Turning 30

So, on Saturday (17/2/2018) I turned 30. leading up to turning 30 I was not looking forward to it everyone was saying “you are now old” but I do not feel old at all. I definitely will not be acting my age as I see it whats the point in acting your age if you don’t feel it? it is weird though when people ask me my age I have to remember that I am now 30.alothough on my birthday the waitress in the cafe I was in thought I was only 17/18 and I was like I wish I was that age again. my friends and family got me some great gifts and I thank them all for them. Leading up to my birthday I did have a few panic dreams where my brain thought I was old so, I would have horrible dreams but now I am this age I just say to myself I need to live my life day by day and enjoy it as you only get one chance to enjoy it.


for this year of my first year of being in 30’s I have set myself goals that I am going to keep to and here they are:

  1. to eat more healthy
  2. to lose some weight
  3. do more exercise
  4. do let people get me down

hopefully, i keep to these and you see changes in my blogs especially in my weight as since Christmas I have put on 8lbs which I have now got to try and get back off which from the 1st march I am back at the gym which isn’t that far away. i am going to leave this here hopefully more blogs coming soon


so, sorry I have been quiet but I am trying to think of things to do on my blog as I want to rebrand it but I don’t know what to do with it but I will sort something. I have been doing a lot of crocheting at the moment and my club for that is going really well. I have also having to take a break on dying my hair with dying it blonde it ruined my hair until it nearly fell out and even though now it is brown when wet if you give it a slight pull it goes like elastic then snaps. I have tried a few things to fix it but I am thinking my hair is going to have to be cut really short to fix it which I am not looking forward to being done if that is what is going to have to be done. the one thing it will teach me is if I really want to go blonde then I shouldn’t home dye it I should really think about having it done at the hairdressers where they may be able to dye my hair without it falling out. so, any girls or guys reading this please get your hair done at the hairdresser or you may end up losing your hair. I am defo not dying it no more it will also be good to actually see my natural colour I haven’t seen that since I was about 13 and I am 30 next year.

Have anyone actually thought to themselves if they could go back to any time of their life and change any of it what would you change? I have been thinking about this a lot recently and looking back over my life so far and I actually don’t think there is anything I would change because actually, i don’t think anything was that bad (apart from the bullying but that can happen anywhere). My family was like any other family which they still are to today.actually now thinking about it think the only thing that would have changed is not moving schools the first time as to me that showed the bullies had one and they would have moved on to someone else as I wasn’t there. I learnt in college actually if you ignore them they would move on as they were not getting a reaction from you which helped a lot. Anyway, I will write my experiences on bullying soon so you can see what I had to put up with while growing up. Anyway going to leave this here and I will write to you all soon