London Day out : MAC experience

A day out in London and Makeover at MAC at Carnaby Street. My make up artist was fantastic and gave so many tips and ideas was a great day and experience

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Christmas Eve

So, it’s the night before Christmas and all was quiet all the sounds you could hear was the sweet sounds of cockatiels sleeping. Well that is what I was hoping for but they have decided tonight they want to chirp. I am also talking to my brother on the phone thinking I should really be going to sleep as I am up early ready to go to my mums to spend Christmas Day with her and my dad and who ever else turns up and I also get to huge Bissell the dog

So, what ever you doing tomorrow have a nice day and don’t drink too much and I will have a blog up tomorrow evening night everyone

Feeling better

So, I know it is late but I wanted to come and say hi and tell you all I am feeling a lot better but have my issues now and again. Going for bloods on the 1st March so, my liver can be re checked. I also can’t believe it’s my birthday next week it has come fast. I also got my niece Hannah next week which is going to be fun. Last year she woke me up by singing happy birthday to me which is just so cute. I have nearly finished making my mums present then to finish the blanket I am making for my sister’s new baby who is due in a few months. Which shouldn’t take me long to make.

I am still not at the gym I am thinking of not going back until may. To give my stomach lots of time to recover. I have started to have smoothies to get some fruit into my system which is working as I have fruit for breakfast most days when I have fruit but I am waking up every morning now hungry so, it is making sure I eat first thing. Tomorrow I am going to sort my flat out as, I am getting a bit bored of how everything is so, going to sort it. Also back on school pick up tomorrow now the child is back at school after being ill. Poor child had 3 sickness bugs in a row and flu.

From a week on Saturday there will be another crocheting group which gets me out while football is on. I am really enjoying my crocheting group its getting me out a lot more than it used to. I have also met some lovely people. We also helped each other to make some patterns that we have not done before and some of them I wouldn’t think of making before I learnt to make them. Like a recently made a puff flower which in the end I made 4 and then sowed it them together put a band on them to made a headband for my niece for when she goes to dance.

In April I am finally taking my mum to Harry Potter Studios in Watford for her birthday last year. Hoping it’s going to be a nice day. I have heard loads of good reviews on the day. We going for lunch beforehand as are tour is not until the afternoon. I am thinking of starting some vlogs but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I just need to give it ago and see what happens. Well I am going to leave this here as it is ten to one in the morning and I really need to go and get some sleep. So, night everyone talks to you all soon

Wednesday 9 December

16 sleeps until christmas 

Today I have been to crocheting club were we did some more squares for the blanket we are making. Then I came home for a little while and chilled before going off to do the school pick up to bring Mia to mine so, she can play on Sims 4. While she played Sims 4 I made some simple daisy Simple daisy

Which I then decided to make another one to make it in to headband which looks something like this 2015-12-09 17.24.23

What do you all think? leave a comment in the comment section. It must be good because as soon as I had made my one Mia wanted one straight away so, I sat and made another one. After dropping her off home I have been listening to a Cherrybomb girls again and writing this blog. I think I am going to go now and play a bit of Fifa 11 before bed and stay up and book gym for next week. Good ting about this week is even if I am in bed late tonight I haven’t got to be to early as no gym tomorrow. Well any way I will chat to you all tomorrow.

Monday 30 November 2015

Today is the last day of November meaning there is only one Month of 2015 left. I still think this year has gone so fast. Can’t believe that in 25 days I will be at my mums celebrating christmas. I think as I am getting older that life seems to be going quicker. I wish it would just slow down a little. Sorry I seem down at the being of this blog I get like this when the weather is poo or I am just having a down day.


I went and watched my niece in her school assembly about ww2 which was very good and we got tea and cake thought i didn’t have any tea I just had cake. Which probably isn’t doing my diet any good but at the moment I am just keeping up the exciser I will sort my eating out after christmas. I also went to the gym for Zumba which was fun even with pain in the bottom of my foot. I should really go and get it checked but I am too busy in my life at the moment if it gets worse than I will get it checked. This evening I have caught up on cherry bombs girls You now chats. You now is a place where you can  hangout and meet new people. If you would like to check them out on there they are back on tomorrow at 6pm so look here or keep checking the twitter and don’t forget to follow them to. So, you can keep up on their amazing journey.


I also forgot to book my Zumba for next week so, I am on the waiting list hopefully I will get a place if not I will have to go up to the gym 🙁 which is not what I want to do. Right I better get going as it is Now the 1st December and I am getting sleepy. Night everyone



Monday 9 November

Sorry there was no blog yesterday by the time I got home from the mother’s house I was soo tired and could not think probably that I wouldn’t of made sense writing the blog last night. So, yesterday I played big little planet’s. We also went to Barleylands Farm shop to pick up some food and some pop. Mum made roast beef for dinner what was yummy. I still had to stay up late to book the gym for the week after.

