Sickness, Shopping and tiredness

So, people last time I did a blog was Throw back Thursday and its now Saturday I am going to apologize for this as I haven’t been well. On Thursday I went Christmas shopping with my mum and her friend Emma. It was a good day but we had a German sausage for lunch and i started feeling sick after eating it. After shopping I went back to mum’s for dinner . When I got home I wrapped his presents up and let the birds out. At about 8pm I started feeling really ill and had a headache so decided to call it a night so, I put the birds to bed and got into bed myself. isn’t great though when your on your own you hear every bang? so, it wakes you up.


Friday I woke up at 9am so I must have needed the sleep I got I spent my morning doing housework even though I wasn’t feeling too great. I manged to have about an hour sit down before going to pick Mia up from school and taking her home. After taking her home I went to Aldi to get a few bits and to get my dinner from the takeaway as I was in no mood to cook. When I got home I let the birds have a fly before we went to bed as I wasn’t feeling my self in fact i felt worse. During the night I was woken up by pain in my back and when this happens the only thing to help is a Wheaties bags one I lay on and one on my stomach. I am not to sure what the stomach one does but if I don’t do it the pain don’t go. While I was waiting for my Wheaties bags to do in the microwave I was sick and the pain went a little. I manged to get back to sleep.


Today I have been out getting the rest of Davids Christmas presents which I am hoping he will like. I have also watched a couple of Christmas films started of with the Santa clause 2 then Santa clause 3. I have also done some crocheting and come up with this so far

2014-12-20 18.08.09
Lola and my crocheting project

Hope you can see it in that picture would taken a new one but crocheting is in the living room and I am in bed while I am writing this blog. I have also done a little bit more to that granny square I am turning it into a massive blanket :). Well as you have seen not been to the gym and I will not be going until Monday but not for the xmas group cycling I have cancelled that but will still be doing my group cycling on Tuesday 🙂 Blogs will be up as normal from tomorrow unless I am ill that’s the only time one will be missed so until then Night everyone

Its Monday

Sorry this is up late but I have been busy trying to take pictures of stars. Will add pictures to a blog soon. Today I have been into town and got my Nan’s Christmas present and my aunties present. I also picked up the rest of Tash’s birthday present which I am hoping she likes. As I was picking up Hannah today from school I decided to take Amber’s present to her as its her birthday on thursday I can not believe she is going to be 2 its gone so fast. We got her a Peppa Pig onsie as she is into peppa pig at the moment and she seemed very happy with it pointing out peppa pig on it. After I got home after seeing Hannah and Amber I went down to see Sue and I showed her again how to upload pictures to her Facebook but this time she wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget how to upload them. Tomorrow I am picking up Mia from school and then off to group cycling. I have just booked last weeks even though I am booked in on the Monday for the two 45 minutes class I thought it would still be best to do the Tuesday to keep up the Tuesday routine. Well that’s all for tonight I will blog again tomorrow.Night everyone

It’s Sunday

Today is Sunday so tomorrow is Monday. Well today I have been on a little journey to Rainham. We only went here to go and get something that we also got the other days these ribbons

Unwrap Joy
Unwrap Joy


This is the one we got for me and the owl for my Christmas present who is sat by my Christmas tree as he is not being wrapped. On way back to the train station we could hear noises and we found a pub that had aviaries  in the pub garden. In the aviaries in the first one was budgies, cockatiels and Guinea-pigs I wouldn’t have thought they would have Guinea-pigs in with birds but in the next aviary had finches and a rabbit in it and last aviary had Rosella’s, ring neck parakeets, a duck and fishes. I always thought a guinea-pig or rabbit would injury or kill a bird?

After we got home we did our housework then i did some crocheting I am in the middle of making my auntie Pam’s Christmas present I will not be posting a picture of it until Christmas day. Which I am kind of looking forward to but Christmas to me does not feel the same.


