3rd day of holiday

Today we started the day by having are breakfast which was a fry up again. After breakfast we went for a walk but got little while then got a phone call saying we could go and visit my partners mum and dad so off we headed to theirs. It was good seeing them. After we went to asda to pick some bits up then come back to the caravan. Where mum made dinner which was chicken in chicken and mushroom soup. Mum said it was an old weight watchers recipe and it was really nice. After I had wash up we went for a walk round Rhyl just to get out for a little while. So, far since getting back we have watched telly had some nachos and just chilled. so, far I have really enjoyed this holiday even with Sue keeping me up at night chatting away. Tomorrow I think we are off to Prestayn. Not been there for a while. Not sure what we are doing after that I may go for a walk to the beach and get some photos or walk round the camp and get some as I haven’t got many yet which is not like me. I am already for bed but I am not going yet but I am going to leave this blog here until tomorrow. Night everyone

Friday 18th September

Today I got surprise in the post well I wouldn’t say it was a surprise I know something was coming in the post but didn’t know when. The other day I told you about the hair dye I got that was the wrong colour well this arrived today 12011253_512689508897620_4091845059761570709_n

My goodies from the company that mixed up neon pink hair dye with blonde. In the case is a mixing bowl some clips to separate your hair an application brush and one glove. I didn’t really get why there was only one glove. I was going to go have my bloods done but thought with having my nieces tomorrow I didn’t want a sore bruised arm so, I am going to go on Tuesday morning. Instead I went to my mum’s so, she could do my hair for me. So, far when I have done my hair its gone through so, many changes over the last few weeks here are some pictures and the last picture be what it is now

when it was first done
Muck up with the blonde
how it is now

I am really happy with how it is now I have three more hair dyes left so, I will keep topping this up as it fades. I have not done much more today as been at mum’s for most of it. I did put up my check it out friday blog so, please go and check it out. Until tomorrow night all beauty

Wednesday 16 September

Hiya everyone how are you all? Well today started with  me wanting to redo my pink hair dye. So, I got all ready mixed it up and thought that looks odd. I just thought to myself maybe they just changed how they make it. So, I applied like I normally do. I gave it 30 minutes then checked it as it was wrapped in tin foil and noticed it wasn’t changing colour, but my blonde looked brighter than it was so, I decided that I should wash it out. Once it dried I notice how blonde my hair was. I found the phone number for the company so my partner rang them. First, number we had for them went straight to answer phone. He managed to find another and he got answer they said that they are going to send out another one and some goodies which I have no idea what the goodies are but I know I don’t like my hair at the moment and can’t wait for the pink to get her. 12021979_511649622334942_1286934871_n

I have also had Mia here after school she built herself a family on my Sim’s 4. I like how fast that game works she had built two Sim’s built them a house, got them jobs, one even got promoted and had a baby all in two hours. It takes me two hours just to build the house lol. After I had dropped Mia home, I went off to the gym to take place in spin class. As, it re started on Wednesday last week. The teacher is really nice and she’s going to make sure my bike is correct next week as my knee was cracking she also said that I should start using my spin shoes which I am going to do from next week tomorrow I am just going to use my trainers. I have also got Zumba in the morning, but I have to stay up to book next week’s. I have also got to run to the doctors to pick up a new blood request form as I have lost mine. I have also, got to go and pick my medication up. Well i will talk to you all tomorrow for throwback Thursday 🙂

Tuesday blog

So, I said there be another blog but I bet you didn’t think it would be this quick. Well for this week i want to try and do them daily as I am not near a computer next week. So, these daily ones may be short or if not done much then nothing. Today I haven’t done much. I have been trying to sort my phone out as it decided to tell me it was full when i had not put anything on it and had deleted all my messages but still it was full. After i manged to get that sorted I made mine and my partners dinner which today I made vegetable spaghetti bolognese which i put cheese ravioli in it to add something into it other than vegetables. Got to say I only seem to eat vegetables if I have a vegetarian day. This evening I have been to aerobics which I have been putting more and more effort into my workout. Over the last couple of weeks I have put a little of the weight back on and I want to take it back of again and keep it of. So, after I get back next week there is no more snacking and I will be having 3 small meals a day and if I need a snack to snack on something healthy like fruit. Tomorrow I have a day off but I have to pack for Saturday.

I have also forgot to tell yo all that i have dyed my hair I am no longer purple. I decided to strip the purple out my hair which took 2 hair strippers I used i color stripper from savers can not remember the name of it. It made my hair have a ginger tint to it but was no near my natural colour so, me being me i left it for just under a week and then put a blonde dye on which made my hair slightly ginger. I waited till my hair was dry then I put the last blonde dye I had but it just went a brighter ginger with blonde roots. I don’t get why my roots go blonde but soon as it gorws longer it goes ginger. I then decided to tone the ginger down i will have some pink highlights put in. I decided to trust my mum to do this bit as I would duck it up if I did it my self. To me it come out good What you guys think?

Pink Hair

I am hoping you all like it. I am thinking of going all pink in a few months as i really like the color. I just remember i Used color mask cool blonde and neon pink highlight kit. Mum also decided to do my hair in blocks but i have more blocks on one side of my head to the other. It still looks good to me and it could be fixed by getting another highlight kit and she just fills in the gaps but for now I am just going to leave it. Well I am going to leave you know and go and get into bed as my back is starting to hurt and i am getting sleepy. Night everyone