Monday 16 September

This morning I did not want to get out of bed. I was very cosy wrapped up in my sleeping bags. Mum made me a bacon, sausage and egg muffin which tasted better than McDonalds muffins. After breakfast we watched some telly and then went for a drive. We first went to tesco to the one in Fakenham. Remember this is the one yesterday we had to leave. The store still smelt like burnt rubber but they had taken the belt of. I managed to get a new book which I will tell you about in a different blog when I have read more of it.


After we went for a drive to Wells but when we got there we decided to go somewhere else as there was nothing there. We decided to go back to Hunstanton as we needed to get my nieces Amber, Hannah and Mia a gift as we all said we would get them something. We found a shop that was open but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to get them from there. Across the road was rock shop so I decided to get them something from there. I got Amber some white mice, Hannah and Mia I got them a stick of bubble gum rock and I spotted chilli flavoured rock so I got my sister Cassie I stick of it has she likes chili’s.


When we got back mum made stew and dumplings which was that nice I had two bowl full. Which is not like me I normal can not manage to eat my first not alone a second helping. After dinner we decided to turn in for the night as we had a busy day tomorrow as we are packing up to go home I know it’s a day early but it is too cold for any of us. So, Until tomorrow night peeps

Sunday 15 September

Today when I got up it was freezing. Mum did the same as she does every morning made us breakfast. Today I had an egg sandwich i was going for Sunday lunch at “The Green Man Inn” at half one. We didn’t do much before we went for our Sunday lunch but we watched a bit of telly.


Me, Mum, Dad and nana went over for our lunch while Marc stayed at the tent for his. For lunch I had roast beef which was very tasty but I didn’t managed to eat it all as I had put too much on my plate. After lunch we went to are nearest Tesco’s in Fakenham. Me and Marc left the others to do their shopping and we went and did ours.


Me and Marc went straight to the book aisle where I picked up another book which i can not think what it was called. Me and Marc went to find the kitchen roll as Marc needed some. As we were looking we heard a very loud bang. We were like what was that. I decided I would walk towards the way were we heard the bang which was towards the tills and got told could not go this way. I saw one of the conveyor belt on the till was smoking. All we could smell was burning rubber.


We went to find mum and dad when we had found them the fire alarm stated to go. We had to leave are shopping where it was and to leave the store. So, we went and got in the car and decided to go to the next Tesco’s which was in Hunstanton. Where I managed to get my book. On way back Mum decided we should take the scenic way back to the tent which added 20 minutes to our journey.


When we got back to the tent I had a lay down as I had a very bad headache but I could not get warm. So, I decided to get up and join the others in the living room area of the tent to watch some telly and to get warm as they had the heater on. After a little while of watching telly we all decided it was time to go bed. Night peeps


Friday 13 September

Today is the first full day on holiday. Last night I slept well until I rolled over and fell out of the air bed. So, I decided when we got back from Hunstanton would rearrange mine and Nana’s room. Today we started our day be having mum cook breakfast. She made me an egg, sausage and bacon muffin which was yummy. We sat in the tent watching a bit of telly before we jumped in the car to go on our journey to Hunstanton.

When we got there we parked the car on the seafront car park. Which I got to say the view was nice better than the view of fields we had all morning from the tent. There was not much at Hunstanton just a few shops that we walked around. After we finished walking round the shops we went and had some lunch. Dad got us all sausage and chips except Marc who only had a cup of tea.

Once we had all eaten we went and sat on the seafront for a little while. Marc used my camera to take some pictures but said my camera was rubbish. after we had finished looking at the sea we decided to head back to the car as we needed to head to tesco as marc needed to get some bits and bobs.
While at Tesco I got a book called “Minding Frankie By Maeve Binchy” which I am looking forward to reading. First I got to finish reading “Unsaid things By McFly” I will write about this book after I have finished reading it. So, now back at the tent waiting for my dinner. We are having curry, hopefully it’s not spicy as I hate spicy food.

When dinner was ready I decided I didn’t want any as I wasn’t feeling great. After dinner we popped into the pub. We did not have to go far as we were staying behind it. it was called “The Green Man Inn” Its was a nice pub and was not very busy dad decided that we would have dinner in here on the sunday. After we finished at the pub we all decided it was time to turn in and go to bed so night peeps.