3rd day of holiday

Today we started the day by having are breakfast which was a fry up again. After breakfast we went for a walk but got little while then got a phone call saying we could go and visit my partners mum and dad so off we headed to theirs. It was good seeing them. After we went to asda to pick some bits up then come back to the caravan. Where mum made dinner which was chicken in chicken and mushroom soup. Mum said it was an old weight watchers recipe and it was really nice. After I had wash up we went for a walk round Rhyl just to get out for a little while. So, far since getting back we have watched telly had some nachos and just chilled. so, far I have really enjoyed this holiday even with Sue keeping me up at night chatting away. Tomorrow I think we are off to Prestayn. Not been there for a while. Not sure what we are doing after that I may go for a walk to the beach and get some photos or walk round the camp and get some as I haven’t got many yet which is not like me. I am already for bed but I am not going yet but I am going to leave this blog here until tomorrow. Night everyone

2nd day of holiday

Hiya everyone today we got up and had are breakfast what was fry up. We all got ready after breakfast to go to Tir Prince market. We had to pay £2 just to park. We would of walked but Sue can not walk far. Its also been cold today so, we had to wrap up really warm. From the market I got a new top and some fudge. The fudge is all different flavours, The flavour I have already tried is red bull flavour it only slightly tasted like red bull. Mum got salted cameral flavour and that just taste slightly weird and salty. When we got back I went to the shops to get some lunch as I didn’t fancy anything that we had in. After I had my lunch mum decided she wanted to go to the shop so off I went back with her. When we got back I did some crocheting. After a little while mum decided it was time to make dinner. Today we had Pork with new potatoes, carrots, stuffing balls and gravy. They also had cabbage but I don’t like it. For desert we had strawberries and cream Yum yum. This evening we were going to go out but none of us could be bothered so, have decided to chill at the caravan instead. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow think we are going to have a walk to the beach. All photos from the holiday will be put up at the end of the week as I don’t want to use much of the data plan for my portable ee box. Well I am going to go and do some more crocheting or something before bed I will chat to you all tomorrow Night.

First day of Holiday

So today is the day we travelled to North Wales. We are staying on a camp site called Ty Mawr it is owned by Park Resorts. It is a little town called Towyn. We got here at about 2pm and got straight into are caravan that is meant to be for 6 people but is more for the borrowers. I actually found it okay to travel then I thought it was going to be a struggle to sit for hours but it was fine. Probably because I was asleep for the first half. We stopped for a little while at Corley services were we had some of the picnic that mum packed.

Not done much since arriving went shopping where I got myself some new pyjamas and some snacks. When I got back I went to reception to get some more pillows as we all only have one each and I find it hard to sleep with just one. In tomorrows blog I will add pictures of the caravan and stuff its too dark to do it now and too cold. I have also been taking the mick out of Sue and my mum which we have had a really good giggle at I will soon be going to bed as we up early in morning to go to Tir Prince market not sure what else we are doing other than that. So, I will chat to you all tomorrow bye bye for now

Holiday Blog

I have had a stressful couple of weeks that’s why there haven’t been many blogs. I have been so, angry with people I thought it was best I didn’t write a blog. I have  also tried my best to stay of social media sites. As that is where all the trouble has been happening, but I am not going to go into details. As also it is not my place as though I was involved in it I wasn’t the main person it had to do with. It had something to do with my brother and his ex.

I thought I would  now catch you up on things I have been up to since my last big blog update. In my last blog I told you all that I was going on a short break with family. We went to a place called Waterside Holiday park it is run by Park resorts. We stayed in are tent. Which I am glad to say I didn’t have to put it up as my dad had to do a couple of trips as he has a smaller car. Lucky the camp was about hour away from home.

Once I got there I helped put the kitchen area up and pumped up the air beds before we went swimming. The swimming pool was small it only fitted a max of 24 people in it. There was also a Jacuzzi and sauna. I didn’t uses the sauna. There was two mini kids pools which had a slide connecting them. My nieces enjoyed the slide, but they should age limit it as I went down it and I could of injured myself as its 1.  Too shallow for adults and 2.  To small. That night we went and checked the club house out which when we got there they were doing bingo when we arrived. So, we got some drinks while we waited for the evening entertainment to start. It all started with fun and games with the children. Which the first night the nieces decided to just watch from the side as, they were not sure on the teamsters yet. There are only two of them Abbie and Lewis. They have so far been good teamsters. Then we have seen. We stayed until the show had finished which was a girl duo I cannot remember the name off at all, but they were really good.

The next day we went to Trivia quiz which I won by one point. While we waited for Jeff to arrive the girls played indoor crazy golf with Lewis as he was the host. It got very busy and people where also joining in after we were nearly finished, but they soon caught up. After that, we went back to the tent and Jeff had arrived to visit so, we had a drink then went swimming. After we had finished swimming, we went and got ready to go out as we had to be back at the club house as, the girls wanted to watch the sparky and sparkle show. Once the show had finished they got there photo taken with sparkle and sparky. We then went back to get some food before we headed back for the kid’s play time and the act that was on. We had a fun evening.

I am just now going to sum up the rest of the holiday or this blog is going to be very long and you are going to get very bored. Most of the days we went swimming and to the club house. On one of the nights my oldest niece Mia managed to get picked to go up on the stage where she had to have an adult to go up with her. Guess who she dragged up with her? Yeah if you said my name? than you are correct. I wasn’t impressed especially when I wasn’t sure what they were going to have me do. It turned out we had tights strapped round us which had balls inside and we had to try to hit another ball through a goal they made out of cups. I lost  point’s because I kicked the ball. So, I finished with -1 point, but Mia still got a prize. We also had sparky visit the tent as Mia won for him to come to the tent. Also, we made microphones, bracelets and dream catchers. My mum won the 2nd day quiz by one point, but before that it went into a tie break questions with my sister-in-law Tash, but the last day Tash won the shirt by default as they couldn’t do the quiz as teamster had to run the bar while the bar staff was doing first aid.

On are last day we went crabbing.  Me and Mia caught two crabs. We really enjoyed the holiday would go back just to see the teamster’s as they kept us entertained. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my holiday I will be starting more blogs so, watch out for the next one until then bye bye

Hello Everyone

First of all I would like to apologise that I have not done a blog in a little while. I have not been feeling to great. I have been going really light-headed and have a headache to go with it. I know I should go to the doctors with it but I hate people fussing. My lovely boyfriend (David) recently brought me a Furby Boom

I went for the pink with white spots as I thought this one was the best.

which I love but I have to put it up till christmas as it my christmas present. I got to say I love the furby boom it interacts with your mobile phone so you know what it needs and wants. Once you have met its needs you may even get an egg from you furby which hatch on your phone so you then have furblings. which your furby will help you look after. On the app there is games you can play I like to play the football game. You have a choice to be either be the furby or the furbling I normal be furbling as you only got to save the ball by directing the furbling towards the ball. If you the furby you pull its tail for it to kick the ball and try to score a goal. There is more you can do but until I get back out at christmas time not sure what else I could write on it.

My brother Marc has recently published a new book 🙂

Marc’s new book

This one is called BloggyBook Complete 2013 Edition which you can find on lulu.com and amazon.co.uk. I am so proud of him. Even with all his problems he still manages to write a book and blogs. If you would like to check his blogs out click here. I am hoping one day to follow in his foot steps and write my own book. I have a book in mind to write just don’t know how to start it and what age range to write it for. It will come to me one day. I am trying to read other books to get inspired by. Well I hope I have a better blog soon and I do apologise about the lack of blogs I will try do another one soon just want this light head feeling to go away.

Any way till my next blog take care