New year not a new start

Normally people start the new year with a new start like saying i am going to lose weight, start the gym and all that kind of stuff. Not me i decided to start the year with freezing my gym membership until march to let the crowds go down with all the people that drop out by then and also save me some money until then. Though this month didnt happen as my gym still tried to take the full amount instead of contacting me to tell me my freeze didnt go through correctly lucky bank recalled it and gym is sorting it out.

I went out for new year with some great friends who i am happy to call my friends we have actully helped me through 2016 and i hope they help me througb 2017. I have alot of fears that i cant seem to get over and i don’t think i ever will but with the help of those i love and are there for me i hope i will.

So, i hope everyone so far having a good 2017 (which i am still finding it hard to think that another year has been and gone) and it keeps being a good year for you

Bye for now

Oh and sorry if any grammer or spelling mistakes i am writing from my phone and doesnt have a checker.

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Still finding it weird typing 2016 instead of 2015. Last year seemed to have gone so quick but I am hoping that this year is a better year with all the friends I have made in crocheting club. I am also going to work hard this year to lose some weight even if it’s a little it will be better than nothing.

My new laptop arrived today so, as well as writing this I am in the middle of moving my pictures and stuff from one laptop the other. It’s so lucky that I have a portable hard drive as, putting everything on Dropbox would take up all my space on there. I will keep that for my mobile uploads when I take a selfie. I love my laptop the Sims 4 graphics are a lot better than my old laptop.

Today was my day to pick my niece Mia up from school. When I got half way to the school I got a feeling that I had forgotten something so, I checked my pockets and noticed that I had forgotten my keys this only meant that I couldn’t get into my brother’s house. I felt such a dope as I had remembered everything else. My brother wasn’t at home either as he had gone to help my mum while she is not well. I texted her mum to tell her to meet us at subway as that is where we go after school.

Mia wasn’t happy that I had forgotten the keys and that we had to wait around for her mum. In subway I had a 6″ tuna and cheese with lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, southwest and lite mayo sauce. I seemed to have two sauces as the tuna doesn’t have much mayo in it so, I top that up and the southwest sauce is just so nice. When we got back to Mia’s we sat and did her homework so, she didn’t have any to do for the rest of the week and would be able to chill.

When Mia left for dance I left for the gym to go and do my aerobics class. I seem to struggling with aerobics recently but I am hoping its just wear I haven’t got the energy and still being slowed down by all the food i have eaten over Christmas. Tomorrow I have got crocheting club and I am debating what to do either carry on with granny squares for this week or start the Easter projects. I am manly aiming towards doing granny squares this week. I am going to try my hardest to help people tomorrow as well in getting some more of the blanket.

Well better get to bed as I am shattered and need to be up early and then to pick Mia up from school to then come home for her to play sims or go on my PlayStation. Chat to you all tomorrow. Night  everyone

Monday 14 December 2015

Finding it hard to type this as my hands are still freezing from being outside. In this very cold Monday. Sorry I haven’t posted since my last blog I hadn’t been feeling very well and when I wanted to write one yesterday I had issues with my back. Even though I still went to watch my nice Miá in here dance show which was very good. She did so well made me feel very proud of her.

Today I have been to my crocheting club which was good to just sit crochet and chat even if there was just 3 of us. Hopefully it will pick up after christmas if not I am not sure what I am going to do.

I am now in the gym waiting for my zumba class so, thought I would write my blog now. I am feeling a little bit meh  but should be okay. I live Monday’s zumba it’s alot more high paced just same I am missing it next week as I am going to go see my nan in Cambridge. Well better go as it will soon be class time and I can’t type and dance my socks of at the same time. I will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye for now

Wednesday 9 December

16 sleeps until christmas 

Today I have been to crocheting club were we did some more squares for the blanket we are making. Then I came home for a little while and chilled before going off to do the school pick up to bring Mia to mine so, she can play on Sims 4. While she played Sims 4 I made some simple daisy Simple daisy

Which I then decided to make another one to make it in to headband which looks something like this 2015-12-09 17.24.23

What do you all think? leave a comment in the comment section. It must be good because as soon as I had made my one Mia wanted one straight away so, I sat and made another one. After dropping her off home I have been listening to a Cherrybomb girls again and writing this blog. I think I am going to go now and play a bit of Fifa 11 before bed and stay up and book gym for next week. Good ting about this week is even if I am in bed late tonight I haven’t got to be to early as no gym tomorrow. Well any way I will chat to you all tomorrow.

Monday 7th December 2015/ Tuesday 8th December 2015

Monday 7th December 2015

18 sleeps until Christmas

Today I have been to the doctors today. I wanted them to sort my foot out as it’s been in so much pain and been getting pins and needles  in it. The doctors gave me a sheet on exercises to do which I have had before that don’t work so, he has also sending me for physio where they should give me my arches that I used to have in my shoes. I also went to zumba where my foot only played up when it came to walking home it hurt. I had to stay up late to book aerobics for the following week.  There is no zumba this thursday morning as they are having the gym floor replaced but saying that there is no class in that room until friday so, think its going to be a big job. I do understand why they are replacing the floor it is in places very bouncy and there is gaps near the wall. Just don’t get why its happened as the gym has only been open a year. Oh well means why they are doing that I can’t go to the gym which means I get a lay in and I also  means I can get some stuff done I need to get done.


Tuesday 8th December 2015

17 sleeps until christmas


Well today I got up a little later than normal but that’s also because i didn’t go to bed until late. Once up I had some peanut butter on toast with a nesquik hot chocolate pod that my partner got me for christmas he gave me some of them early to make sure I liked them. I got say they only issues is you need to put one sugar in them to make them taste right oh and I forgot to mention that you need to get them imported  as they are not sold in the U.K. You can get them from places like amazon and ebay. Oh and need a dolce gusto machine.


