Nearly Christmas

So, it’s the night before Christmas Eve where most people are tucked up in bed or are worrying if everything is ready for Christmas Day. While I am laying here waiting for my niece to fall to sleep so, I can go to sleep as I am feeling ill. Even though I am getting distracted by the film Arthur Christmas i forgot how good this film was i not seen it in so long.

Tomorrow I am dropping my niece at my mums ready for her mum to pick her up from there I am not sure if I am staying for a little while or going to head home and get my housework done. Well hopefully I am back to normal tomorrow. I am going to go and try and sleep if I don’t get a post up Merry Christmas everyone

Christmas Eve

1 more sleep

Whoop whoop Santa comes tonight. So, today i have been shopping we were only meant to go for swede and beetroot but ended up in Primark and build a bear. I have finally got the birth certificate for my bear and I have named him …………………….. Chestnut. He will be coming on many trips with me so I am debating starting a blog for his adventures he goes on. I have also been to my sister Cassie’s for dinner and to see the Hannah and Amber before christmas. I will see Mia tomorrow as we go and watch her open her presents.  Cassie Made a lovely lasagna it was well nice.


My neighbour Sue came up and we had a couple of glass of wine and I can tell I have not drunk for a while as I felt a little tipsy. It could be the fact I am also very tired. We also opened each others gifts and got to say I love what she got me a lovely bracelet and a bookmark. I love the bracelet so, much its only coming off for bed and when I go to gym so, I do not lose it. Well I am going to go present picture will be up tomorrow. Blog might also be up late due to I am very busy so will need to find five minutes in the evening to write it so,………………

Merry Christmas Everyone


good night everyone