sorry for lack of updates

I am so sorry for the lack of updates but I have been a little bit on the ill side. I am going through test to make sure I have no infections or anything else as for well over a week i not kept anything in my system. In fact yesterday when I went for bloods it took two nurses just to find a vein as I have been too dehydrated but today I seem to be okay but I did have this last week were I had one good day and then bang it hit me again. I am hoping to be back writing these blogs but for now I will update when I am feeling good.


I only went to the gym once last week as thats how ill I felt and only just manged to pick my niece up from school. I got one more test to do and hopefully get my results from them all a week after. Then I can see what they are going to do from there. Well going to leave this short. Also don’t forget to check out the merch page. Chat soon 🙂

Friday 8th January 2016

Today I am still ill being sick a few times. I was meant to go with my partner to his appointment but I only made it cross my car park and across the road before I was sick so, I was sent back home. I fell asleep as soon as I got home but I couldn’t get warm at all I ended up putting my coat on just to try and keep warm. When my partner got back he made me some toast as I hadn’t eaten wish actually made me feel a little bit better. I also finished the Lucozade I had been drinking and changed it to some cranberry juice which has made me feel a bit better than drinking Lucozade. I still feel like I can’t get warm but I should be fully better over the next few days hopefully by Monday as I have crocheting club then and it will be rubbish to miss one. Only like to miss them if I am away which isn’t very often.

I am wondering what I should write for my next blog? I am starting a secret project which cannot be shown until the person’s birthday or they will know what they have got. Well if it goes right. I am trying to do an afghan blanket for the first time. I have found a website where you can make your own afghan graphs. For those who will want to check out the website here is the link After this one I will be starting the one on my cockatiels which is going to be fun. As I have not been well the cockatiel blog has been pushed back again. I am sorry for this hopefully by Sunday the blog will be up.

Well I am not sure whether to go to bed or not. I am sleepy but can’t understand why as I have had loads of sleep over the last few days as, that is all I have been doing in between everything else. Well I better let you all go but before I do I have seen many people on Facebook and twitter and stuff complaining that there or their new partner’s ex’s have split them up or trying to how about they shouldn’t be trying at all and if you do get messages saying your girlfriend or boyfriend has in boxed me saying this. Ignore it. It will only make you paranoid and end up splitting up which is more and likely what the ex-wanted to happen. If you feel like there is an issues discuss it between you and leave it of social media sites as it only starts more issues. Any way that is that I am going to go so, talk to you all tomorrow Night Night

Thursday 7th January 2016

I am still ill with a nasty stomach bug and its now starting to annoy me a little bit whenever I go to do something I have to stop just to go to the loo which is horrible. I had to cancel picking up my niece again which I hate doing but there was no way that I could have made it to pick her up. So, I haven’t done much at all apart from sort the dirty laundry out and but the clean on my bed ready to put away. I have had a little bit of food but just the look and smell of it makes me feel very sick which is very annoying especially when you’re feeling very hungry.

I found a new setting on my laptop last night which turns my usbs on when I plug in a usb. Which means if I am just charging my phone I don’t have to switch on my laptop any more just to charge my phone which is better. Looking out the window I can see that the weather is rubbish today. The wind seems to be strong and it keeps raining. I am feeling do rough I could do with a nap. Sorry this is going to be sort I am really not well and may go for a lay down. I am later going to try and finish the cockatiel blog so, until then bye bye

Wednesday Illness

I have spent most of my day feeling so ill and not being able to eat but I have been keeping my fluid intake but I have managed to eat this afternoon which is good. I should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. Though I have cancelled going to the gym just to be on the safe side.

I played Sims 4 for a little bit to try to keep myself from falling asleep.  I do need to get myself a USB mouse as I am finding it hard with my laptop mouse it’s very sensitive. Unless I can found the setting to turn it down. Since the graphic card setting program installed itself it has picked the better settings for Sims 4 so, they are a lot better.

This evening I have watched Eastenders and the storyline at the moment is about Kat having twins when she had Zoe. I don’t get why you wouldn’t know you have given birth to two children I really don’t get it. Oh well they can do a lot of things in soaps like bring people back from the dead and much more. We have been watching Mr Bean since Eastenders has finished. You can’t beat a bit of Mr Bean, I remember watching this when I was a kid and I can be very emotional. We were watching the episode where Mr Bean’s car gets run over by the tank and for some reason when I was a kid it just made me cry. Looking back to that now I always say to myself why did you cry it was just a car.

