year season thinks she has laid too many eggs so, on the safe side gave her two different antibiotics. We are also looking into getting both are female cockatiels in to have a hormone implant to stop them both from laying any more eggs, but there is big risk with birds going under antistatic which I am not too happy with and wouldn’t want to lose them. I am really in two minds whether to let them have it or not. We also spoke about my cockatiel bobby who is 30 years old about what happened to her on Saturday night and they still think she had a stroke and some of Lola’s antibiotics may help her. She is doing okay she did at first lose the use of her legs, but they have slowly started being able to be used even though she finds it easier to just drag herself about. She has started to like head scratches which she hated before.

Well that’s enough on them at the moment we are in a bit of a storm that the UK government have called storm Doris. Who actually came up with these names? We had load of different names for them and yeah now we know more it’s a different storm from the last, but surely people know that anyway? I really need to stop moaning we only live once. I wonder what the temperature is for today. The reason that I am doing a temperature blanket. Which is when you take the temperature of a set time of day and do a line of that colour for the temperature and after 365 days you will have a finished blanket. So, far my blanket will just be blues and greens, as it’s still cold. I don’t feel like it’s ever gone to warm up and I will be stuck with catching colds and other bugs all year round. Well I am going to leave this hear and maybe talk to you all later bye for now

Look Back At My Life

Now that I am 29 years old (17 Feb. was my birthday) I have been thinking what have I done with my life? I do look back on my life and wish I had done better in school knuckled down and actually got good grades. I wish I ignored the bullies instead of retaliating all the time because looking back it only gave them a boost to do it more maybe they would have got bored and moved on to someone else, but I also think actually them bullying me, made sure they were leaving others alone and I think that’s all I cared about at the time. I used to hate going to school I also thought bullying would stop at college, but it counties there. I didn’t do badly at college as it was by then I started to ignore them and knuckle down and get on with my work I did well, but failed my last course, but it was more to do with placement and my tutor not allowing me to do two weeks more placement to complete the course. I am enjoying things more now, but I do have bad times in my life now, but I try to come to terms with them and just get on with life. I just keep telling myself we only live once and I need to enjoy my life now before it’s over.


The things I am looking forward to in the future be seeing my nieces and nephews grow up and have a good life. To one day marry my fiancé who makes me happy every day even when we argue he still knows when I am down and how to cheer me up. I am going to enjoy each day with my family and friends who are there when I need them and not use me like some have in the past who only want to know when they got issues. I hope you have enjoyed my little blog I will try and do more blogs regularly. As I have really been slacking on them. Well until next time bye.