Saturday 28 November 2015

Sat on my sofa watching X Factor hoping the pain in my feet goes soon. Today I decided it was a great day to wear my boots that have a slight hill. My partner had a MRI scan in London. So, we went for a little bit of a day out before hand. Will post pictures at the bottom. Sorry this is sort but I am very tired and I am sorry there is no day out blog yet but I will get it done tomorrow.This blog has taken me a while to write as I was watching x factor and watching youtube videos. So here are the pictures and I will chat to you all tomorrow.

It’s Wednesday

so, guys were shall I start with this well I think i should tell you how my group cycling went. Well it went okay I have learnt I am badly out of shape as I couldn’t even last the long stood up cycling but I am going to keep at it and keep trying I am on the waiting list for next week as they only fit 20 in a class and they do as first to book first to do the class. I actually thought my legs would hurt today but they don’t they did last night while I was resting. Also does anyone know of anything I can sit on while at the cycle class as the seat hurts my bum? I was thinking of just buying one of them gel seats that you put over the seat but not sure if the gym will allow me to do it. I could always take a cushion with me and sit on that. If you have any suggestions please comment below.


Well today I decided not to go to the gym and rest my legs but I am back there tomorrow. Today after picking my niece Mia up from school she came to mine as that she does on a Wednesday. Today she helped put my Christmas tree up which looks something like this 2014-12-03 16.13.18

I am going to redo the tinsel as i am not liking it. Other than that you will also notice I have changed the design on my blog and I hope you all like it. Well I am going to let you all go now well if you have got this far. bye bye for now






Its Monday

OMG its Monday and not just any Monday it’s the 1st December meaning only 24 days till Christmas. I know I haven’t posted a proper blog since 27th November this cause I have not been myself and have also been busy clearing stuff out in my flat. I watched my mum put her Christmas tree up Saturday and to me it looks like a child has done it here is a picture Mums Christmas tree

She also cooked dinner of onion and bacon rolly polly which was very tasty. It one of my favorites from when I was a Child. Marc spent the Saturday taking the mick but that’s brothers for you.


On the Sunday I went and helped my niece Mia put her tree up which took me a while as I had to but the tree up from scratch and half the colors had gone of the tree so i had to guess where they went. It took me three tries but finally got it put together and once we decorated it, it looked something like this Mia Tree


Then I helped her with her bedroom tree which doesn’t look as nice but will do with what she had to put on it. It looks like this

Bedroom tree


Today I have picked Hannah up from school and taken her home and then got back and went and saw my lovely neighbour sue where I had a coffee and a chat. I cooked mine and David’s dinner. I haven’t been to gym today as my back and shoulder has been playing up but I am going tomorrow as I need to shift some of this weight need to get back to happy and healthy me. Well Wednesday you will see how my tree will look as Mia is coming to mine to help me put it up. first picture will probably be one of my cockatiels in it. though they have their own tree which is already up. Well going to leave it there and will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye