4th- 6th August

Sorry guys and girls that I have not done my blog but until I get into a routine of doing them I am going to forget now and again. I am actually writing this from the bus as I am on my way to Brentwood for a little while to have a change of scenery.

Over the last couple of days I haven’t been up to much just trying to get my flat sorted for it to get messy again on Saturday. Tomorrow I am off out with my nieces mia, hannah and amber with my mum and dad and sister in law. The car is going to be packed.

The scenery I am seeing while on the bus is nice. Wish I had my camera but it’s in being repaired.  Well going to leave it here for now more to be added later

August 3rd

Its that time of night again, its blog time :). Well what a chilled out day today has been. The most I have done is sit on my sofa. I did do a couple more loads of washing. Hang it up and I will put it away tomorrow.

Got busy week this week having a sort out and painting the flat. Thursday I am south with the mother and then on Saturday pick up my niece has she is having a sleep over.

Well until tomorrow when my week starts getting busy. I am going to let you not get to bored with my blog. So, night all
Just a selfie of me

August 2nd

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today I was up early 6:30am which was a shock to my system especially when I only went to sleep at 1am. We got up expecting our washing machine that a told you about yesterday to arrive between 7am and 9am, but they didn’t turn up until half 9. In the meantime I had managed to go to tescos to get some milk.

When the washing machine got here they took the old one out. One guy plumbed in our new one, while the other guy managed to carry the old washer on his own down the stairs. We left the plumber guy to do what he came to do. After he had left we noticed he had left his gloves so, David rang him to tell him he had left them and he told us to keep them, which we thought was strange.

We gathered up the washing so we could do some washing and noticed a rip in the lino. So, no wonder he didn’t want his gloves back and he hadn’t even put the washing machine in the gap it was meant to be in. David was straight on the phone to them. Would name and shame them, but want to see if the company that we got it from deal with it first we didn’t get direct from Samsung wish we did. After that, we put the washing machine in the gap and decided we would test. When we switch it on it does the Samsung phone tune when you switch on a Samsung phone. We set it on a quick wash just to see how it worked. Got to say for first wash it cleaned the clothes perfectly would recommend the Samsung eco bubble to anyone. My favourite part is when its finished a wash it starts doing a different tune to let you know its done.

Well that’s enough about my washing machine. Well done if you made it this far I will now just sum up what I did the rest of the day. Went to town, got some new clothes and shoes will post a picture in tomorrow blog. Also, burnt my hand on the oven, which hurts. Had a nap and the sofa while David painted the hallway and now the birds our having a chit chat.

Forgot to tell you all we got a new bird who I will write a separate blog about tomorrow which will go alongside my daily blog. Any way if you made it this far, you will be happy to know I am now at the end. So, good night everyone

1st August

Well today was an alright day, First we went to the ink cartridge shop that is on the industrial estate near where I live, but saying that getting there was okay as we needed to pop to my mum’s after we ended up walking down part if a road that had no foot path so had to walk on the grass verge as that us the way Google maps sent us even when we told it we were on foot.

Once we found the bus stop we waited for the bus that we needed. We did not have to wait long, but the bus went the longest way round my local area just to get to the shops where we got off to go into the estate agents. We managed to get out of there as our next bus was at the bus stop which would take us into town. On this bus we sat upstairs and this is where David (partner) found a grasshopper.  Which he scooped up and managed to keep hold of it until we got off the bus in town where he took away to the grass area and let it go.

We went back to the bus station to get the next bus to my mother’s. When we got there Marc (brother) opened the door to tell me I had just missed my mum and dad they had just left for the place I had to go to next my sisters. So we picked up what we needed then got on the bus back to town.

I got on the bus to my sister. When I arrived at my sisters my nieces Hannah and Amber where in their paddling pool. Hannah decided it would be nice to soak me. It didn’t bother me, but Hannah hates being splashed so every time I went to get her back she would complain, where amber would laugh.

After a little while of just throwing water at each other, I decided to sit in the pool. Just to tell you all I did this all fully clothed as I forgot my swim-wear. After about an hour, or so we decided it was time to come in, My sister was kind and gave me a change of clothes.

I stayed at my sisters a little while and showed Hannah what pattern she could do on mini rainbow loom. I am into this craze as it is relaxing to do my mum even does this one. When David arrived we went to Tesco and done some shopping. The joys of shopping I can’t stand going shopping, but I know it has to be done. It is actually Tesco’s I hate going to that store always sends my sleepy and angry.

