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We had Pip now for nearly a week and she has settled in very well. The first day we got her our other cockatiels decided to let her out to be with them. which she loved flying around in flock. she now in the big cage with them all very much enjoying not being on her own. She is a little character just yesterday she was on the sofa just going round and round in circles. She loves to watch the finches flying around in their cage. She has tried every food we have given her. She really is just one of the flock. She is still learning out bedtime routine thou she still getting used to flying to the bed cage but hopefully she will do that all by herself in no time. As i am typing this she is playing with the toys in the cage which none of the others have touched so it’s really good to see. I cant wait to see how she gets on over the next few months see her true character come out and of course i will keep you all up to date on her until then here are a few pictures of her

My Cockatiels

I am going to start writing update blogs on my 6 cockatiels. We have 2 females and 4 Males. Below we have Lou and Lola

Lou and Lola are husband and wife who have so, far had 8 children but we have only kept some of them. Lola has laid another egg so; we are just waiting to see what happens as she may lay more. So, there should be many updates. Lou and Lola are about 5 years old we don’t know their age as, we got them from a pet shop.  If you take Lou away from Lola or the other way round they just shout for each other.

Their first child they had was…………………………………………………

Boo is 3 years old he hatched on the 31st August. He was the only egg to make it. So, we kept him. He has a few nicknames like beardy boo, boo boo, little man for just a few. His favourite food is corn flakes and parsley.

 After boo we have Sheldon who sadly past away after the big adventure he went on. So, here is a picture of him and his story.]

Sheldon was only 6 months old when he escaped out of the door he flew from Pitsea and was found a couple of days later in Billericay. We were so happy to get him back but 2 months later we found him at the bottom of the cage he was only 8 months old. We miss him so much. He would of been 2. 3 this year. After he hatched Nibbles hatched

Nibbles was a pearly boy when he was born he now looks like his dad as; you can see from the photo above. This is because male pearls lose their pearl markings. Nibbles is named Nibbles because he loves to nibble whatever he can get hold of. When he was little my partner was listening to music and wondered why it had suddenly stop this is because Nibbles had chewed through his headphone wire. I still find it funny now. Nibbles loves his cornflakes and everything else he can chew up. After Nibbles was born came Star

Star had to be recused twice when she was born once when she was hatching as she got stuck and the second time when Lou and Lola had problems feeding them all. Nibbles and Sheldon were hungry babies. My partner hand fed star and now she is the most loving bird. She loves to be cuddled and get a few scratches to her head. Which she can be sat on the other side of the cage and you can call her over and she will come running just so, you can scratch her head. She is a very karm little birdy. The final cockatiel we have is Mr Pippa

We got him after him to cheer me up. I have always wanted a white face. He did have pearl markings but being a male he lost them. He is not very friendly but will visit me when I have Boo and Nibbles with me. Mr Pippa hasn’t had the best starts in life. Few months ago we nearly lost him. The vets gave us a 1% chance of him living he had a massive infection. He had lost a lot of blood. We were allowed to take him home the next day as he had picked up. The main reason we know he was ill he allowed us to pick him up and cuddle him. When we got him home we gave him his medication which he didn’t like but that evening he had a stroke. The vets told us to watch him and to carry on with is medication and hopefully the loss of movement in one foot and eye would come back. I got to say if you saw him now you would think nothing has happened to him. He is back to his normal mischiefs self and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

That’s is all the cockatiels we have now but there is one girl I have not told you about and it’s were are love for cockatiels come from and that’s from this little girl

She stole are hearts from the first day we brought her home. When we got her we were told she was a rescue from a house fire and couldn’t be told how old she was. We were happy to give her a forever home even if was just for two years when she was taken away from us. She sadly died boxing day 2011 in the worst way. We know she wasn’t well before this and had taken her to a vet at the time we couldn’t find an avian vet they gave her baytrl at the wrong dosage but we were too upset at the time to do anything. It’s horrible how she went she was in my partner’s hands when she just exploded. The vet didn’t even get a chance to look at her. Since then every boxing day we let a balloon off in her memory full of bird seed so, she also feeds the wild life. I miss her so much. I know can eat all my dinner without any arguments or without having to bin it because she has either sat in it or pooed in it. R.I.P little yellow angel and also R.I.P Sheldon you are both missed very badly.

