Feeling better

So, I know it is late but I wanted to come and say hi and tell you all I am feeling a lot better but have my issues now and again. Going for bloods on the 1st March so, my liver can be re checked. I also can’t believe it’s my birthday next week it has come fast. I also got my niece Hannah next week which is going to be fun. Last year she woke me up by singing happy birthday to me which is just so cute. I have nearly finished making my mums present then to finish the blanket I am making for my sister’s new baby who is due in a few months. Which shouldn’t take me long to make.

I am still not at the gym I am thinking of not going back until may. To give my stomach lots of time to recover. I have started to have smoothies to get some fruit into my system which is working as I have fruit for breakfast most days when I have fruit but I am waking up every morning now hungry so, it is making sure I eat first thing. Tomorrow I am going to sort my flat out as, I am getting a bit bored of how everything is so, going to sort it. Also back on school pick up tomorrow now the child is back at school after being ill. Poor child had 3 sickness bugs in a row and flu.

From a week on Saturday there will be another crocheting group which gets me out while football is on. I am really enjoying my crocheting group its getting me out a lot more than it used to. I have also met some lovely people. We also helped each other to make some patterns that we have not done before and some of them I wouldn’t think of making before I learnt to make them. Like a recently made a puff flower which in the end I made 4 and then sowed it them together put a band on them to made a headband for my niece for when she goes to dance.

In April I am finally taking my mum to Harry Potter Studios in Watford for her birthday last year. Hoping it’s going to be a nice day. I have heard loads of good reviews on the day. We going for lunch beforehand as are tour is not until the afternoon. I am thinking of starting some vlogs but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I just need to give it ago and see what happens. Well I am going to leave this here as it is ten to one in the morning and I really need to go and get some sleep. So, night everyone talks to you all soon

Friday 8th January 2016

Today I am still ill being sick a few times. I was meant to go with my partner to his appointment but I only made it cross my car park and across the road before I was sick so, I was sent back home. I fell asleep as soon as I got home but I couldn’t get warm at all I ended up putting my coat on just to try and keep warm. When my partner got back he made me some toast as I hadn’t eaten wish actually made me feel a little bit better. I also finished the Lucozade I had been drinking and changed it to some cranberry juice which has made me feel a bit better than drinking Lucozade. I still feel like I can’t get warm but I should be fully better over the next few days hopefully by Monday as I have crocheting club then and it will be rubbish to miss one. Only like to miss them if I am away which isn’t very often.

I am wondering what I should write for my next blog? I am starting a secret project which cannot be shown until the person’s birthday or they will know what they have got. Well if it goes right. I am trying to do an afghan blanket for the first time. I have found a website where you can make your own afghan graphs. For those who will want to check out the website here is the link http://freepatternwizard.com/ After this one I will be starting the one on my cockatiels which is going to be fun. As I have not been well the cockatiel blog has been pushed back again. I am sorry for this hopefully by Sunday the blog will be up.

Well I am not sure whether to go to bed or not. I am sleepy but can’t understand why as I have had loads of sleep over the last few days as, that is all I have been doing in between everything else. Well I better let you all go but before I do I have seen many people on Facebook and twitter and stuff complaining that there or their new partner’s ex’s have split them up or trying to how about they shouldn’t be trying at all and if you do get messages saying your girlfriend or boyfriend has in boxed me saying this. Ignore it. It will only make you paranoid and end up splitting up which is more and likely what the ex-wanted to happen. If you feel like there is an issues discuss it between you and leave it of social media sites as it only starts more issues. Any way that is that I am going to go so, talk to you all tomorrow Night Night

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Still finding it weird typing 2016 instead of 2015. Last year seemed to have gone so quick but I am hoping that this year is a better year with all the friends I have made in crocheting club. I am also going to work hard this year to lose some weight even if it’s a little it will be better than nothing.

My new laptop arrived today so, as well as writing this I am in the middle of moving my pictures and stuff from one laptop the other. It’s so lucky that I have a portable hard drive as, putting everything on Dropbox would take up all my space on there. I will keep that for my mobile uploads when I take a selfie. I love my laptop the Sims 4 graphics are a lot better than my old laptop.

Today was my day to pick my niece Mia up from school. When I got half way to the school I got a feeling that I had forgotten something so, I checked my pockets and noticed that I had forgotten my keys this only meant that I couldn’t get into my brother’s house. I felt such a dope as I had remembered everything else. My brother wasn’t at home either as he had gone to help my mum while she is not well. I texted her mum to tell her to meet us at subway as that is where we go after school.

