Thursday 12 September

So, I am sat in the car, on my way to pick my Nana up from Cambridge. We have already picked up my brother Marc. I am not liking the weather it is very cloudy with hint of blue sky. Just hope it doesn’t rain as I have a tent to put up so would like it to stay dry. Just asked my brother about first dentist appointments as I am finally going to see a dentist for the first time on the 23rd september and he has made it seem less scary than I thought it would be.

So, we just picked up nana, and now on are way to Fakenham. The weather in Cambridge was sunny with a bit of cloud. Before we got cartridge Marc’s friend steve video called him and was joining in our journey to Cambridge. We were laughing at mum on the way as I asked her what’s in the field and she said it was maize and me marc did the lines from grown ups where they going about maize just being corn.

We are now here and the camp we are staying at is actually reminds me of staying on someones garden the land is so small. It’s behind the pub which is very expensive for food its like 10.50 for fish and chips so we are not going to eat from there we are going to find somewhere else to eat. We have put the tent up and set up the bedrooms so everyone has somewhere to sleep. We have been to tescos to get some shopping in. Tonight we had salad for dinner I didn’t eat it all as I am not a big fan of salad. It has started to get cold that I have had to put my hoodie on to keep me warm.

While I remember I had amazing phone call from my lovely David who rang me just to tell me that he managed to upgrade his contract and has got me a new phone :-). I will leave what phone he has got me as a surprise till I get home. Well hopefully we got out somewhere tomorrow so hopefully have something better to write about bye-bye for now peeps

Wednesday 11 September

Well today I have once again waited in for these removal men and they have not turned up again. They started to really make me angry why say you will turn up then don’t turn up. It’s also been a day my other half spent the day on the phone as he is trying to upgrade his contract so I can have a phone but they saying the address is not matching with the bank but it does so there doing my head in two.


Anyway enough with that tomorrow I am off on holiday and as I write this blog I still have not packed think its going to be a late one for me as I seem to be doing other things then packing. At least I didn’t have to cook dinner David decided get takeaway while we were in town as we went to Iceland again as I got drinks for in the car on my journey tomorrow though it’s not far but we got to go via Cambridge to pick my nana up. I am looking forward to this holiday as I get to spend some time with my brother Marc which I don’t do often anymore as we live apart as he at my sis Cassie and I have my own flat.


At the moment while I am writing I am listening to my favourite song Should I Stay by The Cameleonz I do love this song I remember when I first heard it I was like this is amazing it is a very catchy tune and I can not wait till they release more songs. I especially love Ghost of a lullaby I have only heard this live once and loved it. When I saw them I recorded them singing and I put it on YouTube just search there the Cameleonz and you should find all their fab videos. I am hoping one day they make it big and sorry if I am repeating myself from one my other blogs but I love these guys they are my idols.


well anyway I better go off and pack and I am sorry if I don’t get to do I daily blog or if it’s a day late gotta wait till I can get internet as we have none in our tent lol so till my next blog all take care.

Tuesday 10th September

Today I have spent most of the day waiting for removal men to come and take some furniture who did not turn up. David found he had £25 voucher on Ebay which he used to get an oil heater then found he had another for using that one. I wonder if he will get me something nice with it. We went to our local Tescos and found out it had closed down without telling anyone so had to walk all the way to town to Iceland just to get milk and bread. what company does not tell anyone its closing down or shutting for a little while why they do improvements?

Got home and David cooked me a lovely dinner but could not eat it all as he always make huge portions. I did a little bit of crocheting. I am in middle making a hat but a different one to the one I made the other day this one has hearts on it.

While David let the birds out for nightly flight I went and had a bath. I got to say if anyone is looking for a great place to get bath stuff try “it makes sense” her stuff is amazing. I at the moment have got mango shower butter and it makes your skin so soft I will so be ordering more of her and also her oil burner melts smell so nice I didn’t want to blow out my candle to my oil burner you can find her at  on Facebook just search it makes sense on Facebook and if you’re in Rhyl check out her shop.

Well tomorrow I have got packing to do as I am going away on holiday with my mum, dad, brother Marc and my Nan on thursday we going to place called Fakenham which is near little snoring which when I found out I said it’s not going to be little snoring when we get there it will big snoring lol. I will still be doing my blogs as Marc is bringing his iPad and said I can use that to update my blog. Well talk to you all tomorrow it may be and earlier blog so I can get an early night. Night everyone

Monday 9th September

So today i finally got my new doctors which is good now means if I get ill I got somewhere to go but I am not happy as my phone screen got broken on the way home. Well it got broke by some person on a push bike who knocked my phone out my hand its going to cost me a lot to get that fixed. Forgot say the person didn’t stop to see if I was okay. after all that had happened I made this 

Hat Snapshot_20130909_2 been told it suits me but I don’t think it does. I was actually making a cowl but managed to change it into a hat.




As Well as making this hat I listened to some music which made me realize there is only 10 days till I go see McFly at the Royal Albert Hall which I am very excited for not just listening to McFly I was also listening to The Cameleonz Marcus and Lis who I actually miss a lot listening to they are two amazing people who I hope make big one day as i think they deserve it. they are the most friendliest people I have ever met. I love everything about them please if u get a chance please check them out just search The Cameleonz on YouTube and Facebook.

well that is all I have done today hopefully in a better mood tomorrow night peeps

Sunday 8th September

Well what can I say about today not much really as I hardly did anything. First I started with watching the omnibus of “Eastenders” that program is getting really boring I don’t know why I watch it. After I watched that I put a film on while I did some crocheting. The film I decided to watch was “Monsters inc” I love this film it reminded when I was a kid. I always thought there was a monster living under my bed but in “Monsters inc” the monster comes out the cupboard.

