Lazy Friday

How is everyone? I have woke up today in a happy mood today. Could be that I didn’t have to be up early to give my Lola (cockatiel) her medication today as she finished it yesterday. I didn’t tell you cause I wasn’t blogging much but Lola had a little bit of a yeast infection which we are hoping has now cleared. She is a lot happier bird.

So, far today I have watched some of Pointless blogs YouTube videos as I have only been watching him recently. I am trying to watch his recently videos and watch back his old video. I just think he is so sweet and so down to earth in his video’s. I also watch his girlfriends Zoella’s who is good to if you have not heard of them and want to find them just search their names on YouTube and you will find them.

Oh and also may have forgotten to say Cherrybomb girls has 2 songs out on iTunes which you can get here. The songs will cost you 79p each they are both covers. The first cover they put up was Just a dream which i just love the song was originally made by Nelly but I love Cherrybomb girls better and then they put up Love & hate collide which I just love it was orignal done by Def Leppard but yet again I really do prefer Cherrybomb girls version. Cherrybomb Girls have also but a music video up of their own song called same old ground which you can see below

I really like this song and its very catchy and there harmonies are amazing. I also like the video it goes so well with the song. The next thing I will be doing is trying to write the song lyrics out so, we can all learn the lyrics.

I should have titled this blog follow friday. I will but the links to the people I have mentioned in this blog at the end so, if you want to check them out you can. I have got to pop out and go and pick some flowers up for the bouquet we our making which hopefully a blog about that will be up some point sunday if I get a chance to write it as I am off to see my niece Mia in a dance competition. Which is going to be fun. So, going to leave it here the links will be bellow this so, bye everyone (maybe be blog later)


Pointless Blog








Cherrybomb Girls




Check Out Friday

So, check out Friday is back and I Have decided bring this back so, I hope you enjoy it being back.

The first I would like you check out and I maybe going on about these quite a lot as they are my favourite girl trio at the moment. I just can’t get enough of CherryBomb. They are so, down to earth and very friendly. There harmonies are just amazing. With some of their covers I prefer them to the original artist. You can find out more about them on their website , On their twitter, on Facebook and also on soundcloud. I have also got videos of them on my YouTube channel and also on their YouTube. I really hope you follow them. They do random YouNow chats to so, Keep an eye out on their YouTube. Just listening to these girls bring me out of the bad patches I go through. You can also see other blogs I have written here about them cherrybomb and Question and Answers.


The second person I would like you check out may be my brother Marc but he is also a good singer. He has also wrote his own books which are free to download. So, check him out on twitter, his website and YouTube. I forgot to mention as well he has album out on Itunes just search Marc Corn. Its called spirit within and all money goes to charity. You can also find it on Spotify and deezer.


The last person I will like you to check out is Ben Phillips. He is a prankster and I find him very funny. He is always pranking his brother Elliot. I always like when Elliot clicks on when you hear Elliot shout out to ben “WHY YOU RECORDING” and then loses his temper with his brother. Ben’s pranks have included turning his brother blue, telling him had eaten his nans toe nails and many more. You can see them on his Facebook here.


I hope you have enjoyed getting to know these. Check back next Friday for 3 new check out Fridays 🙂

Check out Friday

Welcome to another Check it out Friday. This week I have been thinking hard on which three people you should go and check out, but I think I have now got my 3

The first I would like you to check out is a girl band made up of six sister’s called Cimorelli. They have been together since 2007. They started of by doing cover songs and have also done their own songs. The members are Christian (24), Katherine (23), Lisa (22), Amy (20), Lauren (16) and Dani (15). They do other videos to like craft videos. You can check them out on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I found them when they did a cover song with the next person I am going to tell you about.

Matthew David Morris aka “MattyB” is a 12-year-old pop singer/rapper from Atlanta, GA. He was born on January 6, 2003. Since beginning his music career at age 7, he has quickly become an Internet superstar with more than 2 Billion video views and 5 million YouTube subscribers. His social media consists of over 8 million followers on Facebook & Twitter combined. I found him by someone on my Facebook posting a video. if you would like to check him out YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The last person i think you should go and check out is one of my best friends Jennie. She is a blog writer to. She is hopefully soon be doing a lot more blogs on her life, beauty, photography and food. Which I am looking forward to as the blogs she has written so, far are really good. So, go check her out. Click here and please send her some love to.

