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Lazy Sunday

Today I have had a lazy Sunday apart the little bit of hovering and washing up I had a very lazy day. I have even stayed in my pajamas all day. As I wasn’t going anywhere what was the point in getting dressed. I have also done some crocheting

Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what it is?

My lovely neighbor Sue came up to see me and was happy that two of my birds went and saw her. Oh and I forgot to tell you all Star one of our females (Lola is the other one) has laid 5 eggs all infertile she doesn’t have a partner. We our hoping there are no more but you never know with Star she may decided to drop another one in 2 days. What I liked about this one is that Star wanted me to stay with her while she laid it and even let me stroke her head to keep her calm. Though she gave us a scare couple of days ago as we thought her 4th egg was stuck but it turned out she just needed some quiet as she laid that one when I was out. Star is in the last throw back Thursday for you all to see after this blog I will do an extra one with a photo of each of my cockatiels so you know who I am talking about when I am writing about them,


This evening I have been trying to get my portable hard drive to work on my mac but I have had no luck so, have decided to give up and put it all on memory card then move it to my laptop then to my hard drive. as I can view the portable hard drive on the mac just can’t save anything to it unless i am on my laptop. Any way going to go know so bye-bye for now


P.S stupid chrome crashed

Sickness, Shopping and tiredness

So, people last time I did a blog was Throw back Thursday and its now Saturday I am going to apologize for this as I haven’t been well. On Thursday I went Christmas shopping with my mum and her friend Emma. It was a good day but we had a German sausage for lunch and i started feeling sick after eating it. After shopping I went back to mum’s for dinner . When I got home I wrapped his presents up and let the birds out. At about 8pm I started feeling really ill and had a headache so decided to call it a night so, I put the birds to bed and got into bed myself. isn’t great though when your on your own you hear every bang? so, it wakes you up.


Friday I woke up at 9am so I must have needed the sleep I got I spent my morning doing housework even though I wasn’t feeling too great. I manged to have about an hour sit down before going to pick Mia up from school and taking her home. After taking her home I went to Aldi to get a few bits and to get my dinner from the takeaway as I was in no mood to cook. When I got home I let the birds have a fly before we went to bed as I wasn’t feeling my self in fact i felt worse. During the night I was woken up by pain in my back and when this happens the only thing to help is a Wheaties bags one I lay on and one on my stomach. I am not to sure what the stomach one does but if I don’t do it the pain don’t go. While I was waiting for my Wheaties bags to do in the microwave I was sick and the pain went a little. I manged to get back to sleep.


Today I have been out getting the rest of Davids Christmas presents which I am hoping he will like. I have also watched a couple of Christmas films started of with the Santa clause 2 then Santa clause 3. I have also done some crocheting and come up with this so far

2014-12-20 18.08.09

Lola and my crocheting project

Hope you can see it in that picture would taken a new one but crocheting is in the living room and I am in bed while I am writing this blog. I have also done a little bit more to that granny square I am turning it into a massive blanket :). Well as you have seen not been to the gym and I will not be going until Monday but not for the xmas group cycling I have cancelled that but will still be doing my group cycling on Tuesday 🙂 Blogs will be up as normal from tomorrow unless I am ill that’s the only time one will be missed so until then Night everyone

Its Monday

OMG its Monday and not just any Monday it’s the 1st December meaning only 24 days till Christmas. I know I haven’t posted a proper blog since 27th November this cause I have not been myself and have also been busy clearing stuff out in my flat. I watched my mum put her Christmas tree up Saturday and to me it looks like a child has done it here is a picture Mums Christmas tree

She also cooked dinner of onion and bacon rolly polly which was very tasty. It one of my favorites from when I was a Child. Marc spent the Saturday taking the mick but that’s brothers for you.


On the Sunday I went and helped my niece Mia put her tree up which took me a while as I had to but the tree up from scratch and half the colors had gone of the tree so i had to guess where they went. It took me three tries but finally got it put together and once we decorated it, it looked something like this Mia Tree


Then I helped her with her bedroom tree which doesn’t look as nice but will do with what she had to put on it. It looks like this

Bedroom tree


Today I have picked Hannah up from school and taken her home and then got back and went and saw my lovely neighbour sue where I had a coffee and a chat. I cooked mine and David’s dinner. I haven’t been to gym today as my back and shoulder has been playing up but I am going tomorrow as I need to shift some of this weight need to get back to happy and healthy me. Well Wednesday you will see how my tree will look as Mia is coming to mine to help me put it up. first picture will probably be one of my cockatiels in it. though they have their own tree which is already up. Well going to leave it there and will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye

A relaxing day

So, today I have spent most of my day crocheting squares for a blanket I am making for a friend.  I like to crochet it helps me to relax and chilly out.

