Thursday 15th October

Today I have been trying to do little things but I know I shouldn’t of done but I am getting bored just sat on the sofa with my feet up but no I decided to do a little bit of hoovering which I think I am starting to regret as my got a little pain […]

Mad Time

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but I am having a really bad time. I’ve got to find somewhere else to live and its being very difficult. As soon as something comes up it seems like something else gets in the way and my local council are not very helpful either but I am sure we […]


It’s Wednesday today I have been to the gym and also had my niece Mia round. We also took her to see santa. David is of to see his mum tomorrow. I want him to go then I don’t as I don’t like being on my own but I do have the birds for company. […]

4th- 6th August

Sorry guys and girls that I have not done my blog but until I get into a routine of doing them I am going to forget now and again. I am actually writing this from the bus as I am on my way to Brentwood for a little while to have a change of scenery. […]

Sorry Guys

Sorry I have not been on here a while but I have been very busy with going away on holiday as well as getting ready for christmas. I hate getting ready for christmas it is always so stressful. Trying to work out who you need to buy for and then stressing if they are going […]