So, that is my three people for this week. See you all again next week

Today’s blog

Hiya guys and girls today I was meant to go to the gym but decided not to as my back has been sore today. I also been having a down day. Most I have done today is done some tidying. Picked up Mia from school and visited my neighbor Sue. Which I helped her put photos on Facebook and showed her the smiles as Facebook has some weird ones.


Anyone something else that has got me is what do you lot call a selfie? I have seen people post them and have always thought to myself that a selfie is a photo of you selfie and not have any other people in it. So, why is people posting pictures of them and mates calling them a selfie? I have never got this and probably never will i would just call this a groupie myself. What do you guys think? Leave comments in the comment section below?


Any way I am going to go as I want to get my dinosaur made as I have put the teddy on hold to see if the dinosaur comes together better. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow as David is going to push me out the door so, I go to the gym. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Bye for now

1st weekly blog

So, as if you been follow my twitter and Facebook page you will know I have decided to do my blogs weekly so I have more to write about. As you will also know I have also been suffering from light handedness which I finally got to see a doctor today who has told me to take this medication he has given me and if not any better make appointment with him again in 10 days. I am just hoping the medication works as I hate feeling like this saying that I have had 2 dose of it already and it takes edge away for about half an hour than its back but does say in leaflet it can take a couple of days to kick in.

Well apart from feeling like poo I managed to crochet a Shaun the sheep teddy and here is the final result

Shaun the sheep
Shaun the sheep

I really enjoyed making I know his head is not white but I ran out of white wool so used my blue and white wool. I get all my patterns from it has loads of amazing patterns. I made Shaun the sheep for my partner David and he has told me he loves it. I hoping to make more of these soon but first I will be making an android guy which should be fun to make.

This week also when we were going to town to get some stuff I noticed a poster about a african grey parrot that had escaped and David said there was no chance us seeing it has it flew past us. So, I got the number of the poster for David so he could ring the owner. After a few calls we managed to get through to him. He came and met us and we showed him where we saw her go. After a little while them trying to catch her in the area we saw her. We saw her fly across the main road I started to walk towards where I saw her dive but I actually headed in the wrong way. Some kids shouted are you looking for a bird and we said we helping a guy find it and they pointed that it was sat on someone’s roof. We showed the guy where he was then watched from the side to see if they could get her back. They used pizza to coax her down of the roof which worked and he even managed to through his jacket over her and got her back in her cage. We went and spoke to them after and they thanked us for ringing when we spotted her. We txt them the next day to see if she was alright and got reply back saying she was okay but being very quiet. I am so glad they got her back if reminded me when our Sheldon disappeared we searched for over a week for him and we finally got him back but I am leaving his story out my blogs as I am going to write a book about him. Which I am going to sit and do very soon so keep a look out for it.

Other than going to doctors today and tidying up I have not done anything else. So until next week take care.

Tuesday 17 September & Wednesday 18 September

Today is the day we are going home and I can not wait. I have missed my little flat that is nice and warm. I have also missed David and the birds. I started my day by first taking and packing away the tent. We did at first forget how to fold the tent back into its bag but we got there in the end. The worst part was trying to get everything back in the car.

So, car packed and we are on are way to drop nana of in Cambridge. Cambridge is where I grow up for most of childhood and the only thing I miss from there is my family. After we drop nana of we had a little longer drive until we were home.

We first droped marc of home where I got to give hannah and amber their prezzies what they loved. After mum and dad dropped ke of home. I was so glad to be home. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but to write up my blogs and to plan what I am wearing Thursday as I am of to the Royal Albert Hall so night peeps.

Wednesdays 18th september

Today I woke up with a very sore back. So, today I manged to catch up writing my blogs as on holiday they had not heard of a phone mast. I have kind of sorted my outfit out for tomorrow but it will probably change lol. Has anyone noticed that lol looks like a person with there arms in the air? ^^^^^lol^^^^^ he is drowning. Any way I know this is short but I didnt do much bigger blog tomorrow.