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just a quick hello with my niece. I have been super busy

I didn’t know what to call this one but you get to meet my birds and enjoy my day with me.

Just a normal day for me crocheting club and my package.

Anyone that’s interested in the magazine I got you can check it out at www.bigandlittlecrochet.com

Crocheted blanket

Recently I have bought some wool from Aldi and was thinking of what to do with it. So, I decided to make myself a blanket out of it. I only got one pack which had four balls of wool in the pack which I thought was going to be enough using a 6mm hook but after finishing the four balls I noticed it wasn’t big enough so, I got four more and carry on. after I finished the four balls I decided to put a border on it to finish what I did and it looks like this


I am really happy how it looks and can not wait to get snuggled under it well if that is if I get to keep it with a number of people who want it. I hope you all like to chat soon.

Tiring day

Today has been a tiring day. It started off with not getting much sleep. I feel asleep at about 2am then was back up at 8am. I got up and got ready to go to the gym. I decided before I left I would check my laptop and it said nothing had bee  done so left it at that and went to the gym. My gym class today was zumba at the moment until I get back of holiday it’s the only class I am doing well today’s was the last until I get back. I really enjoyed it. After the gym I went and waited outside my friends children’s nursery to wait and pick them up. After I picked them up I took them to the park for a few hours while we waited for them mum. They had so much fun just running around the park enjoying themselves. I popped into the gatehouse coffee shop to speak to the lovely staff as it’s were I am holding my Christmas party for crocheting club it is also where we hold are club 2 days a week as well as the library I love it in there staff our so friendly and the food and drink our amazing. If your ever in Wickford I would try them out there waffles are just to die for and the milkshakes well just to say I really enjoy them all. I manged to get that sorted then I had to deal with secret santa as one lady has dropped out. Lucky it was easy to do. Tomorrow I got crocheting club and then an afternoon of packing ready for Sunday as I am stopping at my mums (hopefully she freezes me some mac and cheese if not she’s in trouble).  Also need to sort my flat out I did some yesterday but with the weather being hot still it’s hard to get motivated but that’s all meant to change tomorrow. We are according to the weather forecast going to get rain and thunder which will end the hot weather. I want mind when it’s collection a little hate being too hot and hate being too cold. Well I am going to say night and I hope you all have a good sleep. Hopefully blog again tomorrow or Saturday 

Monday 7th March 2016

Back to blog writing even if I just post once a week. I really want to give this a big try and do this. Well I have spent most of my time busy crocheting I made my mum a fantastic scarf for mother’s day which was yesterday here in the United Kingdom.

Here is a picture of her wearing it I think she liked it she kept telling

What do you lot think. I used my own pattern but I had used a pattern called c2c (corner to corner) to get me started and then I decided to change to yellow when need be. I think I did 7 rows of the red colour and 4 of the yellow until near the end where I just did it the red colour. It also 2 scarfs’s crocheted together as I made one and it wasn’t long enough so made another the same length to make it longer. I am now making my niece a pink scarf in the same pattern just without changing colour which I will write about once it has finished. Tomorrow is my turn to pick Mia up from school and take her home which reminds me a better find my keys so we can get in. I did have them earlier but can’t remember where I put them down. My mind has been like this now for a couple of days where I forget what I was doing but I get this sometimes and then go back to normal I just need time away on the things I have been doing and then it will help. Sometimes all it is I have too much on my mind which I cannot shift for a while but it will soon pass once the stress is passed. I am going to go to bed and chill as up early as got to go to town and then tomorrow afternoon while I am picking up my niece my partner is taking Lola to the vets for a check up. So night night everyone

Blogging again

Sorry I seem not to be blogging but I am taken a step back. I do miss writing to you all but I also feel like no one cares what I write so why write it but I have decided I don’t care if anyone is reading any more I finding this away to write how I feel and how I feel life is going. I turned 28 on the 17 Feb and got say it has made me wake up and see that I don’t need people in my life I can cope on my own and when I do need the support I know who will be there when I need it. They may live far away but I know just one txt or phone call to them and they will give me help on how to sort it out. Everyone needs help sometime in there life.

Crocheting club is going great now the Saturday club is up and running and everyone is so long friendly and helpful. We all seem to be coming good friends. One even got me some wool for my birthday which has now converted me to get a different brand in wool than i normally get. I am also sorry if there is spellings or grammar mistakes as I am typing on my phone and I am in bed. I couldn’t sleep so thought be nice to just write on here. I seem to waffle a lot when I can’t sleep hoping it will help me drift off but nope. Wish I would sleep as I have a headache that hasn’t shifted for the last few days but no doubt i will crash soon.

I am in the middle of making my mums birthday present but have decided I will make it in to Mother’s Day present as on Sunday the 6th March here in the uk it’s Mothering Sunday and have no idea what else I can get her. I decided for her birthday I will get her something from the Harry Potter studio tour we are going on the 10th April which I can’t wait for and share our day in a blog very soon. Not sure but I may film some to and start it as my first vlog on YouTube. Mostly on my YouTube at the moment is me playing the PlayStation which i do a lot i want to make some videos of the sims soon which will be fun. Anyway I am going to go as I am just rambling along so, night everyone

Feeling better

So, I know it is late but I wanted to come and say hi and tell you all I am feeling a lot better but have my issues now and again. Going for bloods on the 1st March so, my liver can be re checked. I also can’t believe it’s my birthday next week it has come fast. I also got my niece Hannah next week which is going to be fun. Last year she woke me up by singing happy birthday to me which is just so cute. I have nearly finished making my mums present then to finish the blanket I am making for my sister’s new baby who is due in a few months. Which shouldn’t take me long to make.

I am still not at the gym I am thinking of not going back until may. To give my stomach lots of time to recover. I have started to have smoothies to get some fruit into my system which is working as I have fruit for breakfast most days when I have fruit but I am waking up every morning now hungry so, it is making sure I eat first thing. Tomorrow I am going to sort my flat out as, I am getting a bit bored of how everything is so, going to sort it. Also back on school pick up tomorrow now the child is back at school after being ill. Poor child had 3 sickness bugs in a row and flu.

From a week on Saturday there will be another crocheting group which gets me out while football is on. I am really enjoying my crocheting group its getting me out a lot more than it used to. I have also met some lovely people. We also helped each other to make some patterns that we have not done before and some of them I wouldn’t think of making before I learnt to make them. Like a recently made a puff flower which in the end I made 4 and then sowed it them together put a band on them to made a headband for my niece for when she goes to dance.

In April I am finally taking my mum to Harry Potter Studios in Watford for her birthday last year. Hoping it’s going to be a nice day. I have heard loads of good reviews on the day. We going for lunch beforehand as are tour is not until the afternoon. I am thinking of starting some vlogs but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I just need to give it ago and see what happens. Well I am going to leave this here as it is ten to one in the morning and I really need to go and get some sleep. So, night everyone talks to you all soon