I feel like I am just waffling on in this blog today. I am going to finish this one here and go and finish my one on my cockatiels so keep a look out for that one it should be up in next couple of hours or tomorrow. Good night my follow readers

Back to writing blogs

Sorry I have been quiet in my blog writing I could blame it on being busy which I have been with christmas and New year. I have started writing a blog about my cockatiels which should be up soon. I just got to finish writing it. Today I have been looking after my niece Mia as she has had an inset day at school. She spent time on my PlayStation and on my computer playing sims 4 before we headed of to the gatehouse cafe. Today was crocheting club day. We have a new member join us today which was great. I also went to the gym this evening. Today’s class was Zumba which was really good. I have an issue with my lower back at the moment which I have had since christmas day eve and was worse on boxing day but as I thought oh my back feels much better today I will attempted Zumba today I now actually say it went okay I got a few twinges in it at the end. I will see how it is when I get up in the morning.


I am actually wondering if in a couple of weeks should I go back to spin class. Well if I can get in the gym has gone very busy again due to everyone’s new years resolutions. Mine this year is just to eat healthier. Which I am going to do once there is no more chocolate in this flat. I haven’t seen my mum since Christmas day but this is cause she’s been ill with a cold/flu and 2 infections and I don’t want to catch them so, I am staying away but GET BETTER SOON MUM. She always seems to get something this time of year. I have been lucky and only had a slight cold before Christmas.

Roll on Wednesday when I should get my new laptop. The one I am using is slowly dying and I did break it a little when I dropped it on the floor so, when it closes it closes wonky. I am not going to drop my new one but it can’t be bad as I have been down the stairs on a laptop before. It was an accident I was going to meet my mum and dad outside my flat when I lived in Rhyl when I turned to my partner “be careful the stairs are slippery” a second later a fell down the stairs from top to bottom on my laptop. My partner didn’t know whether to laugh or come and help me. Lucky he did both and helped me up. We didn’t think to check the laptop until I got into car. When I checked it my laptop screen was okay and everything was okay apart from my back.


Well I am getting sleepy so, should really go to bed before I fall asleep and sorry this is up so late I get easy distracted when writing blogs. Anyway Night everyone and if you would like please check out my YouTube channel I have started posting gaming videos from when I play the Playstation. Night everyone

Its Monday

Well today I was meant to go to Primark to take my item back, but I just couldn’t face going out today the reason is, I had pain in my jaw all day and could only open my mouth halfway before it hurt also when I lean forward I get really bad pain in my face. I haven’t even been to the gym as I didn’t think it was best.
For most of the day I have been playing Sims4 or games on facebook. I have wanted to sleep for most of it. I am trying to think of  things my blog should be about each day I was thinking that Mondays I should do a weekly blog of what I have been up to and then throw back Thursday and selfie Sunday. The rest of the time I will do random blogs on subjects of interest to me and that I think will be interesting to you. I would like to know what you think so comment below and if you want to suggest a subject leave it in the comment section.
I know this one is short, but not done much. So, Unless I think of a blog to write I will see you all on throw back Thursday 🙂


Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while while but with me being ill then david being ill I have been busy.

Today I went to group cycling. I haven’t been to the gym for a week until today. I also have been told it’s getting busy at the gym. When I went up before group cycling to fill my water bottle all gym equipment was being used. Hoping it’s not like this during the day.

I will be going to the gym tomorrow as I really want to lose my weight. I am not happy with it any more. So, I am hoping it don’t take to long to come of. I have been using an app called my fitness pal which has showed me that I have been eating to many calories and snacking to much. So, with the help of that and people on it getting behind me and of course you guys I should be on my way to losing the weight soon.

Well I am going to go and leave you all to go back to sleep so, night everyone

hello readers

Hello everyone sorry I haven’t been posting I have been full of cold and then to top it off today I have got an upset stomach hoping it’s fine tomorrow I really need to get back to the gym. I have been once this week and that was on tuesday for my group cycling class which I did very well in. Just wish the air conditioning wouldn’t cut out as it gets well hot in there.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym and to take my library books back as I forgot to renew them so now owe the library 20p for one day being late and I also forgot what day they where due back. Starting Sunday I will start up the Sunday selfie again then on Thursday will be throw back Thursday which will involve an old picture or a link to an old blog.

Fridays will be follow Friday again to but I need to look for more blogs so, if you know any good ones leave the link in the comment section. Oh and Marc if you actually read this your a pain in the bum but your my brother so, I got to like you lol Nah love ya really.

I am going to say night for now and go check out my brothers blog marc