17 November 2015

Well I am sorry that not been blogging I have felt so ill recently. I am still feeling a little sick which I am hoping passes soon. Today I am going to be doing my first crocheting video tutorial which when I have done it I will post on my blog. I am hoping that these help people to pick up some crocheting before my first class a week tomorrow as I am getting nerves as the day comes nearer.


Got my landlord coming today to have a look at where the leak is coming from. We know its coming from are loft just not sure if its the roof or something else. We been told not to use are bathroom light as the water is coming through the fan which is connected to the light. I am not sure what else the landlord wants to do only time will tell.


I got to also find some video edition software all I have is the one that comes with windows. Just hoping I find one soon. If anyone can suggest a good at the moment free one please suggest it by leaving a comment. I have to do school pick up shortly and really don’t want to go out as the weather is just rubbish today. With storm Barney heading over. Don’t get why they need to name are wind storms but they are.


Yesterday I went to Zumba which I really enjoyed and I will be back next week. I have also booked into aerobics next week which I am looking forward to getting back to hopefully it doesn’t kill me. They should be on a whole new routine which I will never of done. Though Zumba had only done a couple I don’t know. I may have to go back doctors in next couple of months as there is still one stitch from my operation is being stubborn and will not disoval. Well I better stop writing now and get ready for school pick up and I will talk to you all later. So, bye bye for now.

Thursday 15th October

Today I have been trying to do little things but I know I shouldn’t of done but I am getting bored just sat on the sofa with my feet up but no I decided to do a little bit of hoovering which I think I am starting to regret as my got a little pain in my tummy. I can take it easy for a little while as I go away on saturday. I will get to just chill around the caravan and put my feet up. I will try and put a blog up when I can while away. Sorry this is short but I am so tired. Any way will leave you to it tonight. Early night so i can finish getting things ready tomorrow before my dad picks me up to go to his and my mums.

Mad Time

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but I am having a really bad time. I’ve got to find somewhere else to live and its being very difficult. As soon as something comes up it seems like something else gets in the way and my local council are not very helpful either but I am sure we will be home soon. We out waiting to go a view some where just waiting for them to get the keys back so, then they can book us a viewing. I am hoping it’s soon.

Any way apart from that I still been going to the gym but only on a Tuesday when I have the group cycling not sure why I call it that as it’s a spin class they call it group cycling at the gym. I have gone down in size of clothing but still weigh the same so guessing that I am starting to build muscles up.

Well I am going to go and watch Birds of a feather. I really love this program do wish that Matt Willis was still in it he was a good Garth. so, Night night everyone

Not a good day

So, today I was meant to be going the gym but something come up which I don’t want to post about yet until I get more news on it. This has also stop me going to the gym as I really couldn’t face it but will be back tomorrow as if i don’t I will never lose this weight.

All I have done today since I got back in is play The Sims 4 I got the game pack yesterday for it called Outdoor Retreat. I can now take my Sims camping. I only really play this game now when I am fed up and down. I can go and take my mind of everything that is going on around me and forget my problems to them to just hit me again once I have finished playing.

My cockatiel Star has decided that it is time to lay her 1st clutch of eggs this year. She was the other day sat on 2 but she broke one when chasing one of the others away from her box but it was replaced yesterday or the day before that. She is due to lay another one today or tomorrow. None is fertile as she has not got a partner. We are hoping one day she will choose are youngest Pip as her partner but he is not ready yet he is about 9 months old. We not to sure as where we got him wasnt sure either. We were also told he was a girl that’s why his name is actually Pippa but we shorten it to Pip. I am just hoping that our other female cockatiel Lola doesn’t go into egg laying hers are more likely to be fertile as she has a partner called Lou.

Well I am now not sure what to write about so, I may as well leave it here. Bye bye everyone lets hope tomorrow is a better day.


It’s Wednesday today I have been to the gym and also had my niece Mia round. We also took her to see santa. David is of to see his mum tomorrow. I want him to go then I don’t as I don’t like being on my own but I do have the birds for company. I should have a better blog tomorrow as I am off Christmas shopping for David’s presents. Sorry if today’s blog is borring and short I am really not feeling myself today. Talk to you all tomorrow night night

4th- 6th August

Sorry guys and girls that I have not done my blog but until I get into a routine of doing them I am going to forget now and again. I am actually writing this from the bus as I am on my way to Brentwood for a little while to have a change of scenery.

Over the last couple of days I haven’t been up to much just trying to get my flat sorted for it to get messy again on Saturday. Tomorrow I am off out with my nieces mia, hannah and amber with my mum and dad and sister in law. The car is going to be packed.

The scenery I am seeing while on the bus is nice. Wish I had my camera but it’s in being repaired.  Well going to leave it here for now more to be added later

Sorry Guys

Sorry I have not been on here a while but I have been very busy with going away on holiday as well as getting ready for christmas. I hate getting ready for christmas it is always so stressful. Trying to work out who you need to buy for and then stressing if they are going to like it or not. This year I thought I will get them what I think they will like and if they don’t tuff its the thought that counts. I am especially hoping that my nieces like their presents I will show pictures of them in my next blog as I don’t want them seeing them yet but there is only 3 days to go before they see them :).


Well I went on holiday at the end of November to Rhyl in North Wales. I had such a lovely time seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. We went to Rhyl’s Xmas lights switch on which was a good evening. I heard an amazing band called Overload who are from London. They sang Busted song year 3000 which is my favourite Busted song. They were one of the best acts their so check them out. We actually only went to the lights so my mum called see Brian McFadden ex member of Westlife as she loves westlife but he turned up late and he was going to turn the lights on but they did that without him and the cast of the panto at Rhyl Pavillion switch them on instead with the mayor of Rhyl. Brian turned up about 10 mins after the lights had come on but he still entertained the crowd that had stayed to see him. Which I got to say was nice of him as he could have decided on his way that as he was already running late that he wouldn’t turn up and then he would have had some very angry fans.


Any way I am going to leave this blog here and maybe I will have a better one after Xmas day. Till then Have a very Merry Christmas and don’t get too drunk.