Today I didn’t get up till gone 11am I really must of needed my sleep. I started the day by having a bowl of porridge which i may have to stop eating i felt mighty sick after. I tidy up my bedroom today and can not wait to get into bed some i can get into the nice clean bedding. I went back to the gym tonight and did the zumba class it went okay just got take it a little easier. I am back at the gym now on thursday so get a little rest. I also got a phone call from the library so, I will be starting my crocheting club in 2 weeks time. Which the Monday before I have a coffee morning to see what people want to learn and so I can see how many can crochet two. Well I am going to go and go to bed as I am very tired so, Night everyone

Tuesday 13th October

So, Today I got up at about 11am, but didn’t feel like eating after my sickness yesterday, but my partner decided to make me something after his nap as he was up most of the night and was up early this morning. He made me a pasta snack pot which set off my IBS. Before this i started to take my plaster and strips off, where I thought one was infected so, I got my partner to ring the doctors so, I could go and get them checked. I got appointment with a nurse for five o’ clock. When I went to the doctors I saw a nurse who said I am healing nicely and there were no signs of infection but to keep an eye on them.
I had a little bit of enough with my doctors though they have taken all my medication of repeat that even includes my asthma inhaler so, I have had to request it put on repeat as well as my IBS medication to be given which I cannot see happening. I have also been playing The Sims 4 today just to pass sometime. Tomorrow I am thinking of going for a little walk just to get out for a little while and to try to get my fitness up a little. I also have decided to give it a little while before I show you my cuts from my operation as some are not fully closed yet and look horrible. I have also got to get the rest of my holiday stuff packed lucky I have a wonderful partner who will help me to get it done. Well I hope to put another blog up tomorrow to let you all know how I am doing. So, bye-bye until tomorrow x

Sunday 20 September 2015

I would like to apologise for no blog yesterday I had my nieces Hannah and Amber stay and by the time Amber fell asleep it was midnight and she didn’t have a good sleep. Yesterday we went to the local carnival that my other niece was taking part in. It was a good day and they did so, well. When we got back we had dinner then the hard work started Amber’s bedtime. She couldn’t get comfy in her cot so, I let her get in the bed which she did she fell asleep until me and Hannah went to bed where she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So, I moved her to her cot with her cup of milk and just after midnight she shut up talking and fell asleep. I still didn’t get much sleep I never do when both girls are there I don’t go into deep sleep I think its my minds way of saying no if you go into deep sleep if one the girls needs you want wake up. Amber woke up at 7:30 where I posted some books into her travel cot to read so, Hannah could still sleep. At 8:30 she got bored so, jumped into my bed and watched peppa pig until about 9 where we all got up.

I also found out over night that someone has stolen my carnival pictures and are using them as theirs this is why I am not posting them to my blog yet as I am now not posting any pictures without them being watermarked first. It’s not far when you have gone to the effort to go to the event and get pictures for someone to go ahead and steal them. In fact it has upset me little. So if you know any good watermark software please let me know so, I can check it out until then any events photos will not be put up on here.

My nieces left at lunch time where I had some lunch and then I went for a nap as I was so tired and was falling asleep eating my lunch. My partner woke me up when we had to pop out. When we got back I started watching nut job but fell asleep again woke up near the end of the film. Since then I have had my dinner and watched x factor which I am finding boring this year but i will continue to watch as it may get better. Any way I am going to go as started to feel very sleepy again and got to be up early as got a visitor tomorrow. Bye-bye for now

Thursday 17th September

Today I started the day with a bowl of corn flakes before I left for the gym. I arrived at the gym an hour earlier even though I walked very slow to get there. So, I sat outside my class while I waited to go in. It wasn’t long until more for the class turned up. Zumba is always a laugh and you don’t really notice you are exercising. After Zumba, I had to go to the doctors to pick up a new blood request form as I managed to lose mine. The doctors are checking my liver to make sure my gallbladder is not affecting it in any way. If it is I will have my operation quicker than sitting and waiting. After doctors, I had to go to the pharmacy to pick my anti sickness medication up as one of the things I get with my gallbladder is sickness so gave me something to help stop it. I was meant to go in to tesco, but I forgot and only remembered when I got home.
When I got home I wrote the Throwback Thursday blog (which you can see here.) before I had to go back out to pick Mia up from school. Today though we didn’t go back  to hers today we went to the park with carol and mel which was fun and tash meet us there after she had finished work. We went for an ice-cream I had one called a snowflake which was white chocolate with marshmallows it was yummy after that I walked them to the bottom of the road that leads to theirs and I went back to the gym. As I was early I went up stairs and did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then went downstairs to wait for my class. Tonight i went to spin class and I found it a bit difficult after doing spin yesterday and now I am resting at home I can feel it more and more in my legs. I also had message of my sister asking if i can have Hannah and amber at the weekend which I am looking forward to. We are going to go down and watch Mia in the local carnival which my mum and tash are helping in. I have been asked to take photos so, Hannah can come and help. Well going to go and make my other half a cup and tea and the jump into bed I will talk to you all soon