Over the years I have noticed how one day you are friends with someone who you see day in and day out but you soon drift apart for one reason or another. The ones that are your true friends are the ones that stick by you not matter what or how far away you move away. […]

Pancake Day

Today is Pancake day and yes I had pancakes with lemon and sugar yum. I really should be in bed as got to be up earlish for crocheting club. Which I am looking forward to. I have also set up the extra date today for people who work and can’t meet during the week. I […]

Wednesday 28th October

Sorry I haven’t wrote a blog since the 6th day of holiday blog. I didn’t get a chance to write my last day blog as was busy and on Saturday we were travelling back home and the most that happened was that Sue had a fall which we thought was just a bruise bit turned […]