Throwback Thursday: Bowling with Jennie

Let’s throw you back to July 2009. You may not seen this before but for my mate Jennies birthday I took her bowling for the day. It was a very funny day. When i look at these pictures I can see how much 8lbs of weight lost changes things but I still wanted to share these with you all as it was a good day out. Jennie if you are reading this we need to do this more oh, and I miss not having you near

Throwback Thursday

I am not sure where to throw you back to this week so, I thought I would tag a couple of my first blogs so, you can go and re read

  1. First Blog
  2. Thursday 5th September 2013
  3. Friday the 6th September 2013

Can’t believe I have been on WordPress now 2 years. I hope my blogs are not too boring for you all and I hope you like checking out these blogs back from when I first started blogging to you all. I would also like to Thank you all for reading my blogs it means a lot when I know there are people out there wanting to know what I get up to and my thoughts.