Throwback Thursday

I am not sure where to throw you back to this week so, I thought I would tag a couple of my first blogs so, you can go and re read

  1. First Blog
  2. Thursday 5th September 2013
  3. Friday the 6th September 2013

Can’t believe I have been on WordPress now 2 years. I hope my blogs are not too boring for you all and I hope you like checking out these blogs back from when I first started blogging to you all. I would also like to Thank you all for reading my blogs it means a lot when I know there are people out there wanting to know what I get up to and my thoughts.

Weekly Monday

This week has been a good week Monday I didn’t go to the gym. I went out with my mum her friend Emma and my brothers girlfriend Amy it was a nice girlie day. We went for lunch and did some shopping then after that, I went with Emma to pick up her kids from school before she took me home. I spent the night on my own as my partner was visiting his mum as she’s not well. I was in bed by 9pm, but was still awake until about 3am as, what I had for lunch must have been too greasy and full of fat it affected my gallbladder. I had to take my old medication and pain relief as well as putting heat on my stomach which made me overheat which made sure I couldn’t sleep. I hate it when I can not sleep I am always grumpy in the mornings. Which is also not good when you have school pick up the day after. I also got out of doing my wardrobe out as I wanted a selves put in it so, I can sort my clothes out into sections.

On Tuesday I didn’t get up until about 11am which was good. It meant I wouldn’t be as grumpy when it came to school pick up. I first got up and did the house work before then going to pick Mia up from school. I had also decided to change my class from spin class to aerobics. I thought a change would do. I also know that the spin teacher for Tuesday was the same one for Wednesday. I went with Mia to get food as she goes to dance on a Tuesday night so, to make sure she has eaten. We both got Subway turkey breast and ham where she had sweetcorn and carrot with honey mustard I had turkey breast and ham with lettuce and cucumber with lite mayo and southwest sauce Yum Yum. I have found out though I should really have a salad bowl as in the bread I have there are a lot of calories. After Mia’s mum got home I headed home got change and got ready to head back out to the gym. I got to the gym I got there slightly early like normal. I have a motto it’s best to be early then late plus if you are late for the gym class and they have done the warm up they tell you that you can’t take part in the class 🙁 but I have never been late yet. Well aerobics was really hard work, but I really enjoyed it including all the squats we did, but I am back this week. Which I cannot wait for. After that, I waited outside the gym and spoke to my teacher. Once finished talking to my teacher I walked to the train station to meet my partner, but he was running late as there was incident with the trains. We got pizza on the way home. Yes I know I shouldn’t, but I was too tired to cook.

On Wednesday I was up early as I was going on a day out with my nieces, but first I had to go pick up the Mia as we were going to my mothers to pick her up then go to my sisters to pick up Hannah and amber to go to the park. I really forget how tiring a two-year old is. They have so much energy. After, we finished at the park Mia grabbed a McDonald s before we headed back to drop her off then. I went home and had some dinner before getting ready for the gym. Tonight’s gym spin class and I actually found it hard and my knee kept going, but I was not giving up and manged to finish the class. I was so, tired when I got home all I wanted to do is sleep, but had to stay up to book Zumba for the following week.

On Thursday I was up early as I had Zumba. It was not the normal teacher as she was on holiday. The teacher that took the class did more high tempo songs, which is what we have been asking the normal teacher to do. The teacher does Monday class so, I have looked into doing Monday classes I am just waiting for a space to come available, then I will be booking it. Friday and Saturday I spent the day resting and tiding my bedroom and Sunday I went to my mother’s for dinner. Was meant to tidy my brother’s room, but he wasn’t well so, I left it until next time I am there.

I am not sure if this blog will be on time next week as, I am spending sometime with family this weekend camping and we don’t get back until Tuesday and I have also got my niece Hannah here so, I am going to be busy. I may be a day or two late, but I will try to be on time all depends on signal. I will see you all for throwback Thursday.

