Wednesday Vlog

Just a quick Wednesday vlog featuring the talking Dominic one of our cockatiels and also a little grasshopper. website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: snapchat: bloglittlellama

Vlog #5,6 & 7

just a quick hello with my niece. I have been super busy I didn’t know what to call this one but you get to meet my birds and enjoy my day with me. Just a normal day for me crocheting club and my package. Anyone that’s interested in the magazine I got you can check it out at

Just to say hello

just a quick test to say hello and sorry now for the lights switching on and off my other half and niece decided it would be funny to play with the lights. We have wifi lights so its all controlled through our google home,  

Amazing drawing

I want to share with you this amazing drawing that Claire Murray has drawn for me  All I can say is wow it’s amazing. I can not wait to receive it and get it up on my wall. Thank you so, much Claire. Want your own done go to her facebook by click here

My Cockatiels

I am going to start writing update blogs on my 6 cockatiels. We have 2 females and 4 Males. Below we have Lou and Lola Lou and Lola are husband and wife who have so, far had 8 children but we have only kept some of them. Lola has laid another egg so; we are just waiting to see what […]

Wednesday Illness

I have spent most of my day feeling so ill and not being able to eat but I have been keeping my fluid intake but I have managed to eat this afternoon which is good. I should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. Though I have cancelled going to the gym just to be on the safe side. I […]