School Life for Me Part one

So, I would like to tell you all about my school life. As you will all know I was born in Cambridge and started my school life at Sedley Infant school which was not a bad school got to say I think this would be my best school years. One day I remember at this school was when we all brought our swimming stuff in and we all went on the grass where they got out the fire hose pipe and we were allowed to play in the water from the hose pipe. They made sure no one was sprayed at the always pointed the hose pipe up in the air. I don’t remember many people from this school but I put it down to it’s been too long.

After Sedley, I went to Romsey Junior School which is where the bad school memories start and where I have some good school memories. When I first started here I knew a few people from my infant’s school but they seemed of changed over the summer they didn’t really talk to me but I didn’t really care I was at the age where I didn’t mind just going off and playing and talking to other children. I remember most of my play times I would either be playing den to den or there be a big group of us playing in and out the dusty bluebells. Sometimes I played cricket but that soon got removed from play times as one boy got hit in the face with the cricket bat.

I also broke my arm at this school. We went on a school trip can’t remember where it was but we were dressed up as Victorians. We were running late to be getting back on the coach so the teachers mad us run for the coach where I tripped over landed badly on my arm I knew from the fall straight away I had done something but they said I would fine and to get on the coach. After school, I told my mum what had happened and she said it would be okay. It wasn’t till late on when I was in too much pain that when went down the hospital. We didn’t think it was broken as I could still move my wrist and fingers. I had an x-ray and they gave me some painkillers which sent me a bit hypo. I went in to see the doctor who said I had fractured my wrist and would need it in plaster for 6 weeks. As we were walking down to the plaster from I was singing about having my arm in plaster which embarrassed my mum. I still remember her now telling me to shut up. I had a white plaster cast but on to start with I would have it changed at fracture clinic the next day or so which I then had it changed to a pink one. At school, I had to have help as I couldn’t write as it was so hard to write. I remember my dad came into the school after this cause he wasn’t happy that I had fractured my wrist on a school trip and they did nothing. I remember everyone at school even signed my cast. Well, that’s all I can remember from that school now on to my secondary schools.

Yes, I did say secondary schools. My first secondary school was Coleridge community college. It was the worst 2 years of secondary school I had. I was bullied for the whole 2 years I was there the final straw for my mum and dad is when the teacher walk me out to my dad’s car because I had just been in a fight and had a bad cut on my nose. Funny thing was one of the girls that caused the fight that day came to my house and said that I shouldn’t leave the school and she would be there for me if it happened again but I didn’t trust her. She comes to me that day told me what this girl was supposed to have said and she told the other girl I was supposed said something but that’s girls for you. One thing I do remember from the school is if you didn’t want to go to your lesson the music teacher would pretend she hadn’t seen you hiding out in the music rooms. That’s where I spent most of my time as I would just get hassle in my lesson so used to stay away from them.

To be continued

Tuesday 17 September & Wednesday 18 September

Today is the day we are going home and I can not wait. I have missed my little flat that is nice and warm. I have also missed David and the birds. I started my day by first taking and packing away the tent. We did at first forget how to fold the tent back into its bag but we got there in the end. The worst part was trying to get everything back in the car.

So, car packed and we are on are way to drop nana of in Cambridge. Cambridge is where I grow up for most of childhood and the only thing I miss from there is my family. After we drop nana of we had a little longer drive until we were home.

We first droped marc of home where I got to give hannah and amber their prezzies what they loved. After mum and dad dropped ke of home. I was so glad to be home. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but to write up my blogs and to plan what I am wearing Thursday as I am of to the Royal Albert Hall so night peeps.

Wednesdays 18th september

Today I woke up with a very sore back. So, today I manged to catch up writing my blogs as on holiday they had not heard of a phone mast. I have kind of sorted my outfit out for tomorrow but it will probably change lol. Has anyone noticed that lol looks like a person with there arms in the air? ^^^^^lol^^^^^ he is drowning. Any way I know this is short but I didnt do much bigger blog tomorrow.

Wednesday 11 September

Well today I have once again waited in for these removal men and they have not turned up again. They started to really make me angry why say you will turn up then don’t turn up. It’s also been a day my other half spent the day on the phone as he is trying to upgrade his contract so I can have a phone but they saying the address is not matching with the bank but it does so there doing my head in two.


Anyway enough with that tomorrow I am off on holiday and as I write this blog I still have not packed think its going to be a late one for me as I seem to be doing other things then packing. At least I didn’t have to cook dinner David decided get takeaway while we were in town as we went to Iceland again as I got drinks for in the car on my journey tomorrow though it’s not far but we got to go via Cambridge to pick my nana up. I am looking forward to this holiday as I get to spend some time with my brother Marc which I don’t do often anymore as we live apart as he at my sis Cassie and I have my own flat.


At the moment while I am writing I am listening to my favourite song Should I Stay by The Cameleonz I do love this song I remember when I first heard it I was like this is amazing it is a very catchy tune and I can not wait till they release more songs. I especially love Ghost of a lullaby I have only heard this live once and loved it. When I saw them I recorded them singing and I put it on YouTube just search there the Cameleonz and you should find all their fab videos. I am hoping one day they make it big and sorry if I am repeating myself from one my other blogs but I love these guys they are my idols.


well anyway I better go off and pack and I am sorry if I don’t get to do I daily blog or if it’s a day late gotta wait till I can get internet as we have none in our tent lol so till my next blog all take care.