Craft: Call The Midwife Blanket

Call The Midwife blanket started on 0/6/17 and finished on 19/12/17

This is the finished project

I made this blanket for my partners mum using red and pink sparkle yarn from B&M

316901 Sparkle Glamourous Yarn Mauve
316901 Sparkle Glamourous-Yarn 150g Red

I used a 3.5mm hook and the pattern I made up myself as I couldn’t find a pattern to make the squares singly.

what I liked about this project is how it looked when I had finished the blanket and I was really pleased that the person it went to likes it as well. once it was done the colours looked better together as I didn’t think they were going to. next time I will remember to sew my ends in as I am going as there were loads at the end to sew in and thank you to my friends at crocheting who helped to sew them in. I would also change the yarn as I wasn’t liking the feel of the yarn when I was working with it. I would also keep my first idea instead of changing it half way through then it wouldn’t have taken so long.

to do a single crochet call midwife square you need to:

  1. chain 23
  2. Dc in 7th chain from the hook, skip 1, dc (do this until you have 8 dc and 7 spaces) chain 2, skip 2 dc in the last chain space. ch 4 and turn
  3. skip chain 2 space, dc in the next 15 which is 1 in the dc and one in spaces, chain 2 and dc in 3rd chain 4, ch 4 and turn
  4. skip ch2 space, DC into next 6 DC, ch3 skip 3 st, DC into next 6 DC of BL ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn
  5. Skip ch 2 space. DC into next 4 DC, Skip 2 DC, ch 4, sc into 2nd ch of ch3, ch 4, skip remaining ch space and 2 DC. DC into last 4 DC of BL. ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  6. Skip Ch 2 Space. DC into next 4 DC. DC into next 2 ch of the previous ch4, (now you should have 6 DC)  Ch 3, Next DC into the last ch2 of 2nd ch4 of the previous round. DC last 4 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  7. skip ch2 space DC into each st. (15 DC) you will be placing a DC into each of the ch 3. ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  8. Skip ch 2 space DC, ch 1, skip one st, DC repeat across BL. (You will have 8 DC and 7 Ch 7 spaces.) ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
  9. skip ch 4 space dc, *skip 1, dc  (do this until you have 8 dc and 7 spaces) chain 2, skip ch space 2, dc in the last stitch and fasten off

I really do hope that made sense and you enjoyed reading how I made the call the midwife blanket.


Crocheted blanket

Recently I have bought some wool from Aldi and was thinking of what to do with it. So, I decided to make myself a blanket out of it. I only got one pack which had four balls of wool in the pack which I thought was going to be enough using a 6mm hook but after finishing the four balls I noticed it wasn’t big enough so, I got four more and carry on. after I finished the four balls I decided to put a border on it to finish what I did and it looks like this


I am really happy how it looks and can not wait to get snuggled under it well if that is if I get to keep it with a number of people who want it. I hope you all like to chat soon.

Monday 9 November

Sorry there was no blog yesterday by the time I got home from the mother’s house I was soo tired and could not think probably that I wouldn’t of made sense writing the blog last night. So, yesterday I played big little planet’s. We also went to Barleylands Farm shop to pick up some food and some pop. Mum made roast beef for dinner what was yummy. I still had to stay up late to book the gym for the week after.

Today I didn’t get up till gone 11am I really must of needed my sleep. I started the day by having a bowl of porridge which i may have to stop eating i felt mighty sick after. I tidy up my bedroom today and can not wait to get into bed some i can get into the nice clean bedding. I went back to the gym tonight and did the zumba class it went okay just got take it a little easier. I am back at the gym now on thursday so get a little rest. I also got a phone call from the library so, I will be starting my crocheting club in 2 weeks time. Which the Monday before I have a coffee morning to see what people want to learn and so I can see how many can crochet two. Well I am going to go and go to bed as I am very tired so, Night everyone

Sunday 8th September

Well what can I say about today not much really as I hardly did anything. First I started with watching the omnibus of “Eastenders” that program is getting really boring I don’t know why I watch it. After I watched that I put a film on while I did some crocheting. The film I decided to watch was “Monsters inc” I love this film it reminded when I was a kid. I always thought there was a monster living under my bed but in “Monsters inc” the monster comes out the cupboard.

Any way enough talk with the film today I managed to finish my hat 🙂 it doesn’t fit me so I am guessing I did it a little bit too small but when I have more time I am going to have ago at doing it again but following the other instructions to see if I can make it bigger the picture of the hat be at the bottom of this blog. I hope you all like my hat. I also learnt how to do a new crocheting stitch called the  reverse single crochet which is just doing a normal single crochet but backwards.

After I finished making my hat I decided I was hungry so I made myself some dinner which all I did was open a tin of meatballs and cook some pasta but I was really hungry and it was the quickest thing I could think of making for myself today. After dinner we let the birds out for a quick fly and to let them eat there spaghetti that I had made them. As on their cage they have a little play area which we use to put food on for them.

Well tomorrow I am off to the doctors as I am registering as a new patient so I actually have a doctors I have been waiting over a month to get into this doctors as they were fully booked and staff on annual leave so I will be glad when that is done also going to ask them about this bump I have on my thumb but I bet it goes by tomorrow not just that I think I have done it while I been crocheting with the rubbing of the wool.

right so I better go to bed I am really tired hat pictures below please ignore the fact I put the hat on a teddy all I could find

what it should looked like
what it should looked like
what it looks like
what it looks like

hat hat