Christmas Day

So, today was Christmas Day which I spent with my mum, dad, brothers Marc and Jeff my niece and sis in law had a nice Christmas which was lovely. I got some fantastic presents necklace, dressing gown and McDonalds teddies all from my other half

I love all the presents I have had so far. We having another Christmas Day when he gets back. The McDonald’s teddies are what they release each year to raise money for their charity which you can find out more about on their website.

The next picture shows you what I got from my brother Marc Which I am going to sit tomorrow and eat yum yum

My sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew got me

which smells just fantastic which I will be using for my next bath/shower.

My brother Jeff, sister in law and niece got me all this


which I cannot wait to start using it all and put my canvas up on the walls and make my cat and last but all my mum and dad got me some lovely Harry Potter stuff

Which I love and at the moment I am wearing the PJs and still debating if I am going to eat and drink any of it but I do love butterbeer from Harry Potter studios. Oh, and they did get me a selection box but I ate it before I could even post a picture.

Mum made a lovely Christmas dinner but didn’t make me any pudding how naughty was she? But I also felt a little sick after my starter and main. I do wish I got more photos. I also helped my niece win at go fish by taking a photo of my mum’s cards and WhatsApp her the picture. Mum was not happy when she found out lol. Well i hope you all had a lovely day and would like to thank everyone for the gifts even if I haven’t listed them here. I am great full for the family and friends I have so, until tomorrow Night everyone and

P.S for a video from today that my brother Marc did click here

Christmas day

Merry Christmas everyone.

So, today is Christmas day and have to say it’s been a good day. I got a lot of present a d loved them all. I will add a list of my prezzies tomorrow as I am really tired.

We went to my mums house for Christmas dinner and it was very nice. I helped serve dinner with tash as my mum was not well at all and my brother wasn’t either. I hope they get better soon. Not nice being ill over Christmas.

Tomorrow is boxing day and this is when me and david spend the whole day with are birds as it’s there day. On boxing day 2011 we lost are first bird Quavers who brought us happiness every day and was hard so in her memory we spend the day giving our 6 now all the time they could want.

I know some people would probably think we take it over the top but quavers was our baby and we miss her soo much. Well I am going to leave it here as I am getting very tired and I know I will he back awake soon as been finding it hard to sleep again. So, bye bye for now

It’s Sunday

Today is Sunday so tomorrow is Monday. Well today I have been on a little journey to Rainham. We only went here to go and get something that we also got the other days these ribbons

Unwrap Joy
Unwrap Joy


This is the one we got for me and the owl for my Christmas present who is sat by my Christmas tree as he is not being wrapped. On way back to the train station we could hear noises and we found a pub that had aviaries  in the pub garden. In the aviaries in the first one was budgies, cockatiels and Guinea-pigs I wouldn’t have thought they would have Guinea-pigs in with birds but in the next aviary had finches and a rabbit in it and last aviary had Rosella’s, ring neck parakeets, a duck and fishes. I always thought a guinea-pig or rabbit would injury or kill a bird?

After we got home we did our housework then i did some crocheting I am in the middle of making my auntie Pam’s Christmas present I will not be posting a picture of it until Christmas day. Which I am kind of looking forward to but Christmas to me does not feel the same.


I am looking also for more blogs to follow if you know of any good ones please leave a comment below with the link or tweet me them by clicking here. You can also find me on Facebook here. Until tomorrow which I am going to try to put this up before 9pm talk to you all soon