My cockatiels have been going nuts today been very noisy but I think that’s to do with that we didn’t let them out this morning like we normally do. This only didn’t happen cause my partner is not well and we have been waiting for a delivery.

Well the delivery arrived its our new security camera but we are using it for the birds. So, we can leave them for a day on their own but can see what they doing without worrying about them. We find it hard to leave them cause they fight when we are with them and as we can talk to them they should stop fighting but I am more than sure they go to sleep when we are not here which will be good if they do.

The security cam not going to plan as it will not let us view it unless we are own network. Well whats a point of a security camera that you have to be at home to be able to see if your place is being burgled takes the mick it really does.

Any way I am going to go and finish some more squares for my blanket. Feel free to ask me a question. Till my next blog take care everyone

Saturday 7th September

Hello peeps I got up this morning with no pain in my back 🙂 which means I had to get on with my tidying up. We decided it was time to change living room around so it looked like we had more room. We decided we wanted to move the telly but noticed that where we wanted the tv that sky had only just put the sky wire just long enough to reach lucky we didn’t want to move it to the other side the room. Think we only moved it a little away from where it was. Think sky need to think before they cut the wire then maybe we could move are tv to where we want it.

While David sorted his stuff out I decided to clean the bathroom which was not a nice job one of the rooms I hate cleaning but it needed to doing. it’s now sparkling clean. After I had finished cleaning the bathroom I decided it was time to have a shower. After my shower I got into my onesie and helped David finish the living room off. Got to say I love the way we have it now and the cockatiels get to look out the window and enjoy the sun light.

I said in yesterday’s blog I was going to finish my crocheting but with all the tidying I have done I did not had a chance to do any but hopefully tomorrow I will. We have also been trying to keep busy as it was a week today since we lost are Sheldon (cockatiel) it’s still strange now  not hearing him in the cage saying love you and whit woo. The other birds don’t really talk nibbles will say love you now and again. Well I am going to go bed hopefully I will have a better blog tomorrow night peeps.

Friday 6th September

Well today has been a boring day i spent most of it sat on the sofa as i had a sore back. I have found it hard to turn. It was also my dads birthday so happy birthday dad i hope you had a good day and liked my prezzie i got you. He did pop round to drop some post to me but david went down to get it as i could hardly move.

David and I poped out to town to get some bits and bobs and we came across these

McCoy’s Potato ridges

we were thinking how strange but they do taste nice but not like the crisps. I got these from Icelands  they also do these in salted and also have Wotsits and Hula hoops. I have tried the wotsits ones and they taste nothing like the crisps. I want to try the hula hoop ones so I may get some next time i go to town.

When we got back from town I decided I wanted to do some crocheting so i went online and found some patterns i have started to do this pattern 


I have so far done the top but i am sure i will have it finished tomorrow so will post a picture of it tomorrow if it is finished.

My birds have been out tonight and are now in their day cage waiting for us to take them to their night cage where they seem to sleep better than they do in the living room I think its because they know we are not too far away. Well hopefully tomorrow i have more to write about.

Until tomorrow night guys

First blog

Hello everyone this is my first ever blog and not sure what to write. Well, first I had better tell you about me

Picture of me

Picture of me

, I am 25 years old and live in Essex. I was born in Cambridge.I live with my partner David and our five  cockatiels Lou, Lola, Boo, Nibbles and Star. We would have had six, but sadly we lost are Sheldon at the weekend who I miss so much. I have three brothers Marc, Jeff and glen and a sister called Cassie. Jeff has a daughter called mia. glen has a son called Ryan and Cassie has two daughters called Hannah and Amber.

My hobbies are crocheting i love to make things and if it wasn’t for my mum and i wouldn’t have such a creative hobby they i love to do. I am not sure what else to write on this blog so any suggestions and i will write a new blog to go with this just comment blow what you would like to know (no rude post)