Should you buy a google home?

Recently I got my partner a Google home. Which should have been put up for Christmas but we decided to test it out. the one we have now is the third one we have been given as the first one came registered to someone else who hadn’t cleared their details off and the 2nd one which was a replacement for the 1st one was given already open but the 3rd one came just fine so, we kept that one.

The Google home didn’t take much to set up all you need is a mobile phone or computer not sure how you set it up on the computer as we did it all by our mobile phones. On the mobile you download an app called Google Home which has a step by step guide to setting the Google Home up you will also need a Google account. We also got a chrome cast which you also use Google Home to set up that as well. When using Google home you just have to say hay Google and it wakes to listen to you.

So, far we have used it to beam Netflix to the TV so, to get that to work we say hey Google play big bang theory on Netflix which it says playing big bang theory on Netflix and it straight away beams it to the chrome cast. The only issue we have had so far is trying to get it to play a certain playlist on Spotify. It plays it best if your playlist is named something that no one else would think off so, it doesn’t try loading theirs. If you ask it will tell you your local weather. It can also look at your calendar and add to it. We have also used it to set alarms to remind us to do things. You can get it to do a shopping list for you but we have not done this of yet.

The chrome cast is used to beam things like YouTube and things like that to the TV. Google home does have some issues recognising what you say but that is the same as Siri. I am hoping over time it starts to understand more. We have asked it a lot of questions and have got some funny answers so, go and give it a try.

I would rate this product 8/10 and would recommend it. If you would like any more information please leave a comment below

Whitley Bay

I recently stayed at Whitley bay holiday park which I had been dreading since I read the reviews on facebook and trip advisor they all said this park was dirty the caravans had mould and was cold. They also said that the club house had no beer in at all but when I arrived the staff was friendly they showed me on a map how to get to my caravan which is not far from any of the amusements on site. The caravan was clean and tidy, beds were made so, all i needed to do was unpack the only issue I had was that there was a pressure issue with boiler so, had no hot water but they were so, quick to come and sort. Instead of rushing off the first day to do the shopping so, we used the park shop which was a little bit more expensive but, it did beat driving out to find the nearest supermarket. We decided to stay in so, i did some colouring and had an early night.

I am now going to sum up the holiday as its been a two weeks since i been home and i can not remember what i did each day but we did go on the bus 3 times once to Whitley bay town centre which didn’t have much but was a good walk round, the longest trip was to Newcastle town centre which took a while to get to but when we got there we went round town centre which was huge and I also found a massive wool shop which i got a pattern book out of and the last pace we went to Blyth which was a very small town but it was a day late. We came home a day earlier which was good as meant I could sort everything i needed to do before everything got busy.

One thing i learnt is don’t always listen to the reviews as they can be totally wrong so, even if the reviews are rubbish check it. Out yourself because you could just be as surprised as we were.

Thanks for readi..

Sorry it’s been so long

As you all know I haven’t wrote a blog since I showed you all the squirrel which I made. Which seems like ages ago. Well since then I have had a new baby niece born. She was born at 31 weeks and 6 days old. She is still in hospital but is doing well and should be out soon. I have made her a blanket which I am waiting for her to come out of the hospital to give it to her. I will post a picture of the blanket as soon as she has got it.

Other than going to crocheting club I haven’t actually done much. A new craze has started here in my local area called love on the rocks. It is where you paint a rock and go and hide it in your local area for other people to find and then they get to choose to either re-hide it someone else to find or take it home. It also asked that you share a picture on the love on the rocks facebook page so people can see what has happened to their rock and how far it has gone. I have done two rocks one I know has moved towns and one I have no idea after the first person found it what happened to it. If you would like to take part search love on the rocks uk on facebook.

I better be going to sleep as its very late as I am writing this even though it’s going to take me ages to sleep like it has been I probably still be awake at 3am which I am hoping not well any way. I will write you all a blog soon Night everyone

latest crocheting projects

here are the latest crocheting projects that I can show you they are both out of Kerry Lords Edwards Menagerie crocheting book which i love the first one was the squirrel

I edited his tail was meant to be loops but I didn’t like the stitch so changed it to what it has got.7

the last project I have done is an alpaca for my niece and here it is

as you can see its very colourful and bright. the top knot took the longest part to do as it’s a lot of chains. Kerry Lord’s books I would recommend to any crochet they are amazing.