Check out Friday

Welcome to another Check it out Friday. This week I have been thinking hard on which three people you should go and check out, but I think I have now got my 3

The first I would like you to check out is a girl band made up of six sister’s called Cimorelli. They have been together since 2007. They started of by doing cover songs and have also done their own songs. The members are Christian (24), Katherine (23), Lisa (22), Amy (20), Lauren (16) and Dani (15). They do other videos to like craft videos. You can check them out on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I found them when they did a cover song with the next person I am going to tell you about.

Matthew David Morris aka “MattyB” is a 12-year-old pop singer/rapper from Atlanta, GA. He was born on January 6, 2003. Since beginning his music career at age 7, he has quickly become an Internet superstar with more than 2 Billion video views and 5 million YouTube subscribers. His social media consists of over 8 million followers on Facebook & Twitter combined. I found him by someone on my Facebook posting a video. if you would like to check him out YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The last person i think you should go and check out is one of my best friends Jennie. She is a blog writer to. She is hopefully soon be doing a lot more blogs on her life, beauty, photography and food. Which I am looking forward to as the blogs she has written so, far are really good. So, go check her out. Click here and please send her some love to.

So, that is my three people for this week. See you all again next week

Its Monday

Sorry this is up late but I have been busy trying to take pictures of stars. Will add pictures to a blog soon. Today I have been into town and got my Nan’s Christmas present and my aunties present. I also picked up the rest of Tash’s birthday present which I am hoping she likes. As I was picking up Hannah today from school I decided to take Amber’s present to her as its her birthday on thursday I can not believe she is going to be 2 its gone so fast. We got her a Peppa Pig onsie as she is into peppa pig at the moment and she seemed very happy with it pointing out peppa pig on it. After I got home after seeing Hannah and Amber I went down to see Sue and I showed her again how to upload pictures to her Facebook but this time she wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget how to upload them. Tomorrow I am picking up Mia from school and then off to group cycling. I have just booked last weeks even though I am booked in on the Monday for the two 45 minutes class I thought it would still be best to do the Tuesday to keep up the Tuesday routine. Well that’s all for tonight I will blog again tomorrow.Night everyone

1st weekly blog

So, as if you been follow my twitter and Facebook page you will know I have decided to do my blogs weekly so I have more to write about. As you will also know I have also been suffering from light handedness which I finally got to see a doctor today who has told me to take this medication he has given me and if not any better make appointment with him again in 10 days. I am just hoping the medication works as I hate feeling like this saying that I have had 2 dose of it already and it takes edge away for about half an hour than its back but does say in leaflet it can take a couple of days to kick in.

Well apart from feeling like poo I managed to crochet a Shaun the sheep teddy and here is the final result

Shaun the sheep
Shaun the sheep

I really enjoyed making I know his head is not white but I ran out of white wool so used my blue and white wool. I get all my patterns from it has loads of amazing patterns. I made Shaun the sheep for my partner David and he has told me he loves it. I hoping to make more of these soon but first I will be making an android guy which should be fun to make.

This week also when we were going to town to get some stuff I noticed a poster about a african grey parrot that had escaped and David said there was no chance us seeing it has it flew past us. So, I got the number of the poster for David so he could ring the owner. After a few calls we managed to get through to him. He came and met us and we showed him where we saw her go. After a little while them trying to catch her in the area we saw her. We saw her fly across the main road I started to walk towards where I saw her dive but I actually headed in the wrong way. Some kids shouted are you looking for a bird and we said we helping a guy find it and they pointed that it was sat on someone’s roof. We showed the guy where he was then watched from the side to see if they could get her back. They used pizza to coax her down of the roof which worked and he even managed to through his jacket over her and got her back in her cage. We went and spoke to them after and they thanked us for ringing when we spotted her. We txt them the next day to see if she was alright and got reply back saying she was okay but being very quiet. I am so glad they got her back if reminded me when our Sheldon disappeared we searched for over a week for him and we finally got him back but I am leaving his story out my blogs as I am going to write a book about him. Which I am going to sit and do very soon so keep a look out for it.

Other than going to doctors today and tidying up I have not done anything else. So until next week take care.