Mia wasn’t happy that I had forgotten the keys and that we had to wait around for her mum. In subway I had a 6″ tuna and cheese with lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, southwest and lite mayo sauce. I seemed to have two sauces as the tuna doesn’t have much mayo in it so, I top that up and the southwest sauce is just so nice. When we got back to Mia’s we sat and did her homework so, she didn’t have any to do for the rest of the week and would be able to chill.

When Mia left for dance I left for the gym to go and do my aerobics class. I seem to struggling with aerobics recently but I am hoping its just wear I haven’t got the energy and still being slowed down by all the food i have eaten over Christmas. Tomorrow I have got crocheting club and I am debating what to do either carry on with granny squares for this week or start the Easter projects. I am manly aiming towards doing granny squares this week. I am going to try my hardest to help people tomorrow as well in getting some more of the blanket.

Well better get to bed as I am shattered and need to be up early and then to pick Mia up from school to then come home for her to play sims or go on my PlayStation. Chat to you all tomorrow. Night  everyone

Back to writing blogs

Sorry I have been quiet in my blog writing I could blame it on being busy which I have been with christmas and New year. I have started writing a blog about my cockatiels which should be up soon. I just got to finish writing it. Today I have been looking after my niece Mia as she has had an inset day at school. She spent time on my PlayStation and on my computer playing sims 4 before we headed of to the gatehouse cafe. Today was crocheting club day. We have a new member join us today which was great. I also went to the gym this evening. Today’s class was Zumba which was really good. I have an issue with my lower back at the moment which I have had since christmas day eve and was worse on boxing day but as I thought oh my back feels much better today I will attempted Zumba today I now actually say it went okay I got a few twinges in it at the end. I will see how it is when I get up in the morning.


I am actually wondering if in a couple of weeks should I go back to spin class. Well if I can get in the gym has gone very busy again due to everyone’s new years resolutions. Mine this year is just to eat healthier. Which I am going to do once there is no more chocolate in this flat. I haven’t seen my mum since Christmas day but this is cause she’s been ill with a cold/flu and 2 infections and I don’t want to catch them so, I am staying away but GET BETTER SOON MUM. She always seems to get something this time of year. I have been lucky and only had a slight cold before Christmas.

Roll on Wednesday when I should get my new laptop. The one I am using is slowly dying and I did break it a little when I dropped it on the floor so, when it closes it closes wonky. I am not going to drop my new one but it can’t be bad as I have been down the stairs on a laptop before. It was an accident I was going to meet my mum and dad outside my flat when I lived in Rhyl when I turned to my partner “be careful the stairs are slippery” a second later a fell down the stairs from top to bottom on my laptop. My partner didn’t know whether to laugh or come and help me. Lucky he did both and helped me up. We didn’t think to check the laptop until I got into car. When I checked it my laptop screen was okay and everything was okay apart from my back.


Well I am getting sleepy so, should really go to bed before I fall asleep and sorry this is up so late I get easy distracted when writing blogs. Anyway Night everyone and if you would like please check out my YouTube channel I have started posting gaming videos from when I play the Playstation. Night everyone

Monday 14 December 2015

Finding it hard to type this as my hands are still freezing from being outside. In this very cold Monday. Sorry I haven’t posted since my last blog I hadn’t been feeling very well and when I wanted to write one yesterday I had issues with my back. Even though I still went to watch my nice Miá in here dance show which was very good. She did so well made me feel very proud of her.

Today I have been to my crocheting club which was good to just sit crochet and chat even if there was just 3 of us. Hopefully it will pick up after christmas if not I am not sure what I am going to do.

I am now in the gym waiting for my zumba class so, thought I would write my blog now. I am feeling a little bit meh  but should be okay. I live Monday’s zumba it’s alot more high paced just same I am missing it next week as I am going to go see my nan in Cambridge. Well better go as it will soon be class time and I can’t type and dance my socks of at the same time. I will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye for now

Wednesday 9 December

16 sleeps until christmas 

Today I have been to crocheting club were we did some more squares for the blanket we are making. Then I came home for a little while and chilled before going off to do the school pick up to bring Mia to mine so, she can play on Sims 4. While she played Sims 4 I made some simple daisy Simple daisy

Which I then decided to make another one to make it in to headband which looks something like this 2015-12-09 17.24.23

What do you all think? leave a comment in the comment section. It must be good because as soon as I had made my one Mia wanted one straight away so, I sat and made another one. After dropping her off home I have been listening to a Cherrybomb girls again and writing this blog. I think I am going to go now and play a bit of Fifa 11 before bed and stay up and book gym for next week. Good ting about this week is even if I am in bed late tonight I haven’t got to be to early as no gym tomorrow. Well any way I will chat to you all tomorrow.