Some of my poems

Hi everyone I just thought I would share with you some poems I wrote a while back I hope you enjoy them

Is This Love

Is this love
Or have I been dreaming
Everytime you’re near me
I feel warm inside
When you’re not
I go cold
Someday you will
Be away
I will be sad
Till we are together
Do you think this is love?
I do


(This poem is about a cockatiel that sadly past away) 043

Quavers my yellow little angel
How I miss seeing your face
How I miss hearing your tweet
Quavers you were a great pet
I miss your cuddles and your kisses
I miss you fighting with me at dinner times
I miss you and I love you always
RI.P baby girl till the day we meet again
At rainbow bridge

My brother

My brother is special to me
He is their when I am sad
The one who makes me laugh
When things are getting tough
He is their to have fun
And get in trouble with
I may not say I love you
But I do
I wouldn’t change you
Not for no one
You one in a million
You are my brother

First blog

Hello everyone this is my first ever blog and not sure what to write. Well, first I had better tell you about me

Picture of me
Picture of me

, I am 25 years old and live in Essex. I was born in Cambridge.I live with my partner David and our five  cockatiels Lou, Lola, Boo, Nibbles and Star. We would have had six, but sadly we lost are Sheldon at the weekend who I miss so much. I have three brothers Marc, Jeff and glen and a sister called Cassie. Jeff has a daughter called mia. glen has a son called Ryan and Cassie has two daughters called Hannah and Amber.

My hobbies are crocheting i love to make things and if it wasn’t for my mum and i wouldn’t have such a creative hobby they i love to do. I am not sure what else to write on this blog so any suggestions and i will write a new blog to go with this just comment blow what you would like to know (no rude post)