After my breakfast I played on fifa manger 11. Yes I am a few games behind but that is because I can not see the point of buying the game each yeah when you can edit the game files so, you play the game like todays games any way. I have managed to get the football team Preston North End into the premiership and into the top half at the end of the season. I have just started the 2nd season in the premiership hopefully it goes well. I also had gym this evening which went well I only got pain in my foot as it ended so, I sat and stretched it out before I left. Tomorrow I have crocheting club so, I am going to say good night and I will chat to you all tomorrow.


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Just so you all know it’s a month today until christmas eve :).


Today I have been sorting out things on my blog as well as doing the school pick up and dropping her of home. We also found out last night that are tumble dryer is on the recall list which you can check out that blog here. Where its got the link to check out if yours is one that needs fixing. It has really put us of using ours. Even though they have said its fine to use as long as you sit and watch it when it’s on. The fluff in the fluff draw could catch on something and catch alight. Which is not good and in a small kitchen like I have got it could easy cause the whole kitchen to go up so quickly.


My nerves are setting in big time for tomorrow morning for my first crocheting club. Yeah I did that meet up yesterday to get ideas but I have a feeling I am going to duck up some how. I got to find all the things I have made so, I can show people tomorrow on what they can learn to do. We are starting with making granny squares which is one of the main things I learnt to do first. I am also going to find stickers so people can write their names on so, I don’t have to keep asking whats your name all the time. I remember some from yesterday but not all of them but I am no good with names at all.


I am off to the gym soon to take part in my aerobics class. It’s my first one back since my operation and not sure how it’s going to go. I also need to talk to the teacher as I keep getting pain in the bottom of my foot. I am just hoping that does not happen to-night as, it can really hurt. Tomorrow I have my crocheting club in the morning, my niece is here after school and then I got to get ready for Thursday as, I am of to see Cherrybomb at Rhyl’s christmas lights switch on. I can’t wait to see them. I may not get a chance to do a blog on Thursday but I will do it on Friday so, there will be two blogs instead of the one just to make up for you missing Thursdays.


I am defiantly feeling the cold recently or it’s just really cold. I have my heating on and I am still cold. Maybe its just where I am sitting but it’s defiantly cold which I don’t like. Makes me want to just get in pjs and wrap up in my duvet and watch films on tv. Maybe I could do this at the weekend not sure if I got anything to do this weekend. If I get a chance I may go for a walk to get some photos. It’s much easier to do when I haven’t got my nieces with me as they make a racket which scares the wildlife off. Right I better go and get ready for the gym. Bye until tomorrow

Monday 23 November 2015

Hello everyone so today my new blog and website to my blog went live 🙂 I will no longer be publishing on my old one. So, thank you Marc for sorting this out for me. Today I have been rearranging things again. I have also been to my first crocheting meeting. I meet some lovely people today who I really enjoyed talking to. Though it’s going to take me a little while to learn their names. I am looking forward to seeing them again and meeting the people who could not be there today.


I am also trying really hard to lose my weight but I have only been to the gym now for a week. This evening I have been to Zumba which was good but my Thursday teacher took the class as the normal teacher was ill. Tomorrow I have got the rest of the putting things back write up my plan for wednesday and then to also go to the gym for my aerobics class which I am looking forward to getting back to.


I am thinking that as soon as I feel more confident with everything I am going to start video my day so, I it will be easyier for me. I just feel a little silly talking to a camera. I got to think of a way that I can do it without feeling silly. Would be good if I could get advise of someone who does video blogs.


Well I better go this stuff isn’t going to put it’s self away. I will chat to you all tomorrow after the gym Night everyone

17 November 2015

Well I am sorry that not been blogging I have felt so ill recently. I am still feeling a little sick which I am hoping passes soon. Today I am going to be doing my first crocheting video tutorial which when I have done it I will post on my blog. I am hoping that these help people to pick up some crocheting before my first class a week tomorrow as I am getting nerves as the day comes nearer.


Got my landlord coming today to have a look at where the leak is coming from. We know its coming from are loft just not sure if its the roof or something else. We been told not to use are bathroom light as the water is coming through the fan which is connected to the light. I am not sure what else the landlord wants to do only time will tell.


I got to also find some video edition software all I have is the one that comes with windows. Just hoping I find one soon. If anyone can suggest a good at the moment free one please suggest it by leaving a comment. I have to do school pick up shortly and really don’t want to go out as the weather is just rubbish today. With storm Barney heading over. Don’t get why they need to name are wind storms but they are.


Yesterday I went to Zumba which I really enjoyed and I will be back next week. I have also booked into aerobics next week which I am looking forward to getting back to hopefully it doesn’t kill me. They should be on a whole new routine which I will never of done. Though Zumba had only done a couple I don’t know. I may have to go back doctors in next couple of months as there is still one stitch from my operation is being stubborn and will not disoval. Well I better stop writing now and get ready for school pick up and I will talk to you all later. So, bye bye for now.

Saturday 7th November

Today I have been out and done some shopping. It first started with me buying my own domain name so instead of people coming to the WordPress link you can now all save instead. If you have ever wonder why everything is little llama it was and still is to some people my nickname from college it has stuck with me since. I have also been asked on many of times what is my natural hair colour as I haven’t been my natural colour for i don’t know how long so I thought I would share my natural colour with you all

natural hair
My natural hair colour

I really miss my natural hair hopefully soon it will be back. I went to Primark today and got myself a christmas t-shirt which I will be wearing tomorrow. Tomorrow I am off to my mum for Sunday dinner also got videos to make which isn’t going to happen now till Monday. I am back at gym Monday and can’t wait. I know this is sort but I have nothing more to write so, I will talk to you all tomorrow bye-bye