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just a quick hello with my niece. I have been super busy

I didn’t know what to call this one but you get to meet my birds and enjoy my day with me.

Just a normal day for me crocheting club and my package.

Anyone that’s interested in the magazine I got you can check it out at www.bigandlittlecrochet.com


Over the years I have noticed how one day you are friends with someone who you see day in and day out but you soon drift apart for one reason or another. The ones that are your true friends are the ones that stick by you not matter what or how far away you move away. I have found out a lot who my true friends are and their the ones that have stuck by me and been there when I have needed them. When I have been down and needed someone just to listen they have been there. I have some friends that have been my friends for 10 years or more and would defiantly say that not all of them are my true friends but I do know out of all of them I do know which ones I can count on if I ever needed them and which ones wouldn’t. Instead of getting upset that you have fallen out with why not just make new ones that what I did and have been happier since. I would also remember that you should treat people how you would want to be treated and remember that even though you have spoken to someone in a while doesn’t mean you have fallen out they have live’s two and could just be busy.

Thanks for reading

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake day and yes I had pancakes with lemon and sugar yum. I really should be in bed as got to be up earlish for crocheting club. Which I am looking forward to. I have also set up the extra date today for people who work and can’t meet during the week. I am going to start thinking of subjects to write about to go along side my daily blog but not too sure what yet. It maybe news related or something but we will see. I am also going to move the subjects I don’t write about any more so they are all together. I do love showing you all my crocheting stuff. If anyone can give me tips on how to not feel stupid talking to a camera that would be nice as I really want to start vlogging my day as some what I do can be fun maybe I could make videos a weekly thing. On my YouTube at the moment is manly me playing on the PlayStation want to find some way to stream games to my YouTube but not sure what I will need. I have got a programme I use for my you now which if you follow me on twitter you will now when I go live (twitter links at bottom). I am also realising how much I need to see my friends some I haven’t seen for years but have stayed in contact over txts, Facebook and snapchat. I do miss just hanging out with them. I miss all what we got up to. Sneaking food into are classes as well as drinks. Playing with a bouncy ball down the corridor and are days and nights out (even if one night did end up with me in plaster as I chipped the bone in my wrist). Now one friend lives in reading and the other ones up in north wales and I am in Essex so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Any way I better go I am getting very sleepy Night readers

Feeling better

So, I know it is late but I wanted to come and say hi and tell you all I am feeling a lot better but have my issues now and again. Going for bloods on the 1st March so, my liver can be re checked. I also can’t believe it’s my birthday next week it has come fast. I also got my niece Hannah next week which is going to be fun. Last year she woke me up by singing happy birthday to me which is just so cute. I have nearly finished making my mums present then to finish the blanket I am making for my sister’s new baby who is due in a few months. Which shouldn’t take me long to make.

I am still not at the gym I am thinking of not going back until may. To give my stomach lots of time to recover. I have started to have smoothies to get some fruit into my system which is working as I have fruit for breakfast most days when I have fruit but I am waking up every morning now hungry so, it is making sure I eat first thing. Tomorrow I am going to sort my flat out as, I am getting a bit bored of how everything is so, going to sort it. Also back on school pick up tomorrow now the child is back at school after being ill. Poor child had 3 sickness bugs in a row and flu.

From a week on Saturday there will be another crocheting group which gets me out while football is on. I am really enjoying my crocheting group its getting me out a lot more than it used to. I have also met some lovely people. We also helped each other to make some patterns that we have not done before and some of them I wouldn’t think of making before I learnt to make them. Like a recently made a puff flower which in the end I made 4 and then sowed it them together put a band on them to made a headband for my niece for when she goes to dance.

In April I am finally taking my mum to Harry Potter Studios in Watford for her birthday last year. Hoping it’s going to be a nice day. I have heard loads of good reviews on the day. We going for lunch beforehand as are tour is not until the afternoon. I am thinking of starting some vlogs but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I just need to give it ago and see what happens. Well I am going to leave this here as it is ten to one in the morning and I really need to go and get some sleep. So, night everyone talks to you all soon

Throwback Thursday: Bowling with Jennie

Let’s throw you back to July 2009. You may not seen this before but for my mate Jennies birthday I took her bowling for the day. It was a very funny day. When i look at these pictures I can see how much 8lbs of weight lost changes things but I still wanted to share these with you all as it was a good day out. Jennie if you are reading this we need to do this more oh, and I miss not having you near

Wednesday 28th October

Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog since the 6th day of holiday blog. I didn’t get a chance to write my last day blog as was busy and on Saturday we were travelling back home and the most that happened was that Sue had a fall which we thought was just a bruise bit turned out it wasn’t. It turns out that she has broken her leg and may need it pinned. I  really hope she’s going to be okay. Should know more tomorrow as my mum and dad are going to visit her and take her some stuff in. Since Saturday I have also had hannah here. We have been to the park to feed the ducks but there was only a Swan there and couple of Moorhens. I also made her hat but it’s never going to fit her. I even followed the adult size and still came out too small. Today we have been to my brother Jeffs for his birthday which was yesterday so, Happy birthday Jeff (not sure if he reads my blogs) it was nice spending time with them all and seeing all my nieces dance trophies that she had won at the weekend. She got 8 trophies all together with one being a first in rock and roll. Really proud of her. Hannah today sang for the first time in front of us all and she made my mum cry. I tried filming it but my phone is playing up and didn’t film it she did really well. Well I am going to go sleep now so, night night everyone