until next time night everyone

Top 10 things

My top 10 things i have called this blog but what i am going to do is choose some subjects and then tell you my top 10
So here goes. My first subject is 
My top 10 bands/solo artist
1 Mcfly i have been following mcfly since their first single. I have meet them on a few occasions
2 Ariana grande i have only just started to listen to her i am obsessed at the moment with one last time. She has even amazed me with what she did after the Manchester bombing she is such a brave caring person.
3 Busted if its their old music not like their new stuff
4 The chameleonz they are not well known but i have been following them for 8 years. They are the mist friendliest people i have ever meet
5 Cherrybomb girls who have now split 
6 Little mix even though i don't like all there songs
7 Clean bandit 
8 Ed shreeran
9 Mcbusted mcfly and busted i actually loved them together
10 The vamps
Top 10 songs from my Spotify list
So at the moment my top 10 are 
1 Ariana grande one last time
2 Cherrybomb girls love & hate collide
3 Cherrybomb girls just a dream
4 Clean bandit rockabye
5 Maroon 5 don't wanna know
6 Charli xcx after the afterparty
7 Jp cooper September song
8 Ariana grande side to side
9 Dnce cake by the ocean
10 Ed sheeran Galway girl
My top 10 youtubers
1 Ben Phillips
2 Thatcherjoevlogs
3 Pointlessblogvlogs
4 Giovannasworld
5 Joey graceffa
6 Arron crascall
7 Mike fox
8 Zoella
9 Zumba fitness
10 Mark ferris
Go check them all out 
I am not sure what to do as my next top 10 if any you want me to do please leave a comment and i will do another one 

Do not know what to call this

At the moment I am sat in a library waiting for my partner to finish his appointment. I have found a new app on my tab that i am trying out to write my blogs. So, far so, good. I tried a new drink today called jolly rancher soda got it in blue raspberry flavour. Which tasted really nice. It is a shame its really bad for you and has no natural flavours in it its all made by artificial flavourings and is full of sugar. It is imported from America which is probably why the price was £2.50 a bottle. I do like to try American foods and drinks prefer some of it to the uk brands.


I been having a lot issues with my ibs which in couple of weeks when its time to do a big shop i am going to gluten free stuff to see if that helps with the bloating. I really hate having ibs when its really bad it stops me from enjoying myself as medication doesn’t help at all. I have also said to my partner instead of buying processed foods i would like to start making them instead so, we can start eating a lot healthy. I am also going to up my gym classes even though i am not meant to be going at the moment due to a heel injury which will hopefully soon fix its self as its getting really hard to walk. I am hoping its a lot better by Saturday as i am going on a day trip with my nieces and my friends little boy. I am taking my mum for extra hands as we going to adventure island for the day. Which does mean i am missing crocheting club. On Sunday i will be able to post to you what i have been making as i have finally finished it and it goes to its new home. I am hoping he likes it i really am. I have now got to make a llama for one of my nieces who decided the other day when she grows up she wants to marry a llama. Then she asked me to make her one. My sis who’s having another little girl maybe waiting a while for the blanket to be finished lucky baby not due until October so got plenty of time.


Well hopefully you not got too bored reading this and come back soon 

Update blog

Hi readers, today I thought why not write a blog while I am sat in the library while my partner goes to his appointment. Which also means I miss crocheting club which I am never happy about. Well yesterday I went with some friends for lunch we had a fab time and then we went over to swallows aquatic centre. They have two parrots that live there. Buddy the African grey and they also have bobby a blue macaw. They are such lovely birds I could take them both home but the shop will not sell them at all. Which is shame but I do have my cockatiels and finches so really shouldn’t get any more or I might as well move out as there be no room for me. I am going back there tomorrow so I will get to see them then. 

At crocheting club we have already picked our secret santas so know it’s just needs me to think what can I make for the person I have but going to keep it a secret of here to in case my secret santa reads this. I am also img having a big clear out at home and while doing that I am finding a lot of half made projects that I really should get finished before I make any more. I am also not happy as I stood on the scales yesterday and I have only gone and put weight on. Which means stricter diet is going to have to happen just to help me I think. I am off to the gym tonight to do aqua Zumba which I can not wait for it’s going to be fun and it’s always a laugh. 

I got a new PS4 game on Friday crash bandicoot. It has all 3 games on it from when I was kid. While playing it it brings back so many memories I also seem to get stuck on the same parts that I got stuck on as a kid which takes me ages to get past. Which is the annoying bit, but I will get there. I have also been play Harry Potter lego and have completed years 1-4. When I get back to playing that one which will be when I have done all my clear out at home. I do go live on YouNow and YouTube when I play the PS4 so, if you go over to the YouTube link you can see some of the stuff I play. As, we are on the subject of YouTube is anyone else getting fed up of seeing click bait videos. There is one you tuber who is really doing my head in you watch his video and it has nothing to do at all with his title of the video. It’s got to the point now where I don’t watch his videos as he done my head in that much.

I have started using my instagram a bit more now so if you would like to check that out click here and my snapchat is bloglittlellama which is also my twitter name so come give me a follow. I better end this here now as my partner will be coming out of his appointment any moment so, bye for now.