Wednesday 7th October 2015

Yesterday I got a phone call from the hospital saying they had a cancellation and would I like to move my operation forward well I couldn’t say no. So, it has been moved forward and it will be tomorrow instead of Saturday. I am getting very nervous, but I know I will be fine. I always get panicky the day before and as it has come a lot quicker it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I have to be up at about 1am just to have something to eat then back up at about 5:30 to get ready and to make sure I drink water until 7am as I can’t have anything after that until after my operation which will just be toast until I get home, but will probably not feel like eating. As long as nothing goes wrong I will be out the same day. I have to stay in for four hours after my operation so, they can check that I am definitely okay before they send me home. Which my dad while be taking me home so, I can recover. I will try to keep you update probably in a day or two depending how I am feeling. I normally sleep the first two days. I am just hoping I am one of the first operations as, I don’t want to be waiting around all day.
Well that’s what I will be doing tomorrow. This week so far I have not done much. Monday I went to the hospital to have a blood test ready for my operation. Which I still got a nasty bruise from, but that will match the new ones I will have tomorrow. I went and visited mum and dad after that. When I got back I quickly had some food and then went to the gym as I didn’t want to miss Zumba. Tuesday I got the phone call to ask if I wanted the cancellation appointment so, I got my flat ready and tided as I will not be able to do this after. I then went to pick Mia up from school. We both had a subway. Once her mum got home I ran my partners back home before I then headed to the gym for my last gym class until I have healed. I really struggled with aerobics and I don’t know why. Well today so, far I have written this blog later I got Mia coming round then early to bed for me ready for tomorrow. So, until I can write another blog chat soon.

Some of my poems

Hi everyone I just thought I would share with you some poems I wrote a while back I hope you enjoy them

Is This Love

Is this love
Or have I been dreaming
Everytime you’re near me
I feel warm inside
When you’re not
I go cold
Someday you will
Be away
I will be sad
Till we are together
Do you think this is love?
I do


(This poem is about a cockatiel that sadly past away) 043

Quavers my yellow little angel
How I miss seeing your face
How I miss hearing your tweet
Quavers you were a great pet
I miss your cuddles and your kisses
I miss you fighting with me at dinner times
I miss you and I love you always
RI.P baby girl till the day we meet again
At rainbow bridge

My brother

My brother is special to me
He is their when I am sad
The one who makes me laugh
When things are getting tough
He is their to have fun
And get in trouble with
I may not say I love you
But I do
I wouldn’t change you
Not for no one
You one in a million
You are my brother

Sunday 8th September

Well what can I say about today not much really as I hardly did anything. First I started with watching the omnibus of “Eastenders” that program is getting really boring I don’t know why I watch it. After I watched that I put a film on while I did some crocheting. The film I decided to watch was “Monsters inc” I love this film it reminded when I was a kid. I always thought there was a monster living under my bed but in “Monsters inc” the monster comes out the cupboard.

Any way enough talk with the film today I managed to finish my hat 🙂 it doesn’t fit me so I am guessing I did it a little bit too small but when I have more time I am going to have ago at doing it again but following the other instructions to see if I can make it bigger the picture of the hat be at the bottom of this blog. I hope you all like my hat. I also learnt how to do a new crocheting stitch called the  reverse single crochet which is just doing a normal single crochet but backwards.

After I finished making my hat I decided I was hungry so I made myself some dinner which all I did was open a tin of meatballs and cook some pasta but I was really hungry and it was the quickest thing I could think of making for myself today. After dinner we let the birds out for a quick fly and to let them eat there spaghetti that I had made them. As on their cage they have a little play area which we use to put food on for them.

Well tomorrow I am off to the doctors as I am registering as a new patient so I actually have a doctors I have been waiting over a month to get into this doctors as they were fully booked and staff on annual leave so I will be glad when that is done also going to ask them about this bump I have on my thumb but I bet it goes by tomorrow not just that I think I have done it while I been crocheting with the rubbing of the wool.

right so I better go to bed I am really tired hat pictures below please ignore the fact I put the hat on a teddy all I could find

what it should looked like
what it should looked like
what it looks like
what it looks like

hat hat