I am looking also for more blogs to follow if you know of any good ones please leave a comment below with the link or tweet me them by clicking here. You can also find me on Facebook here. Until tomorrow which I am going to try to put this up before 9pm talk to you all soon

Its Monday

OMG its Monday and not just any Monday it’s the 1st December meaning only 24 days till Christmas. I know I haven’t posted a proper blog since 27th November this cause I have not been myself and have also been busy clearing stuff out in my flat. I watched my mum put her Christmas tree up Saturday and to me it looks like a child has done it here is a picture Mums Christmas tree

She also cooked dinner of onion and bacon rolly polly which was very tasty. It one of my favorites from when I was a Child. Marc spent the Saturday taking the mick but that’s brothers for you.


On the Sunday I went and helped my niece Mia put her tree up which took me a while as I had to but the tree up from scratch and half the colors had gone of the tree so i had to guess where they went. It took me three tries but finally got it put together and once we decorated it, it looked something like this Mia Tree


Then I helped her with her bedroom tree which doesn’t look as nice but will do with what she had to put on it. It looks like this

Bedroom tree


Today I have picked Hannah up from school and taken her home and then got back and went and saw my lovely neighbour sue where I had a coffee and a chat. I cooked mine and David’s dinner. I haven’t been to gym today as my back and shoulder has been playing up but I am going tomorrow as I need to shift some of this weight need to get back to happy and healthy me. Well Wednesday you will see how my tree will look as Mia is coming to mine to help me put it up. first picture will probably be one of my cockatiels in it. though they have their own tree which is already up. Well going to leave it there and will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye

Build a Bear

Good evening everyone. Sorry this is being posted late but I have been a bit busy today and just watched the Johnathan Ross show to see Lee Evans say he is quieting most of what he said he said Wednesday when I went to his show. Well anyway today we took my nieces Mia, Hannah and Amber to build a bear to build there bears. It didn’t take them long to pick their bears. The part that took the longest was picking the clothes they wanted. Mia went for a pink sparkly teddy she got it a black dress and big shoes with skates. Hannah got a My Little Pony in purple a tutu and some hair clips with different colour hair and also a chip they says 6 different phrases and Amber got a Olaf teddy from Frozen with a chip that sings the summer song and Olaf’s summer outfit. They also before going to build a bear meet Santa where Hannah and Mia where happy to go and see him but Amber was not to sure. We had McDonald’s for lunch I decided I just fancied a big mac which I know come Monday I am going to have to work of at the gym.

In other news we got batteries for the scales which I weighed myself and found out I have lost a little weight. I started the gym weighing 92.9kg (14st 6lbs) i now weight 90.3kg (14st 2lbs) which means I have lost 4lb which I think is good. I do not want to lose it to quickly. I am just happy it’s slowly coming off. Here is to the start of a new me. Well going to let you all go and go to sleep I am going to go get my Wheaties bag and stick in the microwave and go to bed. Night all

P.S Don’t forget to check out Marc’s Blog by clicking here

Hello Everyone

First of all I would like to apologise that I have not done a blog in a little while. I have not been feeling to great. I have been going really light-headed and have a headache to go with it. I know I should go to the doctors with it but I hate people fussing. My lovely boyfriend (David) recently brought me a Furby Boom

I went for the pink with white spots as I thought this one was the best.

which I love but I have to put it up till christmas as it my christmas present. I got to say I love the furby boom it interacts with your mobile phone so you know what it needs and wants. Once you have met its needs you may even get an egg from you furby which hatch on your phone so you then have furblings. which your furby will help you look after. On the app there is games you can play I like to play the football game. You have a choice to be either be the furby or the furbling I normal be furbling as you only got to save the ball by directing the furbling towards the ball. If you the furby you pull its tail for it to kick the ball and try to score a goal. There is more you can do but until I get back out at christmas time not sure what else I could write on it.

My brother Marc has recently published a new book 🙂

Marc’s new book

This one is called BloggyBook Complete 2013 Edition which you can find on and I am so proud of him. Even with all his problems he still manages to write a book and blogs. If you would like to check his blogs out click here. I am hoping one day to follow in his foot steps and write my own book. I have a book in mind to write just don’t know how to start it and what age range to write it for. It will come to me one day. I am trying to read other books to get inspired by. Well I hope I have a better blog soon and I do apologise about the lack of blogs I will try do another one soon just want this light head feeling to go away.

Any way till my next blog take care