Fun day

Today me, Hannah and Amber my nieces went to Southend with Marc, mum , Kayleigh and Olly. We went and built sandcastle on the beach and we went and played in the water fountains on the sea front. We had kfc for lunch and then Kayleigh and Olly went home followed by mum and Marc. Me, Hannah and Amber went and played on the beach while we waited for my partner David to turn up where we walked around for a bit and got train home. The girls are now fast asleep and I am wishing I had put sun lotion on as I am sun burnt should remember to put sun lotion on but was having too much fun to do that. Any way I better go sleep up early as girls go home before I go and watch Mia my other niece in her dance competition. Night everyone 

Wednesday 28th October

Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog since the 6th day of holiday blog. I didn’t get a chance to write my last day blog as was busy and on Saturday we were travelling back home and the most that happened was that Sue had a fall which we thought was just a bruise bit turned out it wasn’t. It turns out that she has broken her leg and may need it pinned. I  really hope she’s going to be okay. Should know more tomorrow as my mum and dad are going to visit her and take her some stuff in. Since Saturday I have also had hannah here. We have been to the park to feed the ducks but there was only a Swan there and couple of Moorhens. I also made her hat but it’s never going to fit her. I even followed the adult size and still came out too small. Today we have been to my brother Jeffs for his birthday which was yesterday so, Happy birthday Jeff (not sure if he reads my blogs) it was nice spending time with them all and seeing all my nieces dance trophies that she had won at the weekend. She got 8 trophies all together with one being a first in rock and roll. Really proud of her. Hannah today sang for the first time in front of us all and she made my mum cry. I tried filming it but my phone is playing up and didn’t film it she did really well. Well I am going to go sleep now so, night night everyone

Tuesday 22 September

Sorry that yesterday I only put the review blog up which you can check out here┬ábut I was feeling great after my visit. I had a carer’s assessment to help me cope. For those who don’t know I care for my partner who has health issues. So, the woman turned up and asked me what I wanted I said the main thing I want is someone to chat to they can help me when I am at a low from looking after my partner. I do get an hours break a day to go to the gym but sometimes that isn’t enough depending how he is it can have a big impact on me but I just push through but she said to me that they can only offer me 6 sessions where I need to set a goal on what I want to do to get me some me time and if i wanted counselling of my own I have to go through my doctors to get that help. I am now wondering what is the point of these people if they can’t be there just when you need that help. It’s not like it’s going to be all the time just when I am struggling.

Well enough of that I also got a phone call just after she left from the hospital they have finally set a date for my operation to remove my gallbladder. It is happening on the 10th October a week before I go away to see my friends in Wales. This is a holiday I use to have a week away to get some me time even though my mum and dad still come and this time our friend Sue. I am little worried about my operation but i always do till they are over. I also did Zumba yesterday which was good we did follow my leader which was a good to song to do my favorite Zumba song at the moment is azonto by Fuse ODG i am not sure why I like it so much but the song is so catchy.

Well today I have been shopping to get some food. Picked my niece up from school stayed with her until it was time for her to go to her dance class. I then went off to do my aerobics class which I am getting better at doing. The teacher after said she can see I am putting more effort in and she asked why I said I am soon going to be having a month or so off so pushing myself now. I have joined a new app today which I will blog about another day but it’s a fitness app that helps you find people that you can chat to and help motivate each other to hit your goals. Well I am leaving this here. Next blog tomorrow after I have been to spin class

Sunday 20 September 2015

I would like to apologise for no blog yesterday I had my nieces Hannah and Amber stay and by the time Amber fell asleep it was midnight and she didn’t have a good sleep. Yesterday we went to the local carnival that my other niece was taking part in. It was a good day and they did so, well. When we got back we had dinner then the hard work started Amber’s bedtime. She couldn’t get comfy in her cot so, I let her get in the bed which she did she fell asleep until me and Hannah went to bed where she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So, I moved her to her cot with her cup of milk and just after midnight she shut up talking and fell asleep. I still didn’t get much sleep I never do when both girls are there I don’t go into deep sleep I think its my minds way of saying no if you go into deep sleep if one the girls needs you want wake up. Amber woke up at 7:30 where I posted some books into her travel cot to read so, Hannah could still sleep. At 8:30 she got bored so, jumped into my bed and watched peppa pig until about 9 where we all got up.

I also found out over night that someone has stolen my carnival pictures and are using them as theirs this is why I am not posting them to my blog yet as I am now not posting any pictures without them being watermarked first. It’s not far when you have gone to the effort to go to the event and get pictures for someone to go ahead and steal them. In fact it has upset me little. So if you know any good watermark software please let me know so, I can check it out until then any events photos will not be put up on here.

My nieces left at lunch time where I had some lunch and then I went for a nap as I was so tired and was falling asleep eating my lunch. My partner woke me up when we had to pop out. When we got back I started watching nut job but fell asleep again woke up near the end of the film. Since then I have had my dinner and watched x factor which I am finding boring this year but i will continue to watch as it may get better. Any way I am going to go as started to feel very sleepy again and got to be up early as got a visitor tomorrow. Bye-bye for now