Once we get home we did the tiding up and unplumbed the washer machine as we get our Samsung eco bubble tomorrow any time between 7am and 11am which means I am up at 6:30am so I had better leave this blog here and go to sleep as its 12:49am and if I don’t sleep now I will not be up in time in the morning. So night everyone

Guess who coming back

Hi everyone sorry I have not wrote a blog in like a while. I have been busy. I am going to start blogging a bit more now I have a tab that my lovely brother gave me. So now I can sit in the sun while I write these blogs but I do hope they don’t bore you like this one probably is. Any way I will leave you all to go to sleep and tomorrow evening some point there should be a new blog up. Until tomorrow night everyone

A relaxing day

So, today I have spent most of my day crocheting squares for a blanket I am making for a friend.  I like to crochet it helps me to relax and chilly out.

My cockatiels have been going nuts today been very noisy but I think that’s to do with that we didn’t let them out this morning like we normally do. This only didn’t happen cause my partner is not well and we have been waiting for a delivery.

Well the delivery arrived its our new security camera but we are using it for the birds. So, we can leave them for a day on their own but can see what they doing without worrying about them. We find it hard to leave them cause they fight when we are with them and as we can talk to them they should stop fighting but I am more than sure they go to sleep when we are not here which will be good if they do.

The security cam not going to plan as it will not let us view it unless we are own network. Well whats a point of a security camera that you have to be at home to be able to see if your place is being burgled takes the mick it really does.

Any way I am going to go and finish some more squares for my blanket. Feel free to ask me a question. Till my next blog take care everyone

Sorry Guys

Sorry I have not been on here a while but I have been very busy with going away on holiday as well as getting ready for christmas. I hate getting ready for christmas it is always so stressful. Trying to work out who you need to buy for and then stressing if they are going to like it or not. This year I thought I will get them what I think they will like and if they don’t tuff its the thought that counts. I am especially hoping that my nieces like their presents I will show pictures of them in my next blog as I don’t want them seeing them yet but there is only 3 days to go before they see them :).


Well I went on holiday at the end of November to Rhyl in North Wales. I had such a lovely time seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. We went to Rhyl’s Xmas lights switch on which was a good evening. I heard an amazing band called Overload who are from London. They sang Busted song year 3000 which is my favourite Busted song. They were one of the best acts their so check them out. We actually only went to the lights so my mum called see Brian McFadden ex member of Westlife as she loves westlife but he turned up late and he was going to turn the lights on but they did that without him and the cast of the panto at Rhyl Pavillion switch them on instead with the mayor of Rhyl. Brian turned up about 10 mins after the lights had come on but he still entertained the crowd that had stayed to see him. Which I got to say was nice of him as he could have decided on his way that as he was already running late that he wouldn’t turn up and then he would have had some very angry fans.


Any way I am going to leave this blog here and maybe I will have a better one after Xmas day. Till then Have a very Merry Christmas and don’t get too drunk.

School life part 2

So, after Coleridge, I went to Impington Village College which was when my school life went off the rails. As I was still being bullied at this school I did not care about my school work so my grades started to drop. I also got myself excluded from school but it was not all just me. On what happened it was a few other girls who managed to take their parts out the book we were writing and I got all the blame but the school had to let me back early as we were doing mock exams I spent the rest of my time at this school inside the behavioural unit I was not allowed to go to my lessons all my work was sent to the unit. I was not even allowed to have a break and I only got 15 minutes for my lunch and even then the teacher walked me down to the canteen to get my lunch and walked me back. Looking back at it now I wish I never did what I did and I just ignored the bullies but I was also at the same school as my brother so I was always sticking up for him as well so I was always in trouble with my head cause of that as well but I wouldn’t and still won’t let anything bad happen to my brother or said about him.

I left this school as we moved up to Blackpool I actually liked my school here but got into the wrong crowd well I had no choice really there was only 7 of us in my class. I was put in the behavioural class here as well from day one as they didn’t think I should be in mainstream school as they had been in touch with my old school. I loved it only had to go to school 2 days a week 3 days we would go off to work experience. The only thing from this school is I only come out with 2 GCSE in English and maths it would have been 3 but they couldn’t put me in for the childcare exam as I missed nearly a year of the course.

My work placement I worked in gym across the road from which even though we were only supposed to do 9 till 3 me and the other girl used to do proper work shifts she used to do mornings as she couldn’t stay till the gym closed as she lived further out then I did I lived across the road. So, would do the afternoon till closing. I carried on helping out even when we were allowed to finish are work placement but was told to leave when I wore my own clothes as me and the other student had to share uniform and cause they had not cleaned it I refused to wear it but they also said that there phone bill was all me as well which my parents had to pay for but it wasn’t I recognised the numbers to be the other students but they didn’t believe me. I even started smoking at this school but I have since given up.

I only had some fallings out with the girls in my class but it was suspected as we were all girls. I was just glad I was able to go to this school and as I was so grateful I actually got on with my work. My maths was different to the rest of class as I found the work they were giving us was too easy. I even got on with my English work even thou the teacher did say that I need to do my homework which I never had time to do as I was working in the corner shop as well helping out at the gym.

After I had finished school I went on to college which I will tell you about in another blog until then

Bye for now x