Well that is my cockatiels my lovely babies who I couldn’t live without. Hope you enjoyed getting to know them if you want to know any more please leave comments below

Saturday 28 November 2015

Sat on my sofa watching X Factor hoping the pain in my feet goes soon. Today I decided it was a great day to wear my boots that have a slight hill. My partner had a MRI scan in London. So, we went for a little bit of a day out before hand. Will post pictures at the bottom. Sorry this is sort but I am very tired and I am sorry there is no day out blog yet but I will get it done tomorrow.This blog has taken me a while to write as I was watching x factor and watching youtube videos. So here are the pictures and I will chat to you all tomorrow.

Sorry I am day late

I am so sorry that I am a day late. Yesterday I spent most of my time with a baby dove as we had to wait till the rspca to pick it up. Thats the little one below in the picture

Little dove

the little dove sat having a cuddle

Well on Friday I went to the hospital to find out what they are going to do with my gallbladder. I got the choice of either going on a low fat diet which I have already tried and I still get attacks so, I have gone for the 2nd option, which is to have surgery to remove my gallbladder that the doctor agreed would be best as I have already tried the first option. So, know it’s just a sit and wait for the appointment to come through from the hospital. I am in to minds about the operation as there is risk that they could do damage to my other organs which will mean more operations after, but I am also looking forward to not having so, many attacks as it says in the information they have given me that you can still have problems even after having surgery. Which I am hoping is not what I will have to go through and that it all disappears.

I have also been crocheting I have so, far made a Peppa Pig and her brother George.

Peppa pig

This is Peppa Pig

George pig

This is George

I have got to finish George which, shouldn’t take me long. I am thinking about doing Mummy pig and Daddy pig to, but I have got to look up their colours as I am not sure what colours they are. If you know please leave me comment at the bottom of this blog. I am also looking for a Minnie mouse pattern at the moment I cannot find a good one.

I have weighed myself this morning and I am weighing 13st 13lbs which means I need to try harder with the gym as I have maintained my weight, which is better than me putting it all back on. Tomorrow I got Aqua Zumba which I really enjoy. On Tuesday I will be going to spin class. Not sure what to do Wednesday may actually go up into the gym then Thursday I have Zumba. I need to somewhere at a strength workout. I have started to make my meals smaller and also trying to get up and have breakfast so it kicks starts my day.

Well better go and get to bed as off to Primark tomorrow to take something back then to the gym night everyone.

lets get these blogs back

I not blogged in which seems ages. I hope all my followers are okay? Well I’ve been in a right stress with this flat one minute we are allowed to stay next we having to move out and allowed to stay wish they make their minds up. Also my little cockatiel Mr Pippa has been very ill he had a 1% chance he would survive he has gone a proved to everyone e is a little fighter. It all started with him just sleeping couldn’t eat and was just cuddling at this point we really did think that was it but he made it trough the night but over night he had started pooping blood so, we got him to our local avian vet. Who kept him in for one night while he got given antibiotics and fluids. We went to see him the next day to see how he was and was allowed to bring him home as long as we were happy given him his antibiotics. We were so happy to get him home but over night at home he took a turn. We took him back to the vets where we found out over night e had a stroke and to just take him home and carry on with what we were doing as he side effects from the stroke where minor. He has now picked up a lot from the other day and is doing better. He is now out of the hospital box and in a smaller cage so he as a bit more room. He is back at vets on Wednesday for a check up.

On Saturday I went and picked up my brothers Girlfriend Amy who we both know from school. We had a good catch up on a journey that was meant to take an hour actually took us 3 hours just to do the underground. Just because the lifts were out. Amy is in a wheelchair so we need lifts. They also made us walk from London Bridge to Fenchurch street just because they couldn’t get us any were near. Once we finally got to are destination after all the walking my legs killed. My walking app said i had done 11.87 miles 28,861 footsteps. At the moment I am sat waiting for midnight to get here so I can book my spin class for next week. I will be testing my spin shoes out tomorrow so will let you know how that goes.

I will be trying to do a blog everyday but I can be very forgetful if something gets in the way it knocks me for a while till I can get the courage to write another blog. So, untill my next blog bye-bye for now