Southwestern Booties

I started making these southwestern booties on the 30/1/18 and finished on 1/2/18. I used a 3.5mm hook and three different coloured yarns. I used grey for the sole and then beige colour for the main colour and then for the top squares I used pink.

I enjoyed making the first bootie and getting used to the pattern. the pattern is slightly easy if you know the basic and American stitches but you can look up the terms on youtube. I still got to make the last bootie which I am hoping to have done by the end of the night but it will be up before the blog is up.

I have now finished the last bootie as you can see from the picture above. which came out just like the first one did. in the pattern it had tassels but I find them a little dangerous to have for children so, I haven’t put them on. I still think they are cute. I hope my sister liked them as I made them for my baby niece. next time when I make them I would probably choose different colours and concentrate a little bit more than I did so there would not be too many mistakes in them. I hope you like this little blog

Craft: Edward’s crochet doll emporium by Kerry Lord

I started making a doll on 24/12/17 and finished making it on 2/1/18. I finally decided to make something for myself. To make his hair a used the scraped yellow yarn which I don’t know the brand and then stone for the skin which I got from Poundland. I used a 3.5 hook and used the book Edward’s Crochet Doll Emporium by Kerry Lord. It was an easy pattern to follow I love how easy Kerry Lord has made the book easy to follow with you being able to pick a different hairstyle and clothes separate. I love how his hair came out in the end as he did start of as a girl. If I was to make this again i would probably make a girl and move the legs back slightly now for the clothes

I started making my dolls clothes on the 5/1/18 and finished them on the same day. I used the trousers are from c:15 in scrap yarn black. Tshirt i made in the most softest wool ever which was woman’s institute shade number 5930421016 I was meant to use 3.5mm but had to go up 4.5mm as it came up two small. I liked how the clothes came out the patterns is slightly different from the actual pattern but not by much. Next time I would make him some shoes but I don’t think I would change anything else.

I think the next thing I am going to make is a llama for the mascot for my page.

Craft: Call The Midwife Blanket

Call The Midwife blanket started on 0/6/17 and finished on 19/12/17

This is the finished project

I made this blanket for my partners mum using red and pink sparkle yarn from B&M

316901 Sparkle Glamourous Yarn Mauve
316901 Sparkle Glamourous-Yarn 150g Red

I used a 3.5mm hook and the pattern I made up myself as I couldn’t find a pattern to make the squares singly.

what I liked about this project is how it looked when I had finished the blanket and I was really pleased that the person it went to likes it as well. once it was done the colours looked better together as I didn’t think they were going to. next time I will remember to sew my ends in as I am going as there were loads at the end to sew in and thank you to my friends at crocheting who helped to sew them in. I would also change the yarn as I wasn’t liking the feel of the yarn when I was working with it. I would also keep my first idea instead of changing it half way through then it wouldn’t have taken so long.

to do a single crochet call midwife square you need to:

  1. chain 23
  2. Dc in 7th chain from the hook, skip 1, dc (do this until you have 8 dc and 7 spaces) chain 2, skip 2 dc in the last chain space. ch 4 and turn
  3. skip chain 2 space, dc in the next 15 which is 1 in the dc and one in spaces, chain 2 and dc in 3rd chain 4, ch 4 and turn
  4. skip ch2 space, DC into next 6 DC, ch3 skip 3 st, DC into next 6 DC of BL ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn
  5. Skip ch 2 space. DC into next 4 DC, Skip 2 DC, ch 4, sc into 2nd ch of ch3, ch 4, skip remaining ch space and 2 DC. DC into last 4 DC of BL. ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  6. Skip Ch 2 Space. DC into next 4 DC. DC into next 2 ch of the previous ch4, (now you should have 6 DC)  Ch 3, Next DC into the last ch2 of 2nd ch4 of the previous round. DC last 4 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  7. skip ch2 space DC into each st. (15 DC) you will be placing a DC into each of the ch 3. ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  8. Skip ch 2 space DC, ch 1, skip one st, DC repeat across BL. (You will have 8 DC and 7 Ch 7 spaces.) ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  9. skip ch 4 space dc, *skip 1, dc  (do this until you have 8 dc and 7 spaces) chain 2, skip ch space 2, dc in the last stitch and fasten off

I really do hope that made sense and you enjoyed reading how I made the call the midwife blanket.