Tuesday 10th September

Today I have spent most of the day waiting for removal men to come and take some furniture who did not turn up. David found he had £25 voucher on Ebay which he used to get an oil heater then found he had another for using that one. I wonder if he will get me something nice with it. We […]

Monday 9th September

So today i finally got my new doctors which is good now means if I get ill I got somewhere to go but I am not happy as my phone screen got broken on the way home. Well it got broke by some person on a push bike who knocked my phone out my hand its going to cost me […]

Sunday 8th September

Well what can I say about today not much really as I hardly did anything. First I started with watching the omnibus of “Eastenders” that program is getting really boring I don’t know why I watch it. After I watched that I put a film on while I did some crocheting. The film I decided to watch was “Monsters inc” I […]

Saturday 7th September

Hello peeps I got up this morning with no pain in my back 🙂 which means I had to get on with my tidying up. We decided it was time to change living room around so it looked like we had more room. We decided we wanted to move the telly but noticed that where we wanted the tv that […]

Friday 6th September

Well today has been a boring day i spent most of it sat on the sofa as i had a sore back. I have found it hard to turn. It was also my dads birthday so happy birthday dad i hope you had a good day and liked my prezzie i got you. He did pop round to drop some […]

Thursday 5th September

Well, what can I say about my day. Not much, as I have not done much today. I went to the hospital to have my scar checked because last year I had an operation to repair a hernia. They gave me the all clear and discharged me so I’m not going back, which I am glad as I don’t like […]

First blog

Hello everyone this is my first ever blog and not sure what to write. Well, first I had better tell you about me , I am 25 years old and live in Essex. I was born in Cambridge.I live with my partner David and our five  cockatiels Lou, Lola, Boo, Nibbles and Star. We would have had six, but sadly […]