Any way enough talk with the film today I managed to finish my hat 🙂 it doesn’t fit me so I am guessing I did it a little bit too small but when I have more time I am going to have ago at doing it again but following the other instructions to see if I can make it bigger the picture of the hat be at the bottom of this blog. I hope you all like my hat. I also learnt how to do a new crocheting stitch called the  reverse single crochet which is just doing a normal single crochet but backwards.

After I finished making my hat I decided I was hungry so I made myself some dinner which all I did was open a tin of meatballs and cook some pasta but I was really hungry and it was the quickest thing I could think of making for myself today. After dinner we let the birds out for a quick fly and to let them eat there spaghetti that I had made them. As on their cage they have a little play area which we use to put food on for them.

Well tomorrow I am off to the doctors as I am registering as a new patient so I actually have a doctors I have been waiting over a month to get into this doctors as they were fully booked and staff on annual leave so I will be glad when that is done also going to ask them about this bump I have on my thumb but I bet it goes by tomorrow not just that I think I have done it while I been crocheting with the rubbing of the wool.

right so I better go to bed I am really tired hat pictures below please ignore the fact I put the hat on a teddy all I could find

what it should looked like
what it should looked like
what it looks like
what it looks like

hat hat


Saturday 7th September

Hello peeps I got up this morning with no pain in my back 🙂 which means I had to get on with my tidying up. We decided it was time to change living room around so it looked like we had more room. We decided we wanted to move the telly but noticed that where we wanted the tv that sky had only just put the sky wire just long enough to reach lucky we didn’t want to move it to the other side the room. Think we only moved it a little away from where it was. Think sky need to think before they cut the wire then maybe we could move are tv to where we want it.

While David sorted his stuff out I decided to clean the bathroom which was not a nice job one of the rooms I hate cleaning but it needed to doing. it’s now sparkling clean. After I had finished cleaning the bathroom I decided it was time to have a shower. After my shower I got into my onesie and helped David finish the living room off. Got to say I love the way we have it now and the cockatiels get to look out the window and enjoy the sun light.

I said in yesterday’s blog I was going to finish my crocheting but with all the tidying I have done I did not had a chance to do any but hopefully tomorrow I will. We have also been trying to keep busy as it was a week today since we lost are Sheldon (cockatiel) it’s still strange now  not hearing him in the cage saying love you and whit woo. The other birds don’t really talk nibbles will say love you now and again. Well I am going to go bed hopefully I will have a better blog tomorrow night peeps.

Friday 6th September

Well today has been a boring day i spent most of it sat on the sofa as i had a sore back. I have found it hard to turn. It was also my dads birthday so happy birthday dad i hope you had a good day and liked my prezzie i got you. He did pop round to drop some post to me but david went down to get it as i could hardly move.

David and I poped out to town to get some bits and bobs and we came across these

McCoy’s Potato ridges

we were thinking how strange but they do taste nice but not like the crisps. I got these from Icelands  they also do these in salted and also have Wotsits and Hula hoops. I have tried the wotsits ones and they taste nothing like the crisps. I want to try the hula hoop ones so I may get some next time i go to town.

When we got back from town I decided I wanted to do some crocheting so i went online and found some patterns i have started to do this pattern 


I have so far done the top but i am sure i will have it finished tomorrow so will post a picture of it tomorrow if it is finished.

My birds have been out tonight and are now in their day cage waiting for us to take them to their night cage where they seem to sleep better than they do in the living room I think its because they know we are not too far away. Well hopefully tomorrow i have more to write about.

Until tomorrow night guys

Thursday 5th September

Well, what can I say about my day. Not much, as I have not done much today. I went to the hospital to have my scar checked because last year I had an operation to repair a hernia. They gave me the all clear and discharged me so I’m not going back, which I am glad as I don’t like hospitals.

Before I went to the hospital I played on football manager 2012, yes I know its out of date, but I love that game. I always edit the game files so the team I managed would become the best in the game. I always start with my team being in division one and then I worked my way up. The last time I did this, I got sacked for getting the team into the premier I was not happy, you would have thought they would have kept me, especially when I got them promoted. I might play “Sims 3” later as I love that game too. I have most of the expansion packs, but cannot see the point in buying them any more because “Sims 4” is out next year.

Oh my God, what’s happened to this weather I’m baking like a potato. When I got back from the hospital, I read an article on the BBC website about a worker that has been suspended for helping someone off the tracks after they feel on it, sorry, but if I saw someone fall on to the track and there was no train coming, I would help them up, and I really don’t know what the company were thinking.

Well, tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and I’m hoping he likes his present I got him. I have already chosen what I wanted to get him for Christmas, but that can wait untill near the time.

My cockatiel, Nibbles has been playing with his new treat today, it’s a log with food in it which we got for Boo’s birthday, but nibbles seemed to like it more than the others like it, but he does get very angry with it. I am going to leave you with some pictures of my cockatiels.

First blog

Hello everyone this is my first ever blog and not sure what to write. Well, first I had better tell you about me

Picture of me
Picture of me

, I am 25 years old and live in Essex. I was born in Cambridge.I live with my partner David and our five  cockatiels Lou, Lola, Boo, Nibbles and Star. We would have had six, but sadly we lost are Sheldon at the weekend who I miss so much. I have three brothers Marc, Jeff and glen and a sister called Cassie. Jeff has a daughter called mia. glen has a son called Ryan and Cassie has two daughters called Hannah and Amber.

My hobbies are crocheting i love to make things and if it wasn’t for my mum and i wouldn’t have such a creative hobby they i love to do. I am not sure what else to write on this blog so any suggestions and i will write a new blog to go with this just comment blow what you would like to know (no rude post)