Turning 30

So, on Saturday (17/2/2018) I turned 30. leading up to turning 30 I was not looking forward to it everyone was saying “you are now old” but I do not feel old at all. I definitely will not be acting my age as I see it whats the point in acting your age if you don’t feel it? it is weird though when people ask me my age I have to remember that I am now 30.alothough on my birthday the waitress in the cafe I was in thought I was only 17/18 and I was like I wish I was that age again. my friends and family got me some great gifts and I thank them all for them. Leading up to my birthday I did have a few panic dreams where my brain thought I was old so, I would have horrible dreams but now I am this age I just say to myself I need to live my life day by day and enjoy it as you only get one chance to enjoy it.


for this year of my first year of being in 30’s I have set myself goals that I am going to keep to and here they are:

  1. to eat more healthy
  2. to lose some weight
  3. do more exercise
  4. do let people get me down

hopefully, i keep to these and you see changes in my blogs especially in my weight as since Christmas I have put on 8lbs which I have now got to try and get back off which from the 1st march I am back at the gym which isn’t that far away. i am going to leave this here hopefully more blogs coming soon

Day out in London

Me and my mum had a day out in London. We went to Madume Tussaud’s. We also went shopping down Oxford Street finally got me some Hufflepuff stuff which I love will post a picture in tomorrow blog. I have posted some pictures below of some photos I took today and at the end is a video link to a videoI took at Madame Tussaud’s Video link

Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day a day after Christmas Day where you relax and eat silly but i have today cleaned my kitchen, living room and hallway. Instead of cooking i order a takeaway as I couldn’t be bothered to cook which was nice. I have since been on the phone to my brother who is trying to put a puzzle together and keeps swearing and telling me i am the worst sister lol Well i am going to watch this film called knocked up and try and sleep hopefully have a longer blog tomorrow night everyone

Christmas Day

So, today was Christmas Day which I spent with my mum, dad, brothers Marc and Jeff my niece and sis in law had a nice Christmas which was lovely. I got some fantastic presents necklace, dressing gown and McDonalds teddies all from my other half

I love all the presents I have had so far. We having another Christmas Day when he gets back. The McDonald’s teddies are what they release each year to raise money for their charity which you can find out more about on their website.

The next picture shows you what I got from my brother Marc Which I am going to sit tomorrow and eat yum yum

My sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew got me

which smells just fantastic which I will be using for my next bath/shower.

My brother Jeff, sister in law and niece got me all this


which I cannot wait to start using it all and put my canvas up on the walls and make my cat and last but all my mum and dad got me some lovely Harry Potter stuff

Which I love and at the moment I am wearing the PJs and still debating if I am going to eat and drink any of it but I do love butterbeer from Harry Potter studios. Oh, and they did get me a selection box but I ate it before I could even post a picture.

Mum made a lovely Christmas dinner but didn’t make me any pudding how naughty was she? But I also felt a little sick after my starter and main. I do wish I got more photos. I also helped my niece win at go fish by taking a photo of my mum’s cards and WhatsApp her the picture. Mum was not happy when she found out lol. Well i hope you all had a lovely day and would like to thank everyone for the gifts even if I haven’t listed them here. I am great full for the family and friends I have so, until tomorrow Night everyone and

P.S for a video from today that my brother Marc did click here

Christmas Eve

So, it’s the night before Christmas and all was quiet all the sounds you could hear was the sweet sounds of cockatiels sleeping. Well that is what I was hoping for but they have decided tonight they want to chirp. I am also talking to my brother on the phone thinking I should really be going to sleep as I am up early ready to go to my mums to spend Christmas Day with her and my dad and who ever else turns up and I also get to huge Bissell the dog

So, what ever you doing tomorrow have a nice day and don’t drink too much and I will have a blog up tomorrow evening night everyone

Nearly Christmas

So, it’s the night before Christmas Eve where most people are tucked up in bed or are worrying if everything is ready for Christmas Day. While I am laying here waiting for my niece to fall to sleep so, I can go to sleep as I am feeling ill. Even though I am getting distracted by the film Arthur Christmas i forgot how good this film was i not seen it in so long.

Tomorrow I am dropping my niece at my mums ready for her mum to pick her up from there I am not sure if I am staying for a little while or going to head home and get my housework done. Well hopefully I am back to normal tomorrow. I am going to go and try and sleep if I don’t get a post up Merry Christmas everyone

Tired and fed up

We are now in December and it’s soo cold. All I am wanting to do at the moment is to get snuggled up under my cover and watch films but it’s such a busy time of the year. Christmas Day is only 2 weeks away and I bet not everyone has finished their Christmas shopping or even thought about it? I have finished but not the wrapping but that will not take that long at all. I think of the rush of getting things done this month is why i feel so tired and fed up as nothing seems to stop. I am hoping it snows like the weather man keeps promising but i do know if that would happen.

In a couple of weeks i am doing a q&a which i will be filming to go on YouTube but i will also post the video on to here so, you can all see it. Its going to be hard for me as its going to be my first ever video and got to actually do some editing. I do read through my blogs as well to make sure there are no mistakes but no one can get everything right first time. So, if you want your question to be answered please leave a comment below and you question maybe used. I will not be making it a daily thing but may do it when i go on days out and stuff so, you can come along with me. It will also help me when trying to remember what i did as i get so forgetful. Any way i better get some sleep got a busy day tomorrow chat to you all soon x

Should you buy a google home?

Recently I got my partner a Google home. Which should have been put up for Christmas but we decided to test it out. the one we have now is the third one we have been given as the first one came registered to someone else who hadn’t cleared their details off and the 2nd one which was a replacement for the 1st one was given already open but the 3rd one came just fine so, we kept that one.

The Google home didn’t take much to set up all you need is a mobile phone or computer not sure how you set it up on the computer as we did it all by our mobile phones. On the mobile you download an app called Google Home which has a step by step guide to setting the Google Home up you will also need a Google account. We also got a chrome cast which you also use Google Home to set up that as well. When using Google home you just have to say hay Google and it wakes to listen to you.

So, far we have used it to beam Netflix to the TV so, to get that to work we say hey Google play big bang theory on Netflix which it says playing big bang theory on Netflix and it straight away beams it to the chrome cast. The only issue we have had so far is trying to get it to play a certain playlist on Spotify. It plays it best if your playlist is named something that no one else would think off so, it doesn’t try loading theirs. If you ask it will tell you your local weather. It can also look at your calendar and add to it. We have also used it to set alarms to remind us to do things. You can get it to do a shopping list for you but we have not done this of yet.

The chrome cast is used to beam things like YouTube and things like that to the TV. Google home does have some issues recognising what you say but that is the same as Siri. I am hoping over time it starts to understand more. We have asked it a lot of questions and have got some funny answers so, go and give it a try.

I would rate this product 8/10 and would recommend it. If you would like any more information please leave a comment below