A few jokes

Patient asks his doctor: “Can I take a bath with diarrhea?” – Doctor: “Yes, if you are able to fill it up. “  Man: Hi, do you want to dance? – Woman: Yeah, sure! – Man: Great, go and dance, I want to talk to your pretty friend!   Waiter, I am outraged. There is one hair in my soup. […]

Celebrities Deaths 2016

This year we have seen so many celebrity deaths I hope they all rest in peace and they are never forgotten. Just in case you missed any here is a list JANUARY January 10 David Bowie, 69 Rock icon January 14 Alan Rickman, 69 Actor January 18 Glenn Frey, 67 Eagles rocker January 23 Jimmy Bain, 68 Rainbow rock star January […]

Trying to blog

I like writing blogs for you all to read but i do find it hard to think of a subject i also struggle a lot with my spellings and grammar (thanking the person who made spell checker) so, writing a blog to me seems so, hard. I have said to myself that I need to do this as it helps […]

WordPress better work

I have tried 3 times now hopefully this one works. We will see. Well this posted after uninstalling the app and putting it back on I wonder what happened to the app? So, if you can’t post  to WordPress from the app take it off and put it back on it fixes the issue night everyone


I would like you all to check out this news article by clicking here it’s about a very brave 10 year girl called Sadie. Sadie is battling leukemia but despite this she still wants to raise money for Basildon Hospital to help do up the side room where most families stay when the children are so ill and there immune systems […]

Cherry Bomb Question and Answer Blog

Hi everyone so, I recently wrote a blog about Cherry Bomb if you missed check it out here. I sent them some question so, we can all get to know them a bit more. Some question came from people of twitter so, I thank them for their help. So, here are the questions and their answers 🙂 If you were […]

Cherry Bomb

So, I am guessing you all thinking by the tittle what or who is Cherry Bomb? Cherry Bomb are a girl band from stoke. They are Katie on vocals, Lauren on vocals and Lis on vocals and guitar. An edgy new girl band who describe themselves as ‘Just girls next door doing Quirky Pop With a Cherry On Top’ They […]